Boyhood Opens At The Enzian Friday


Boyhood – Opens Friday 8/1

“A masterpiece of American moviemaking. A moving and memorable 12-year epic of family life that isn’t quite like anything else in the history of cinema.”
– Andrew O’Hehir, SALON

Filmed over 12 years with the same cast, Richard Linklater’s BOYHOOD is a groundbreaking story of growing up as seen through the eyes of a child named Mason (a breakthrough performance by Ellar Coltrane), who literally grows up on screen before our eyes. Starring Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette as Mason’s parents and newcomer Lorelei Linklater as his sister Samantha, BOYHOOD charts the rocky terrain of childhood like no other film has before. Snapshots of adolescence from road trips and family dinners to birthdays and graduations and all the moments in between become transcendent, set to a soundtrack spanning the years from Coldplay’s Yellow to Arcade Fire’s Deep Blue. BOYHOOD is both a nostalgic time capsule of the recent past and an ode to growing up and parenting.


FRI 8/1 & SAT 8/2
2:30PM   6:15PM   10PM

SUN 8/3
3:30PM   7:30PM

MON 8/4 – THURS 8/7
6:15PM   9:55PM

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Phineas and Ferb Star Wars Review

Phineas and Ferb Star Wars
all images copyright Disney

This past weekend Disney Channel released the latest Phineas and Ferb special: Star Wars!!! If you haven’t seen it yet, I will try not to spoil too much, but basically if you’re peripherally familiar with the plot of Star Wars then there won’t be too many surprises. The special Phineas and Ferb Star Wars episode aired on July 26th, but since I have a certain cable provider, I actually was able to see it early on the 19th with friends. We are all Star Wars fans and came out of the viewing wanting to watch it again. I’ve since seen it two more times in the last week in which I’ve also worked 50+ hours and gone out of town for the weekend. Yes, it’s that good where I’ve fit it in.

Star Wars should be something that most are vaguely familiar with if they have inhabited this planet any time in the last 35 years or so. The fine folks over at Phineas and Ferb previously did a good job with the Marvel special episode and you can read Shelley’s review of that here. For me, as much as I enjoyed the Mission Marvel special, this Star Wars one was absolute perfection. There is singing, dancing, parodies of things from both sets of trilogies, but primarily focuses on the happenings of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.leia projection

From the opening scene, you recognize that this is going to pay homage to the original Star Wars film, but with a Phineas and Ferb twist. Instead of the crawl being preceded with “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” we get “A couple summers ago in a galaxy far, far away.” Then we get the title Episode IVa: May the Ferb Be With You before a comedic interpretation of the crawl that sort of reminded me of the fun in the Monty Python and the Holy Grail opening credits in its style. To further prove that this is going to be poking fun at Star Wars, the crawl ends with the claim “and none of this is canon so just relax.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. For those rabid fans who can get a little too caught up in accuracy, take a chill pill and enjoy this for what it is, a fantastic parody.

Only a couple of minutes in we get a fun cameo from Adam and Jamie from Mythbusters as a couple of Stormtroopers at the Empire Administration Offices. I won’t spoil the other jokes that follow this scene, but pay careful attention to a computer screen in the office and a certain ad. The basic premise of the special is most of your favorite Phineas and Ferb characters leading somewhat parallel lives to those of your favorite Star Wars characters. Agent P is working as a rebel agent who actually is the one who give Princess Leia the Death Star Plans, Phineas and Ferb are farm boys on Tatooine who are friends with Luke, Doof Darthenshmirtz is a lower level Darth, but is actually the one who invented the Death Star … as a nutcracker.

TCANDACEhe musical numbers are some of my absolute favorites of the show. The songs in order are “Tatooine” sung by Phineas and Ferb, Candace’s imperial army recruitment song “In The Empire” with Buford and Baljeet, Vanessa’s “I’m Feeling So Low” from the Cantina, Doof’s “Sith-Inator,” and another song from Vanessa over the end credits called “Rebel, Let’s Go!” My favorite was definitely “Tatooine” with so many Star Wars in jokes and references it is absolutely hilarious. I may have to break down and actually buy this soundtrack of the four songs because they are great.

