TrenD Report: Window Shopping For The Holidays

Guess who’s back?

Back again.

Shelley’s back.

Grab a friend…

Cause it’s time to go window shopping at my favorite Downtown Disney store…TrenD!!!

While it has been awhile since I have posted a TrenD Report (my sincere apologies), I thought that this would be a great time to visit my favorite store to get some gift ideas for myself and my friends.

I was really excited to see that there were some new colder weather options available! While the Tink and Mickey sweatshirt ponchos are a little different, they are really cute on and super comfortable. And I absolutely adore the sequin Minnie Mouse bow sweatshirts (I am partial to the red one)!

It’s great to see more Harveys bags at TrenD! The new Minnie Leopard bags are in stock, and look great! I think the charm is a great touch on these bags!

And what screams trend right now more than chevrons? And there are some really cute bags and accessories that feature Mickey’s silhouette in a chevron pattern. The bags shape is super on trend with the double handles, but I wish that it was more of a ‘fall/winter’ fabric. It’s still cute, but with the weight of the fabric it seems more of a summer purse to me.

There were also tons of great new earrings!!! I am going to have to get the chocolate rhinestone Mickey earrings, but the Mickey silver studs with the LOVE cuff were totally different and neat!

While I am not a fan of the crop tops, I was happy to see that there were fewer of them to show on this TrenD Report!!!

Now that I shared a few of my thoughts on what I found, let’s get to window shopping!!!

TrenD Report: November 11, 2013

And if that wasn’t enough Downtown Disney shopping awesomeness, Did you see the news about the Marketplace Co Op that is coming to what is currently Team Mickey?

Beginning in early 2014, construction will begin on the Marketplace Co Op which will feature an innovative store design!

The Marketplace Co Op will consist of six new spaces at its opening, and they will be:

  • Beautifully Disney – A beauty destination for woman featuring make-up, fragrance and beauty accessories.
  • Cherry Tree Lane – Accessories for the sophisticated woman with a passion for scarves, shoes, bags and jewelry.
  • D-Tech on Demand – A place to personalize and customize your own electronic accessories.
  • The Trophy Room- Vintage inspired, lifestyle sports apparel and collectibles.
  • Centerpiece – Home product for Guests that want a splash of Disney in their room furnishings, textiles and everyday ware.
  • Zoey and Pickles – A girls’ destination containing the latest trends and glamour for the up and coming fashionista.

I am BEYOND excited about D-Tech on Demand, because I am hoping that they will expand their phone case customizations from the 12 options that they debuted at this year’s Star Wars Weekends!

So what do you think? I’d love to hear what you’ll be putting on your holiday Wish List and what Marketplace Co Op space you’re most excited about!!!

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TrenD Report: Hello Old Friend

Hello old friend…It’s been far too long since I have done a TrenD Report!!!

Beautifully Disney TrenD Report

On my visit to Downtown Disney Marketplace, I found some really great new finds in one of my favorite store!

The Alice in Wonderland Loungefly canvas purse and wallet are pretty awesome. I love the water-color feel to them, and the Loungefly line is always constructed so solidly. You won’t have to worry that the canvas is too flimsy to take some use.

Also, it’s fun to see the more stylized Alice in Wonderland park merchandise line expand with this really fun metal picture frame.

I am absolutely LOVING these sassy Princess shirts! I believe that I am going to have to purchase the Aurora shirt for my first trip to Disneyland!!!

Love, Love, Love is exactly how I feel about this knit Mickey and Minnie tank! The blue necklace paired with it is a really fun pop of color! Under a long sweater it could be a good transition piece into fall.

These Mickey and Minnie silky shirts are an expansion of this style of shirt, and I am really liking these a lot more than the previous designs. Both of these shirts are longer and less busy, and would be super cute with a long tank under them paired with a cute denim skirt!

And finally this Minnie Mouse wristlet is CALLING my name! I have been using a wristlet for my quick trip to the parks (thanks to Scarlett), and I am really enjoying using them. This seems to be more practical than a Dooney wristlet, since it has a zipper closure.

I hope that you like this return to TrenD reports and I promise that I won’t slack again!!!

Thanks for joining me window shopping and happy Tuesday everyone!

My TrenD Report Finds…



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TrenD Report: All The Little Details

This week’s TrenD Report I was glad to find some new pieces, but I thought it would be a lot of fun to take a look at the little details of TrenD.

I really liked the new Aztec print dress, the watercolor Tink tank, and the long sleeve Minnie Mouse tissue shirt!

The iPhone 5 Bling Cases are a lot of fun! While I wasn’t a fan of the more stylized Princesses, they seem to work on these cases. And the ‘One Shoe Can Change Your Life’ case might be one of my new favorites and the next case that I buy!!!

I also chose a few of my favorite pieces of jewelry to share with you all, too!

