#PetTales Pet Care Products When You’re On the Go

Disclosure: I received products to review and compensation for this post, however all opinions are my own.

#PetTales Pet Product Party

It’s #PetTales Party and Giveaway!

I was able to attend a #PetTales Party with some great friends where we had the opportunity to learn about some great new pet products from some wonderful companies that are perfect when you are On the Go!

Bags on Board

#PetTales Pet Product Party Bags on Board

With picking up dog waste ranking high on every pet parent’s list of least favorite chores. Bags on Board is introducing several new items, available at Petco, that promise to make the process easier and less unpleasant.

Bags on Board Hand Armor (100 Bags – MSRP $13.99)

Oversized waste pick-up bags with handle ties that are two times thicker than regular bags.

Bags on Board Fashion Dispenser (MSRP $9.99)

Soft Dispenser made from durable, stylish fabric in green chevron and blue diamond patterns that can easily be attached to anything from a dog’s leash or harness to a purse or baby stroller.

Bags on Board Waste Pick-Up Refill Bags (140 ct – MSRP $13.99)

have an increased size, now 9×14 instead of 9×12, are available in brighter colors and updated trendy patterns, and all 120 ct refill packs have an additional 20 bags free!

Green Pups by Bags on Board Refill rolls (120 ct – MSRP $16.99)

Green Pups waste pick-up bags are made using cycleWood Solutions’ patented technology, Xylomer – a bio-resin material made with natural, plant-based lignin which breaks down faster than regular plastic.

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Simple Solution

#PetTales Pet Product Party

The new line of products from Simple Solution ensure pet parents deliver the right amount of stain and odor products, while enhancing  effectiveness with focused-use formulations.

30 Day Absorbent Cat Litter (9 lbs MSRP $10.99 / 15 lbs MSRP $15.99)

Deigned for busy cat parents looking for a hassle free litter their kitties will love! The only litter that stay odor free for 30 days is made from super absorbent, lightweight pure attapulgite clay combined with an exclusive odor-eliminating technology.

The Simple Solution Urinary Health Risk Indicator and Cat Litter Attractant are two products that are sprinkled into the 30 Day Absorbent Cat Litter.

#PetTales Pet Product Party Out and Simple Solution

The Simple Solution Platinum Line of Cleaners (17 oz MSRP $8.99) is a unique combination of proprietary formulas with Pro-Bacteria, enzymes, and Oxy penetrate deep into the carpet fiers and carpet pad to lift tough stains. Plus, this product line can make cleaning 10x faster at removing typical pet stains than the standard stain and odor sprays.

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Vet’s Best

#PetTales Pet Product Party Vet's Best

With pet parents increasingly demanding products made with natural ingredients instead of potentially harmful chemicals, Vet’s Best, available at PetCo, is adding five new products to its existing line of natural flea and tick solutions. Each new product is made with natural extracts such as peppermint oil and clove extract that is free of harsh pesticides. They really do smell great!

Flea & Tick Outdoor Fogger (14oz MSRP $17.99)

With one-touch application for treating outdoor areas such as patios, kennels, or a pet’s favorite shady spot in the backyard. The fogger uses a powerful spray for outdoor areas needing treatment.

Fea & Tick Wipes (50 ct. 6×8 wipes MSRP $14.99)

Used for applying directly to the area where a pet attract pests, these wipes can also be used around the home on everything from counters to furniture. The container includes a convenient wipe-dispensing cap.

Flea& Tick Spot-On Treatment (0.6 oz MSRP $19.99)

This Spot-On Treatment is a safe alternative to chemical-based topical treatments. Pet parents control the dosage by applying the treatment with a dropper between their dog’s shoulder blades; it kills and repels fleas and ticks naturally. Spot-On works on any sized dog and includes 3-8 applications, depending on the size of the pooch.

Flea & Tick Home & Go Spray (3.6 oz MSRP $11.99)

This 360-degree spray protects bedding and furniture and can also be used for on-the-go pet application. The spray kills fleas, flea eggs, and ticks on contact. As a bonus, it also repels mosquitos.

3-Piece total Treatment & Protection Kit (MSRP $39.99)

This offers everything that is needed for solving flea and tick problems in the home and on the pt. The kit includes a Flea & Tick Spray Shampoo (8 oz) to cleanse pets of an existing infestation; Flea & Tick Home & Go Spray, and Flea & Tick Spot-On Treatment.

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#PetTales Pet Product Party Out!