Some of the scenes and lines are shot for shot and line for line recreations from the Star Wars films, but also some of my favorite moments are those little things they sneak in the background that I only caught on the second and third viewing. Look for Jabba making a cameo during a musical number, Boba Fett and his shopping basket, jokes about Greedo or Han shooting first in the Cantina, some things that may explain what happened to Luke in the garbage smasher while he was underwater and more including that time that Jar Jar almost got blamed for everything.136067_0234

There are so many fantastic jokes and one liners that harken back to the
original, but I will do my best to restrain myself and just share a few. In Star Wars, Obi-Wan Kenobi is talking to Luke when they first arrive and he says, “Mos Eisley Spaceport … never will you find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.” To take it up a level the Phineas and Ferb animators put a banner when the boys arrive at Mos Eisley that says, “Mos Eisley Spaceport now with 14% more scum and villainy.” It is just the little things like this that make me appreciate how well the adaptation was done. Another one of the best lines was by the Cantina MC telling Figrin Dan and the Modal Nodes that it was pretty good that there was only one death and dismemberment during that set referring the to arm Obi Wan cut off the guy at the bar and Greedo being carried out after being shot by Han.

Watch this over and over again as you will catch the awesome things going on in the background. You will see more parallels than the Luke-Leia, Phineas-Candace, Han-Isabella, Millennium Falcon-Centennial Chihuahua, etc. Have you seen Phineas and Ferb Star Wars yet? If not, what are you waiting for? It is on demand from most cable providers on the Disney XD channel or app and it will be aired again on August 4th, but check your local listings to make sure you don’t miss this great episode (my favorite ever) of Phineas and Ferb. I hope you “never look a gift Tauntaun in the oral cavity” and May the Force (or Ferb) Be With You!

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Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center Summer Fun

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is the perfect place to visit with the start of the new school year just around the corner and many summer camps ending, as parents are looking for fun but educational experiences to round out summer vacation.

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex offers an interactive learning experience that kids will love. From the earliest days of America’s storied space program, Kennedy Space Center has captured the world’s  imagination as the epicenter of mankind’s greatest adventure. Today, at the Visitor Complex, kids can learn about the past, present and future of the space program and the role that STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects play.

Here are the top 5 fun learning activities/attractions at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex:

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex SpaceX

Guests experience the inspiring accomplishments of the U.S. space shuttle program at the unique $100 million, 90,000-square-foot Space Shuttle AtlantisSMattraction (see image below), where visitors get nose to nose with a real spaceflown orbiter. Space Shuttle Atlantis is displayed as if floating in space – the only space shuttle orbiter in the world exhibited this way. Guests also can train on various realistic simulators: take a simulated spacewalk, land the space shuttle on the shuttle landing facility, operate the robotic Canadarm or dock with the International Space Station. Shuttle Launch Experience, part of Space Shuttle Atlantis, is an incredible journey of vertically launching into space and orbiting Earth aboard the space shuttle.  Guests also strap in for an all-too-real simulation, which immerses visitors in the sights, sounds and feelings of a space shuttle launch, including simulated weightlessness.

Great Balls of Fire Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

The new Great Balls of Fire interactive exhibit opened this month and allows guests to discover the risks that asteroids, comets and meteorites present to our planet. The exhibit explores how we keep track of near-Earth objects while examining the effects of possible impacts. Within the Great Balls of Fire exhibit is Asteroid Encounter, where guests can climb aboard a “spaceship” and blast off to the asteroid belt and Jupiter while compiling data about asteroids and comets. Guests also can explore what would happen if one of these celestial bodies were to hit their hometown, determine Science Fact or Science Fiction of Hollywood movie clips and much more.

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

KSC Up-Close Explore Tour gives an insider’s view of the U.S. Space Program, from the launch sites of today at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station to the past and future of space exploration at Kennedy Space Center. The KSC Up-Close Explore Tour includes up-close views of the massive, 525-foot-high Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) (one of the largest structures in the world) and the Shuttle Landing Facility. The tour stops in between the Kennedy Space Center launch pads for a close-up photo opportunity, in front of the VAB, and on the NASA Causeway where guests are surrounded by a panoramic view of launch pads at Cape Canaveral that are currently accommodating rocket launches by NASA, SpaceX and the United Launch Alliance.

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

The Apollo/Saturn V Center features dramatic multimedia shows and numerous hands-on displays that provide visitors with an inspirational and exhilarating look into America’s bold quest for the moon. Guests relive the historic launch of Apollo 8 at the Firing Room Theater, then marvel at a monstrous 363-foot long Saturn V moon rocket, the most powerful rocket ever built and one of only three Saturn V rockets in existence. The Apollo Treasures Gallery showcases treasures from the Apollo moon missions, including Apollo 14 Commander Alan Shepard’s spacesuit and the Apollo 14 Command Module, Kitty Hawk. July 16 marked the 45th anniversary of the lift off of Apollo 11, which landed the first humans on the moon.