Walking around TrenD, I also found the new Alice in Wonderland Tea Pot, cups, plates, and wine glasses. The new pattern is really playful and fun!

And while I am patiently waiting for the Summer LeSportsac Purses to arrive at TrenD, I found the HARVEYS Disney Patchwork purses to hold me over! They are ADORABLE in person! I was really worried that the mish mash of prints would really be too much, but I was really glad I was wrong!

I hope that you enjoy joining me on this TrenD Report!


TrenD Report: May 7, 2013


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TrenD Report: Spring Mish Mash and Blogiversary Giveaway Week Continues

TrenD Report – April 23, 2013

This week’s TrenD Report is a bit of a mish mash of spring goodies!

I found some really cute spring pieces, but again I found myself in the middle of a TrenD merchandise transition this week!

The Minnie Mouse fun flip flops are adorable! The stylized Minnie design on the soles is growing on me and the rhinestone bow is super cute!

The I love the I Heart my MOUSEstache shirt! Every time I see one of these shirts it makes me giggle…I am easily amused!

Also it look like they’ve put out some new styles of sunglasses lately! There is a style for everyone, and at $19.95 they’re a great deal!

Bag charms were all over TrenD, and I am starting to come around to this trend since I started my It’s A Small World LeSportsac addiction!

Stuck in among the Princess shirts, I found a few new hair accessories, too!

I am interested by the new Disney Couture purse designs. The Snow White bag and wallet I found are a great design, but with such a high price point I am curious to how they’ll do and if there will be more coming soon.

While it was a total Mish Mash of finds, it was still a great trip…and I picked up a little something for you to win…



To continue in the Blogiversary Giveraway fun, enter to win this really cool retro print scarf from TrenD! It’s light weight and perfect for a slightly chilly spring night.

Good luck!!!

Congratulations Michael for winning our TrenD Report Giveaway!!!

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TrenD Report: Time To Get Ready For Spring And Le Sportsac Giveaway

TrenD Report – April 9, 2013

After my last Hit and Miss TrenD Report, I was BEYOND excited to find so many great things at my favorite store just in time for my Birthday (Do you hear that dear Hubby?)!

It is definitely time to get ready for spring at TrenD, because there are a ton of great tanks available! I love that the tanks all have a little something that makes them so perfect for so many styles and occasions. I really love the fun and flirty floral details that are being used on these tanks that are perfect for spring and summer!

I was also super excited to see two new styles of Maxi Dresses, since the last few styles have sold out! They have stayed with their love of black and white in a fun layered Hidden Mickey Maxi Dress. And expanding on the popularity of the Bambi Maxi Dress, they have a new style that is so adorable and perfect for a sunny Sunday!

They’re also using a lot of sketch designs in their shirts this year, and it’s super fun! From regular cotton shirts with fun details, to burnout t-shirts perfect for hot days, and even some great purses!

I was also able to find some fun jewelry and watches on this visit. It is great to see designs that work so well on shirts featured on watches, bracelets, and necklaces! I am especially in love with the layered necklaces!

The only item that I was on the fence about was a shiny vinyl bowler bag…it seems more appropriate for the fall, but it could also double as a fun carryon for summer trips.

The Le Sportsac It’s a Small World Global Journey Collection has found its way to TrenD, and it is quite possibly my new favorite pattern! The charm is more understated, and the pattern is more sophisticated. I love it!!!

This brings me to the fun new twist to my TrenD Report I talked about last report! I am going to start giving away one of my favorite pieces that I find once a month. And this month I will be giving away a LeSportsac Rectangular Cosmetic Case to one lucky reader!

Congratulations Liz on winning the LeSportsac Case!!!

I hope that you enjoyed this TrenD Report and that you have fun entering the contest! Good Luck!


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DISCLAIMER: I bought the Le Sportsac Cosmetic Case only using my Annual Pass Discount (Hooray 10%), and isn’t sponsored by anyone…well except for me! 🙂

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TrenD Report – Sometimes It Is Hit Or Miss, But Everyone Wins!

TrenD Report – March 26, 2013

This week’s TrenD Report is a tale of Hit or Miss!

Usually when I visit TrenD I can find a ton of new merchandise, however on my latest trip to my favorite Downtown Disney Marketplace store I didn’t find a lot of new items.

I think TrenD is starting to ramp up to get ready for Spring and Summer, so the new items out are a little miss-matched and random.

However with all this transition going on, I still found a few great new pieces to share that are super fun!

One thing to keep in mind is that the upside of seasons changing, is that great pieces will go on sale! This flowy Ariel top is a wonderful buy at $24.99!

I am really starting to come around to the stylized Princess pieces that are in the parks right now. The shirts are super fun and the double sided journal means no one has to pick just one favorite Disney Princess.

And on a totally selfish note, I am really glad to see the Mickey Flip Flops start making their way onto the TrenD Report!

