Glow With The Show Fantasmic! With Big Fat Panda Show

Todd and Cheryl did a great job capturing clips of the Glow with the Show fun at Fantasmic! that we shared on our Facebook page, but now John Saccheri of the Big Fat Panda Show also wrote a great guest post and shared his wonderful video of even more during the debut of the Glow with the Show Ears during Fantasmic!

…and then it happened! Everyone was blinking in coordination with the show and for that time, we were all part of the collective that is DISNEY! 🙂

Oct 15th, 2013 marked the 15th anniversary of Fantasmic! and Disney’s Hollywood Studios used the anniversary as the first night to roll out the GLOW WITH THE SHOW Light Up Mickey Ears here on the east coast.


The ears have been used at the West Coast parks for some time now and their use, as most things, has some controversy. Some people see them as annoying and/or distracting while others just wish more folks had them. Apparently, at around $25, they are not as popular as Disney or their guests would like them to be. I will tell you, when a lot of people have them, the experience is nothing short of surreal.

We arrived at the Fantasmic theatre wondering if ears would be given out. I mean, it is the first night and their cameras were all ready to broadcast a live feed. Surely, they would want it to look great, right?

My friend Jeff, for reasons he knew all too well, suggested we do all we could to sit in the Mickey section. I figured because it was right in the middle. He knew it was because this was where Disney would focus most of their attention if anything special were to happen. We noticed a smattering of ears around us and then about 30 minutes prior to showtime, cast members with bags of hats were making their way through our section. Before long, EVERYONE in our section had Mickey ears. And to the little girl in front of me whose ears were OFF the entire show, you irked me. I wanted to reach over and turn them on but it was dark and I realize I can appear threatening in the wrong light LOL.

Some Light-Up Ears made their way to other sections as well, but only a few – I would say about 200 pairs were given out although rumor is that as many as 600 were. Interesting to note the ears given out were the old ones from California complete with a World Of Color sticker they asked us to remove. Not that they were used ears, but they were new old ones if you get what I mean. The newer ones have a rim of cushion around the inside and the mechanism to activate the ears is slightly different. If you have a large head, you may prefer the older ones.

My experience was joyful. When it first began, that is me you hear in the video laughing. I was having the time of my life and I won’t forget it. I was told it would NEVER look this good again because of the giveaways. I can only hope!



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