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center Summer Fun Rockit

Also new at the Visitor Complex are hands-on, science-based “Activity Adventures.” The activities, each lasting from 90 minutes to two hours, provide guests the opportunity to launch a water rocket (Rockitz), create and then land a rover on “Mars” (Rover Lander Drop) or race a jet car (Super Jet Cars). See image below.


Admission is $50 + tax for adults and $40 + tax for children ages 3-11. Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex offers annual passes starting at $75 + tax for adults and $60 + tax for children ages 3-11. Space Shuttle Atlantis, Shuttle Launch Experience, Apollo/Saturn V Center, and Great Balls of Fire are included in daily admission.

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Disney Twenty-Three Celebrates 23 Issues

Disney Twenty-Three

D23: The Official Disney Fan Club Celebrates 23 Issues of Disney Twenty-Three With An Around-The-World Adventure

Readers will journey to France to experience Ratatouille: The Adventure, Japan for a Special Treasures of The Walt Disney Archives Exhibition, and San Fransokyo to explore the new universe of Big Hero 6 sits down for exclusive interviews with Marvel icon Stan Lee and the creators ofOnce Upon a Time.


To celebrate 23 issues of its collectible publication, Disney twenty-three, D23: The Official Disney Fan Club circles the planet to experience Disney’s worlds from Europe, South America, and Asia to the fantastical fictional realms of San Fransokyo and Once Upon a Time’s Enchanted Forest. The cover of the issue features a spectacular photo mosaic with a classic image of Walt and Roy O. Disney with Margie Gay of the Alice Comedies shorts series, courtesy of images of D23 Members from around the globe.

Disney Twenty-Three

Disney twenty-three’s Fall issue, available exclusively to Gold Members of D23, starts the journey with a visit to France for an in-depth look at how the creative team at Walt Disney Imagineering brought the spectacular world of Ratatouille to life at Disneyland Paris for Ratatouille: The Adventure. Then it’s off to Japan where Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives is touring the country with a dazzling exhibit featuring more than 70 props, costumes, images, and artifacts. In “It’s A Disney World After All,” D23 goes on a non-stop tour from Latin America to the Middle East to look at Disney’s indelible mark on the rich cultures of many nations. And, in true Disney fashion, we visit the stunning and sleek fictional city of San Fransokyo for a look at spectacular concept art that inspired the upcoming Walt Disney Feature Animation release Big Hero 6.


Also included in the Fall issue of Disney twenty-three:

  • A rich look into Marvel’s remarkable 75-year history, including a season two preview of the ABC hit Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • A chilling glimpse at Once Upon a Time’s upcoming Frozen-themed season with the series’ creators
  • A dive into the Walt Disney Archives to view rarely seen concept art from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year
  • A journey back in time to celebrate 89 amazing Disney milestones from 1989
  • Regular columns including A Walk with Walt, D Society, Ask Dave, and our final edition of PHOTOfiles

All D23 Members are invited to visit for additional members-only content, including an in-depth video interview with Stan Lee who sits down to talk about Marvel’s 75-year legacy.

Other features coming to include:

  • A soaring look at Academy Award®-winning composer Michael Giacchino, who used his initial score as inspiration for the soundtrack to Ratatouille: The Adventure
  • More scoop on what’s to come this season on Once Upon a Time
  • An extended gallery of concept art from the development of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Disney twenty-three, which is delivered directly to fans’ doorsteps, is offered exclusively to D23 Gold Members as a benefit of their membership. The publication will begin arriving mid-August.

D23 disney twenty-three Fanniversary D23 Destination D

About D23

The name “D23” pays homage to the exciting journey that began in 1923 when Walt Disney opened his fledgling studio in Hollywood. D23 is the first official club for fans in Disney’s 90-plus-year history. D23 gives its members a greater connection to the entire world of Disney by placing them in the middle of the magic through its quarterly publication, Disney twenty-three; a rich website at with members-only content; member-exclusive discounts and special events for D23 Members throughout the year.

Fans can join D23 at Gold, Silver, and Free Membership levels at and at To keep up with all the latest D23 news and events, follow DisneyD23 on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.

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Guardians of the Galaxy – A Disney Parks Blog Meet-Up

On Sunday, July 27, I was lucky enough to attend a Guardians of the Galaxy movie screening hosted by the Disney Parks Blog.


When this meet-up was first announced I wasn’t completely sold on the movie, but I’ve enjoyed all other Marvel movies a lot so I figured I’d give it a shot. Plus blog meets are always a lot of fun. To begin with, I have to apologize for the lack of photos in this post. Our phones were confiscated (more on that further down) so the only pictures I have are one from before we went in and afterwards.