While I am HUGE fan of the vintage shirts, I am always a little bummed that they’ve only been available in the men’s section…until now! I was really excited to see that the Dole Whip shirt is now available in a lady’s cut.

Finally, I was also glad to see more canvas tote options making their debut just in time for me to find a new beach bag! Whether it’s the vintage look or the neon Loungefly tote you really can’t go wrong with such a versatile bag style!

I hope that you enjoyed this short TrenD Report! In the next report I am going to announce a fun new change to the TrenD Reports!!!


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TrenD Report – Get Ready for Spring With Maxi Dresses, Scarves, Tanks, and More

Beautifully Disney TrenD Report

TrenD Report – March 12, 2013


It is time to start thinking about putting away your sweaters and getting ready for Spring in this week’s TrenD Report which is full of great new pieces!

I was really excited to find that there were two new maxi dresses at TrenD! The Bambi Maxi Dress is jersey materials that is super lightweight but not see through. And the black and white Mickey Maxi Dress has a really great drawstring waist detail and is a two layer dress that would be great for date night. I love the short dresses that I have, and I am looking forward to trying these dresses on soon.

And the tanks are soooo much fun this spring. There are so many great styles out right now! From frilly and fun to perfect for warm weather tanks perfect for park hopping you’re sure to find something you’ll love! I really love all the stylized princess tanks, especially the ruffled Sleeping Beauty tank!

This time I didn’t find too many new purses, but I still love the black, white, and pink line that they have added pieces to over the last month! The color combination had me at hello!

It was also really fun to see all of the the Oz shirts, accessories, and OPI nail polishes in one place. I really want to give the OPI sand texture polish a try and the super soft t-shirts are whimsical and true to the style of the movie.

Another thing that I am excited about is the variety of Summer Scarves that are available! These lightweight scarves are the perfect accessory for windy spring evening watching fireworks. I am a huge fan of a scarves, and the retro scarf is really awesome in person.

I found all sorts of other great finds on my trip to Downtown Disney’s TrenD!

Have a great time window shopping with me!

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TrenD Report – Purses, Purses, Purses, And More

TrenD Report – February 26, 2013

This week’s TrenD Report is one for all the purse lovers out there!!!

The LeSportsac Spring 2013 Holland Collection has arrived at TrenD! I was on the fence about this collection, because of the light and muted colors shown in pictures. However, when you see the bag in person the colors are vibrant and warm. I am really becoming a fan of this collection.

Also, they have updated their canvas bags and the new look is fun! Last year’s design had a Tory Burch cut out feel to them, but this year’s update has a more playful and bold feel. If you’re looking for a durable bag, you may want to consider these!

Villains Haveys bags have invaded the shelves of TrenD, and I was super excited about them before I saw them. I absolutely adore the concept of the bag, with a Princess on one side and her Nemesis on the other, yet in person the execution seems low end. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge Harveys fan, but these feel a little airbrushed to me. It was hard to get a great picture through the case, so I have included an image from their site.

There is a new Hidden Mickey floral design that is new that is so super cute! I am loving the tank top! The colors are super vibrant and fun!

You’ll find a few extra fun things that I found on my visit, so I hope you enjoy this TrenD Report!!!


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TrenD Report – T-Shirts And More Galore

This week’s TrenD Report is full of some fun new T-shirts, jewelry, and fun Disney items to spruce up your home for 2013!


Don’t forget to take a look at last week’s TrenD Report, because I am still pretty much obsessed with the new purses they have out!

And while I am especially in love with the Harveys Mickey loves Minnie collection, I am chomping at the bit to see the Good vs Evil collection that will be released February 9th!!!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed window shopping with me!!!


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TrenD Report – Dooney, Harveys, And New Shirts Oh My!

It’s time to get 2013’s TrenD Reports started off with a bang!

While there was a lot of great merchandise over the holidays, I am super excited to start seeing the spring merchandise arriving at TrenD!

If you have an iPhone 4/4s and are a fan of the Disney Dooney & Bourke purses you are in luck, because TrenD (and other shops throughout Walt Disney World) are now carrying the iPhone case. The case is available in the sketch pattern with a background of black and white. I really love the white, but the pattern shows up pretty well on the black background as well.

New Harveys bags have also made their way to the TrenD Report! The new Mickey and Minnie in Love bags feature rough sketches of Mickey and Minnie with red hearts, which is absolutely perfect for Valentine’s Day (HINT HINT DAVID CARAN)! This new design is soooooo much fun!!! I really love the playful design, and the red/white/blue/black color combination is perfect for the spring and summer. I honestly feel like you can’t go wrong with this bag! Great style, perfect colors, and once again the durable construction & warranty totally make buying one of the Harveys Bags a fun idea!

Again the shirts and hoodies are taking on a very fun character twist, because they’re staying true to their character’s traits but having fun with the TrenD styles!

