Visiting LEGOLAND Florida: Fun Town

Last time we ventured into LEGOLAND territory we didn’t get too far beyond the beginning. Well, have no fear! We’re now going to be heading further into the bricks.

Fun Town is our next stop. Seriously, Fun Town. What more can you expect than FUN?! And shops…some of my favorite shops actually.

The first thing you see when you enter Fun Town is the Grand Carousel! While I’ve never ridden it, I’m pretty sure I need to one of the next times I’m there.


To the left of the Grand Carousel is the Fresh From Florida Greenhouse. I recently checked this out with my parents and we had such a fun time trying to find where the LEGOs were throughout the Greenhouse area. (Spoiler: They are everywhere!)

There is information about foods that grow in Florida, facts about timber and solar, and even barrels that you can reach into and guess what seeds are hidden in there. PLUS all of the fruit is made from LEGOs, even the oranges hanging from the trees…mind blown.


Next/attached to the Fresh From Florida Greenhouse is the Garden Shop. There used to be a lot of random gardening supplies in there and some LEGOs (this is actually where I got quite a few of my minifigs), however the last time I was in there it was WAY more LEGOs than anything – which isn’t a bad thing, just couldn’t find too much gardening/yard items. However, I would LOVE a birdbath LEGO set that I could put together…


The Factory is where you can see how the bricks are made and it is also home to the Pick A Brick store. A whole wall of LEGOs. Yes, please!


Also surrounding the Grand Carousel is the Studio Store with all kinds of LEGO sets relating to movies (Harry Potter, Star Wars, etc)


Granny’s Apple Fries are also right there. I’m sure you’ve heard everyone raving about them! You should definitely try them out while you’re there! (I liked them, but was not a fan of the whipped cream that the guy talked us into.)


The fun of building your own minifigs happens at none other than the…Minifigure Market! (Side note: if you buy minifigures and you get doubles, make sure you trade with the Model Citizens around LEGOLAND!)


And last but not least, the Friends Shop. The cutesy girly LEGOs can all be found in this shop. I’m pretty sure I would like them all.


There are a few other little snack and food places around Fun Town as well. And there’s the Wells Fargo 4-D Theater which currently shows THREE different movies throughout the day, including Legends of Chima!

Have any questions about LEGOLAND Florida? I’ll be heading back soon and would love to get any information or questions answered while I’m there!

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