We were told that check in would begin at 10:00 at the AMC Theatre at Downtown Disney. Knowing how crazy parking is at Downtown Disney these days, we planned to arrive by 9:30. When we arrived, there was already a pretty good sized line forming by Bongos across from the theater. Unfortunately, most of the line was in the blazing sun.

The balloon occasionally did a good job of blocking the sun for us.
The balloon occasionally did a good job of blocking the sun for us.

Finally, they began leading small groups of people over to the theater to check in. They checked our names off on the list, we got one of four different color wristband (we would later find out what those were for) and vouchers for popcorn and a drink. We were also handed 3D glasses, very very cool 3D glasses which were themed to the main characters.

Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon Glasses

Then the first surprise of the day – we had to check our phones! We were instructed to turn over all our electronic devices. They put them in a baggie and gave us a raffle ticket to use to pick them back up after the movie. They also had a really strict bag check at the entrance to the theater. Disney definitely did everything they could to prevent piracy for this screening.

Once we got to our seats (which were saved for us by our awesome friends), we passed the time by comparing/trading 3D glasses and lamenting on the fact that we couldn’t take selfies. Soon, people from the Parks Blog came out to speak to us. They started out by introducing some of the attendees that came dressed as their favorite superhero. Of course, the Guardians, Star-Lord in particular, were popular choices. We were then told that the wristbands that we received at the entrance would allow us to pick up a toy from the official Hasbro line once the movie was over! There were four different toys and each wristband corresponded to one of them.

Then the movie started. Watching a movie at one of these meet-ups is always a fun experience. The entire crowd is into it with clapping and laughing, and in the case of this movie a little singing and dancing in our seats. Seriously, this soundtrack is killer. The movie is so fun and I love the characters! I won’t go into a full review because that will be covered in another post. I will say, as someone who knew nothing about the story or characters going into it, if you are on the fence about seeing it – go for it! I don’t think you’ll regret it. I can’t wait to see it again.

Once the movie was over (no bonus scene after the credits for the screenings – boo), we lined up to retrieve our phones and toys. Everyone seemed really excited over the toys – they are pretty awesome! There was some trading going on, but we were happy with the ones we got.

Our toys and 3D glasses
Our toys and 3D glasses

Another fun Disney Parks Blog Meet-up was in the books and I think a good time was had by all. Are you looking forward to seeing Guardians on the Galaxy or have you been lucky enough to see it already? Do you have a favorite Guardian?



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Marvel’s Iron Man & Captain America Heroes United Available Today

Marvel’s Iron Man & Captain America Unite to Save the World from Evil in Heroes United!

Marvel’s Iron Man & Captain America Heroes United

Iron Man and Captain America join forces in a new, original animated adventure, “Marvel’s Iron Man & Captain America: Heroes United” available only on Digital HD, On-Demand and Disney Movies Anywhere on July 29th.

Iron Man and Captain America battle to keep the Red Skull and his triggerman, Taskmaster, from unleashing an army of Hydra Brutes on the world!

Enjoy surpassing twists and a special appearance by one of your favorite Marvel Super Heroes in this action packed feature featuring the voices of Adrian Pasdar and Roger Craig reprising their roles as Iron Man and Captain America, and Clancy Brown as the villainous Taskmaster.

Check out a clip from Marvel’s Iron Man & Captain America: Heroes United!



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Epcot International Food & Wine Festival Premium Event Registration!

Epcot International Food & Wine Festival 2013

The Epcot International Food & Wine Festival is quickly approaching, September 19 – November 10, 2014, and the chance to register for Premium Events begins on July 31, 2014 at 7 am EST by calling (407) 939-3378!

Since the Premium Events tend to fill up pretty quickly, it is a good time to take a look at what events will be offered to see if there is anything that you might be interested in registering for during the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival.

The new Premium Events for this year’s Epcot International Food & Wine Festival:

Epcot International Food & Wine Festival - Demonstration

  • Dining Through the Decades, A Tribute to Walt Disney (October 24) $99 per person or $119 per person
  • Experience Puerto Rico – The All Star Island (September 20) $99 per person
  • Epcot International Food & Wine Festival — Boot Camp Series interactive epicurean adventure (September 21, October 5, 12, 19, Nov. 2) $119 per person
  • Food for Thought (Fridays, plus Saturday October 11) $169 per person
  • Mediterranean Food & Wine Pairing (Wednesdays) $55 per person
  • Italian White Truffle & Wine Pairing Dinner (October 2, 9, 16, 23, 30) $295 per person

Here are some of the most popular Epcot International Food & Wine Festival events returning in 2014:

Epcot International Food & Wine Festival

There are even more special dining opportunities at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, such as the Italian and French pairings and lunches, a Japan “Hibachi Experience”, and a Mexican tequila lunch. You can find more information on the World Showcase Dining Events during the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival here.