For doggie bath time to be a more pleasant experience, pet parents want a shampoo that’s quick and easy to apply all over their pet’s body – and a product that lets them extend the time between baths, while still keeping their dog fresh and smelling great. These awesome OUT! products can be found at Walmart.

Easy Spray Shampoos (9.2 oz MSRP $6.99)

OUT!’s uniquely -designed and environmentally-friendly “easy Spray” cans allow pet parents to hold their dog with one hand while using the other to apply a gentle, continuous spray all over their pooch’s body – even the hard-to-reach underbelly. The easy-to-grip can makes dog bathing fast and easy.

Body Mists (6.3 oz MSRP $5.99)

Formulated with special odor-eliminating properties, the Body mists leave dogs smelling fresh and clean, allowing pet parents to extend the time between doggie baths.

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And now for the fun part!

The #PetTales Giveaway

#PetTales Party Giveaway

We are giving away one (1) #PetTales Party Prize Pack which includes Four (4) $3 off coupons for Out! Petcare Products, Four (4) $2 off coupons for Bags on Board Products, and Barron’s Dog Training Bible. This contest open to Residents of the United States who are eighteen(18) years and older. Void where prohibited by law. We use rafflecopter to choose one lucky winner at random, and each & every contest entry will be verified. The winner of our contest will be contacted by email (so be sure to double check your entry) and will have 48 hours to respond to the email or a new winner will be chosen. Any questions? Contact shelley@onthegoinmco.com

#PetTales Pet Product Party Out!Entering to win is SUPER EASY!

All you have to do is leave a comment below about which #PetTales Party Product you are most excited to try by Midnight EST on March 19, 2015.

Good luck!!!

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A Colorful Look at Cinderella


Although Cinderella is a centuries old folklore tale, it was originally popularized in the 17th century by Charles Perrault.  In this version, titled Cendrillon, were added certain features of the tale well known in modern times: glass slippers, the pumpkin coach, and the fairy godmother.  It’s easy to see how, in the late 1940s, after enduring bad box office numbers due to World War II that Walt Disney himself turned to this version of the tale to create his next great animated movie Cinderella in 1950.  Now here we are in 2015, and Disney, as it moves toward a litany of live action remakes we get a new version of Cinderella.

This movie is brings in a mix of up and coming and seasoned actors and actresses like Lily James (Cinderella), Richard Madden (The Prince), Cate Blanchett (Lady Tremaine), and Helena Bonham Carter (Fairy Godmother).  In doing so it is clear that they are trying to attract a broad audience of both old and young adults.  To bring in a still younger audience to see the movie they have attached the new short Frozen Fever to the movie.  It’s not quite the Frozen sequel that people are looking for, but it will appease Frozen fans with a look at Anna’s birthday and what happens when Elsa gets sick.

At 30 minutes longer than it’s animated namesake, we get a lot more background into the story of Cinderella’s (simply Ella at the beginning of the movie) parents.  We also get to see the downward spiral of Ella into becoming Cinderella as her stepmother and stepsisters press her ever down until we find her at the bottom.  Her lowest.  Thats when Helena Bonham Carter comes onto the screen and works her ever quirky magic for viewers as she works magic on the screen as Cinderella’s fairy godmother. And from there it’s pretty much the story you already know, with no twists, turns, or deviations.

I have to be honest, I was not excited to be seeing this movie.  It’s not the sort of fare I tend to enjoy or that attracts me to the theater.  So I went in with low expectations.  And I personally could not bring myself to connect well with the movie.  My primary problem revolves around the main character.  Maybe my own personal feelings are too wrapped up in the animated version of the movie, but Lily James, to me, simply doesn’t evoke the elegance or grace as shown in Ink & Paint.  All the other characters to me are fantastic, and it’s not that James acts poorly… just to me, that’s not Cinderella up on the screen.  So I did not enjoy it.

That’s not to say it not worth seeing the movie.  It, like Maleficent, is a cleverly pretty movie.  It’s use of color, camera, space, and depth are fantastic.  If you watch closely during all of the ballroom scenes you will understand what I mean.  I suspect that overall critics will be split on this movie.  It’s well written, well directed, well shot, and even well acted.  But it lacks the quality and magic of the animated version.  Disney fans will want to see it.  Cinderella and Frozen fans will be there too.  Game of Thrones fans may go to see Madden.  But, if you love and are nostalgic about the animated Cinderella, you might find yourself seeing things my way.


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