There are some great new bags out, too! The plastic bag is a great option for the beach or water park, and the matching cosmetic/ditty bag set is a great touch since you can see through the bag in places. Also, the canvas/velvet ribbon Princess bags are super cute!!!

And finally I found some really cute small items tucked away to include in the TrenD Report this week! Fun frames, some interesting tights, a cute necklace, and more.

I really hope that you enjoy this week’s TrenD Report!!!


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TrenD Report – November 20, 2012

TrenD Report – November 20, 2012

While I have been a huge fan of TrenD for awhile, I really believe that they get it now. They are absolutely understanding their market, and what we as consumers are looking for.

It has been easy to see how the quality of merchandise has increased over the past year, but what I am more excited about is watching their buyers (like @Designerland71) really understand and give us what we want as consumers. We want quirky, fun, and stylish clothes and accessories that represent our love of Disney without being too cheesy!

I am also really excited about the new Le Sportsac It’s a Small World line that is featuring the United Kingdom! It is seriously my new obsession.

The shirts, skirts, bags, and accessories that make up this TrenD Report are some of my most favorite pieces, and I really hope that my husband saw those Le Sportsac bags!!!! LOL!!!

I hope that you enjoy window shopping with me today in my latest TrenD Report, and make sure you take a second to look back at some of my past visits to my favorite store at the Downtown Disney Marketplace!

Let’s get this TrenD Report started!

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TrenD Report – November 5, 2012

TrenD Report – November 5, 2012

Why yes, it is that time again! Time to go window shopping at my favorite store in Walt Disney World…TrenD!

While in past reports I have been really excited about the purses, you could easily say that I have a Disney Purse Problem, this time I am really excited about the clothing!

In the past TrenD clothes have been really about the trends and fads, but they seem to be coming to more of a middle ground in that the designs that they are featuring are more stylish than trendy which is a nice change for some of the pieces.

And you can find a large majority of these pieces scattered around Walt Disney World, I always find in my TrenD Reports its always fun to see how they mix the pieces from the park into more normal brands of clothing.

Also, I found that they are starting to make more Disney-fied skirts and dresses which is a great addition to the shirts that they offer!

I really hope that you enjoy this trip around TrenD with me in this TrenD Report!

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TrenD Report – September 26, 2012

TrenD Report – September 26, 2012

So let’s call a spade a spade…I have been totally slacking on my TrenD Reports, but it’s time to fix that and get back to window shopping! It has been awhile, so let’s get this TrenD Report started!!!

It is a beautiful day. and I decided to head down to the Downtown Disney Marketplace in Evie the Equinox that @ChevyFlorida has provided me with for the week!

When I arrived at the Downtown Disney Marketplace, I was excited to see that it had some special decorations for the Fall up all over the place! I love how they decorate this area for the fall. Sure it’s over 80 outside, but I will take any “Fall” I can get down here in Orlando!

After walking around for a bit, it was time to head into TrenD!

There are a lot of great new Disney pieces in here, which is a welcome change from all the outside clothing lines that have filled the store lately! I found all sorts of great bags, accessories, shirts, and scarves!

I even spied some great new mugs and cup lining the shelves of TrenD.

And since it is so close to Halloween, I thought it might be fun to focus on all the fun Villians merchandise that they have in TrenD now. I am so glad to find that there is more Villian merchandise for my TrenD Report this month, and even happier to know that there is more Villain’s merchandise coming our way soon!

Also, I found that the Nightmare Before Christmas Harveys bags have finally made their way over to make the TrenD report!

I found that they were out of the Maleficent Villain’s Hobo, so I decided to head over to World of Disney where I found it and a few more new pieces to share with you on the TrenD Report.

I hope that you enjoyed this look at some fun new merchandise!

What other shopping or collections would you like to see us feature here on the blog?



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TrenD Report – Let Them Have Purses!

Let me start of this TrenD Report by saying…Hello, My name is Shelley and I am a purse addict.

Now that I have that out of the way, I can tell you that in this TrenD Report we are going to take a look at the purses of TrenD other than the Dooney and Bourke & Harvey’s purses.

I LOVE the variety of purses that are available now! If you are a Princess, Mickey, or Alice gal there is a purse for you!

I hope that you enjoy this look at all the purses that are out there for my fellow addicts!!!

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TrenD, Little Miss Matched, And Designer Jewelry…Oh My!!! March 16, 2012

Today on my visit to TrenD, I decided to venture out and around the Downtown Disney Marketplace to see what I could find…and I wasn’t disappointed!!!

I found some awesome new additions to the Disney line at Little Miss Matched, and found that the John Wind Signature Jewelry line has released a Little Mermaid set at the Art of Disney.

I hope that you enjoy window shopping with me on such a beautiful Friday afternoon!!!

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