You can also book the popular Culinary Demonstrations ($15), Mixology Seminars ($15) and Wine Seminars ($15). For more information about Culinary Demonstrations & Seminars during the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival here.

Always keep in mind the following things about the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival:

  • Admission to Epcot is required. While most Epcot International Food & Wine Festival events are included with admission to the Park, several experiences require a separate purchase or a separate admission fee, including food and refreshment samples, entry into Premium Experiences and entry into Cultural Dining Opportunities. Availability is limited for some experiences.
  • Events may be rescheduled or cancelled at any time.


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DVC Member News: DVC Alex and Ani Bracelets

DVC News Alex and Ani Bracelet

Alex and Ani DVC Exclusive bangles now available in the Member Marketplace!

Disney Vacation Club Members are always looking for unique merchandise, and the Alex and Ani DVC Exclusive bangles are here!
Created with a Rafaelian Silver finish and highlighting the Disney Vacation Club logo, this unique keepsake is hand-crafted using recycled materials and features an expandable wire for the perfect fit.
The Disney Vacation Club bangle is available for purchase in the Member Marketplace. There is a limited quantity and purchases are limited to two bangles per Guest.
Also keep in mind these few things…
  • Effective March 21, 2011, Members who do not purchase their ownership interests directly from Disney will not be able to use those Vacation Points for the Disney or Concierge Collections.
  • Special offers are available to Members at various times. Members should visit or contact Member Services at (800) 800-9800 for the most up-to-date information.
  • To receive any of these offers, you must present your Disney Vacation Club Member ID along with corresponding valid photo ID.
  • Disney Vacation Club Member discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts or promotions. All offers are subject to availability, change, and/or termination without notice.
What do you think about the Alex and Ani DVC Exclusive Bangle? What other unique merchandise would you like to see?
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Clyde And Seamore at SeaWorld Orlando Sail Into The Sunset

Clyde and Seamore SeaWorld Orlando

After 15 years of hilarious hijinks and pinniped pranks, my favorite show at SeaWorld Orlando Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island will sail into the sunset, with its last show on August 10. 

Clyde and Seamore tossed aside the script for their high-seas adventure, Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island, and instead take the stage using the one language we all share—fun! This sensational tale of lost loot, pirate plunder and misadventure is full of hilarious hijinks. Come aboard for some slap-flap comedy and pure family fun.

If you are a SeaWorld Orlando Pass Member, there are going to be

two exclusive Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island Pass Member shows!

Saturday, August 9 at 2:15 pm
Sunday, August 10 at 2:15 pm

Just arrive at least 15 minutes prior to show time and present your active Annual Pass at the theater entrance. You arrrr encouraged to wear yer best pirate garb, because after the show you’ll get to meet and greet the crew for photos and autographs on a commemorative card. Check out the full event details here!

Also don’t forget that Pass Members save 50% on single-day admission for yer best mates!!!

Stay tuned to learn about Clyde and Seamore’s next show and adventure!

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Frozen in Summer! Frozen Costumes Giveaway

 Frozen Costumes Giveaway

Frozen in Summer: Frozen Costumes Giveaway

Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock
Do you wanna win a set of Frozen Costumes?
And the accessories so they can really play
You never see them in the store
Forget the searching
We’ve got the perfect giveaway!

If your little Princess is anything like my Zoe, Anna and Elsa costumes are at the top of their wish list so we have joined with several other amazing Disney Blogs to giveaway a set of Frozen Costumes and accessories.

Included in the Frozen Costumes Giveaway is…

Frozen Costumes Giveaway

Disney Store Anna Costume with cape in Girls Size 5/6.

Frozen Costumes Giveaway Anna Costume

  • Authentic and exclusive Disney Store costume with reliable quality and durability
  • The satin shirt features faux bodice of black velvet decorated with glittering screen art flowers, and edged in gold satin. An Anna cameo highlights the neckline.
  • The detachable cape has a faux fur trim and self-stick fabric fastening. The top skirt is made of organza with a scalloped hem and glittering floral detailing.
  • The underskirt is made of satin and tulle.
  • Size Small 5/6 for ages 4-6 years old, 37-50 lb and 42-48″ in height

Disney Store Elsa Costume in Girls Size 5/6

Frozen Costumes Giveaway Elsa

  • Authentic and exclusive Disney Store costume with reliable quality and durability
  • Bodice of dangling metallic “icicles” edged in silver metallic ”icicles” and covered with organza panel; Elsa cameo; Mesh shoulders and sleeves with ombre effect and glitter
  • Attached organza cape with glittering snowflakes
  • Organza top skirt with satin and tulle underskirt
  • Size Small 5/6 for ages 4-6 years old, 37-50 lb and 42-48″ in height

Disney Store Elsa Costume Accessory Kit

Frozen Costumes Giveaway Elsa

  • Disney Frozen Elsa Gloves and Purse Set
  • Disney Frozen Elsa Gloves
  • Frozen Elsa Gloves
  • Frozen Elsa Gloves and Purse Set

Disney Store Elsa Costume Crown

Frozen Costumes Giveaway Elsa

  • Crystalline iridescent jewels
  • Imported
  • Authentic and exclusive Disney Store products with reliable quality and durability
  • Crystalline iridescent jewels
  • Metal headband with combs for a secure fit
  • Silvertone finish
  • Ages 3+; One size fits most girls; Metal/plastic

Frozen Costumes Giveaway

As an extra bonus, we’ll be taking part in a Twitter party for chances to learn more about the blogs involved and to win additional Frozen prizes!!!


Frozen in Summer: Frozen Costumes Giveaway Twitter Party

Date: Wednesday, July 30

Time: 9:00 PM Eastern Time

Hashtag: #FrozenGiveaway

Here are the Frozen in Summer Frozen Costumes Giveaway Details!

  • Giveaway starts Sunday, July 27, 2014 and ends at 11:59 pm on Saturday, August 9, 2014
  • This “Frozen In Summer” Wardrobe Giveaway is open to all residents of The United States of America, 18 years of age or older.
  • After verification of entries, the winner will be chosen by Rafflecopter and will be notified by email. Please provide an email address that you check daily, so you don’t miss the winning email!
  • To officially accept the prize the winner must reply by email within 48 hours.
  • The one lucky winner will be announced here after the winner has accepted the “Frozen In Summer” Wardrobe prize.
  • Prize will be mailed to the winner by My Pixie Dust Diary.

Good Luck and make sure that you check out all the great blogs that are participating in this awesome giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This Frozen in Summer: Frozen Costumes Giveaway is brought to you by these great blogs!

Focused on the Magic

Magical Mouse Schoolhouse


Disney Day by Day


4 The Disney Kids

Can Do It Mom

A Disney Mom’s Thoughts

Disney Mamas

Home Is Where The Mouse Is

Mouse Ears Mom

Big Fat Panda

WDW Hints

Super Heroes and Teacups

My Pixie Dust Diary

Run Walk Repeat

Great WDW Tips

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Orlando City SC USL PRO Streak Broken

Orlando City SC July 27 2014

Orlando City SC Falls 1-0 to

Rochester Rhinos on the Road

Loss ends the Lions’ impressive 18 game USL PRO unbeaten streak


In their third meeting this season, league-leaders Orlando City SC (14-1-4, 46 points) fell 1-0 to the Rochester Rhinos (8-7-6, 30 points) at Sahlen’s Stadium on Sunday afternoon. The loss to Rochester ends Orlando City’s impressive unbeaten run which stood at 18 USL PRO games heading into today’s match.

“I’m very disappointed in the result and the performance today,” said Head Coach Adrian Heath. “I thought the attitude of the players was a little bit better in the second half but it wasn’t enough to get the job done.”

With both sides at the top of the USL PRO in goals allowed, the opening portion of the first half featured a very slow and defensive tempo as the home side held the majority of the possession.

The first attempt on goal for Orlando came in the 13th minute when Ceren employed a short-corner to find Mbengue on the edge of the area. Mbengue’s ensuing effort was a low and driven strike, but the Rhinos’ defense was able to deflect it wide. Shortly afterward, Molino followed up on Mbengue’s chance when he got past his marker in the midfield and played a quality ball to Span. The F.C. Dallas loanee took a good touch to get the ball in front of him but his final shot was high and wide, as Orlando began increasing its intensity on the attacking end.

Orlando City SC July 27 2014

In the 19th minute, Rochester’s best chance of the half came from former Orlando City Midfielder and Stetson University alum Jonny Mendoza. After a clever flick-on for a one-two with Rosenlund, Mendoza fired a powerful strike that barely missed the near post. Gallardo appeared to have the near-post covered but Mendoza’s chance was encouraging for Rochester nonetheless.

In the 31st minute Rochester found the back of the net after a defensive miscue by the Lions. City turned the ball over in the midfield when numerous players were pushed up the pitch, allowing the Rhinos to counter quickly. Levi Houapeu found fellow striker Colin Rolfe for the first goal of the match.

The goal came after a stroke of luck, as Valentino blocked Houapeu’s pass to Rolfe twice before the ball finally made its way to the forward who struck it into the top corner, leaving Gallardo with very little chance of making a save.

Ceren came close to equalizing two minutes later when Mbengue was brought down in a dangerous area directly outside of the box. The El Salvadorian’s ensuing free-kick was a curling effort that looked destined for the back of the net, but McCarthy was able to get down quickly and parry it wide for a corner.

The first half ended with 1-0 with the Rhinos out-shooting the Lions 4-3. City had five corners in the first 45, as opposed to Rochester who failed to produce any corner-kicks.

The second half opened up with Rochester continuing to fire at the net when Houapeu volleyed a cross on target in the 50thminute. Houapeu connected well with the ball, resulting a solid strike, but Gallardo was in a good position to make a comfortable save.

As the second half progressed, Orlando increasingly pushed more players further up the pitch. Head Coach Adrian Heath made two tactical changes in the 64th minute to provide more attacking firepower, bringing in New York Red Bulls loanee Ian Christianson for Adama Mbengue and Guiseppe Gentile for Aodhan Quinn.

Orlando City SC July 27 2014

With Rochester maintaining the narrow 1-0 advantage, the Rhinos shifted further backward to bunker in behind the ball. Orlando was in control of the possession but could only muster half-chances as they attempted to salvage their perfect season with limited time left in the match.

Gentile had a good opportunity in the 80th minute to level the score-line after going on a dangerous 30 yard run that put the Rhinos’ backline on their heels. After venturing into the box, the former Chicago Fire forward cut to his right to create space for a shot but dragged his effort wide of the frame.

As time continued to dwindle, Rochester Manager Bob Lilley brought on additional defensive reinforcements, shifting to a 5-4-1. Despite City placing more emphasis in the final third, the New York based club’s heavy defending ultimately kept the Lions off the score-sheet, giving the Rhinos its first-ever win against Orlando.

The Lions will return home for a fixture on August 2 against the Charlotte Eagles. Kick-off is set for 7:30 p.m. EST at ESPN Wide World of Sports.

Orlando City SC Match Recap:

Team                              1    2    Final

Orlando City SC              0    0    0

Rochester Rhinos           1    0    1

Scoring Summary:

ROC- Colin Rolfe (Levi Houapeu) 31’


Orlando City SC- GK Miguel Gallardo, D Tyler Turner, Tommy Redding, Luke Boden, Rob Valentino (C), M Aodhan Quinn (Giuseppe Gentile 64’),  Adama Mbengue (Ian Christianson 64’), Darwin Ceren, Kevin Molino, Brian Span, F Dennis Chin

Rochester Rhinos- GK John McCarthy, D Pat Slogic, Baba Diallo, Onua Obasi, Pat McMahon, M Tyler Rosenlund, Tony Walls, Jonny Mendoza (Kyle Hoffer 86’), Alec Sundly, F Levi Houapeu (Mike Garzi 67’), Colin Rolfe

Disciplinary Summary:

ORL- Darwin Ceren (Yellow Card) 80’

Match Facts:

Time of Match: 4:05 p.m. EST

Weather: — Clear

For more information on Orlando City SC, 2015 MLS Season Tickets or tickets to the Club’s remaining USL Pro home games, visit or call 855-ORL-CITY.  Also, follow the latest Orlando City news and updates via FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube.


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Willow Creek Is the Midnight Movie At The Enzian

unnamed (1)


“WILLOW CREEK isn’t a joke. It’s not a satire. It’s an actual found footage horror movie that centers on Bigfoot… and it’s actually scary.” – Devin Faraci, BADASS DIGEST 

A young couple find themselves face-to-face with a terrifying evil when they venture into the heart of Bigfoot country in WILLOW CREEK, director Bobcat Goldthwait’s (God Bless America, World’s Greatest Dad) unique spin on the horror genre.

Looking to make a splash with his research videos into the existence of Bigfoot, Jim (Bryce Johnson, Pretty Little Liars) and his girlfriend Kelly take a camping trip to the mountains surrounding Willow Creek, California, a small town where infamous footage of the supposed Sasquatch was filmed. Before long the headstrong couple are lost in the woods and discover that someone – or something – is stalking them. With each passing night bringing unknowable danger, the two must use all of their cunning to try to make it out of the forest alive.

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Halloween Horror Nights New Scarezone Inspiration

Halloween Horror Nights 2014 Universal Orlando Resort The Purge Anarchy


As the gates to Halloween Horror Nights open, so too does the annual Purge begin at the Universal Orlando Resort with the debut of a terrifying new scarezone, “The Purge: Anarchy,” inspired by Universal Pictures’ new thriller, which scored the highest opening for a horror film this year.

“The Purge: Anarchy” scarezone will greet guests with pure unadulterated fear, bringing to life the turmoil and pandemonium that awaits those vulnerable to masked vigilantes in search of new victims. Reimagining the movie’s premise that on one night every year, any and all crime is made legal, the scarezone will be inhabited by average citizens transformed into sadistic felons during this period of government-sanctioned lawlessness. Like civilians in the movie fighting to survive, guests will be at the mercy of cunning wit, luck and speed as they attempt to outsmart and outlive the anarchy brought about by those who believe in an “eye for an eye.”

The Purge: Anarchy, the sequel to last summer’s surprise hit, moves from the confines of a suburban neighborhood to the streets as the government begins its annual 12-hour Purge to ensure that the crime rate stays below one percent for the rest of the year. With all emergency services suspended, it’s the one night when society regulates itself without thought of punishment or fear of retribution. For average people who do not have the means to barricade themselves indoors with a state-of-the-art security system, anarchy rules and no one is safe. In this new story, an unlikely group of five citizens discover how far they will go to protect themselves and, ultimately, each other, as they fight to survive a dangerous night fraught with impossible decisions.


From director and writer James DeMonaco (The PurgeAssault on Precinct 13), The Purge: Anarchy stars Frank Grillo (Captain America: The Winter Soldier), Carmen Ejogo (Away We Go), Zach Gilford (Devil’s Due), Kiele Sanchez (A Perfect Getaway) and Michael K. Williams (The Wire).

“‘Halloween Horror Nights’ is about taking guests out of their comfort zones and placing them at the core of unimaginable horror,” said John Murdy, Universal Studios Hollywood’s Creative Director for and Executive Producer of “Halloween Horror Nights.”  “Because the premise of ‘The Purge’ could theoretically happen, our scare-zone elevates that sense of fear and forces you to really watch your back.  Imagining how your neighbor, friend or enemy could take revenge on you without retribution because you wronged them takes horror to a whole new level, and we wanted to bring that gut-wrenching terror to every one of our guests.”

“‘The Purge’” scarezone will invade the streets of ‘Halloween Horror Nights’, taking up most of our New York back lot. The chaos that reigns in the film will be replicated nightly, but now our guests can actually attempt to survive the night themselves,” said Michael Aiello, Director of Entertainment – Creative Development, Universal Orlando Resort. “The familiar emergency broadcast will be heard announcing the commencement of the annual Purge, and all hell will literally break loose.”

Universal Studios’ “Halloween Horror Nights” events have a more than 20-year history of creating incredibly entertaining, horrifying Halloween experiences that are consistently rated the nation’s best. The events on each coast feature highly-themed, disturbingly real, haunted mazes based on everything from films to nightmares – and streets filled with hundreds of specially trained “scareactors” in uniquely themed scare-zones. In addition to “The Purge:  Anarchy,” other announced experiences include, “The Walking Dead:  The End of the Line,” “From Dusk Till Dawn” and “Face Off: In the Flesh.”

To complement its numerous mazes, “Halloween Horror Nights” features a variety of terrifying scare-zones designed to provoke heart-pounding fear as guests traverse the park from one traumatizing experience to the next, unsure of what lies just around the corner.


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Tables In Wonderland Food & Wine Pre-Sale Starts Today

image copyright Disney
image copyright Disney


This year’s Epcot International Food & Wine Festival is just around the corner starting in a little over a month and a half from now. Tables In Wonderland members have the opportunity to take advantage of pre-sale tickets to select demonstrations and seminars starting today at 9:00am EST. The pre-sale tickets are available exclusively over the phone by calling 407-939-3378. Tables In Wonderland members are eligible for a $2.00 discount on select bookings Mondays – Thursdays, but only when these events are booked over the phone. Tickets to Food & Wine Festival events go on sale to the general public on Thursday, July 31st at 7:00am EST and will also then be bookable online at

More information from the Tables In Wonderland release directly:


To prepare for the sale, please see below for information on the Festival Demonstrations.

2014 Culinary Demonstrations

2014 Beverage Seminars

2014 Mixology Seminars

All appearances, presentations and events are subject to change without notice. The above links are temporary links and will be disabled once the information is available on

Additionally, the below events will be available online, via

–          Culinary Demonstrations

–          Beverage Seminars

–          Mixology Seminars

–          “3D” Disney’s Dessert Discovery (General Admission Only)

–          Party for the Senses (General Admission Only)

–          Dining Through the Decades, a Tribute to Walt Disney   (General Admission  Only)

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