Gaylord Palms Announces Partnership with Wild Florida

Gaylord Palms Partnership with Wild Florida

The Gaylord Palms is pleased to announce Wild Florida as the resort’s new wildlife partner, providing brand-new educational and interactive guest experiences, including up-close animal encounters and live shows.

For almost two decades, Gaylord Palms has become known for its 4.5-acres of atrium-enclosed gardens with thousands of tropical plants and several species of animals that are native to Florida. With this new partnership, Wild Florida is providing access to many of these unique species including alligators and snakes. 

“We are very excited that Wild Florida is our new wildlife partner because they provide a one-of-a-kind experience for our guests,” said General Manager of Gaylord Palms Johann Krieger. “Their family-friendly experiences allow our guests to learn more about Florida’s diverse ecosystem and get up-close with unique animals, all while exploring the rest of our resort’s distinctive environment.”

Gaylord Palms Partnership with Wild Florida

Educational and interactive guest experiences Wild Florida is providing include:

  • 20 alligators that live inside the resort’s St. Augustine atrium habitat, Gator Springs
  • Six hatchlings, also known as baby gators or “grunts,” that have a home in the Everglades atrium
  • Four snakes that guests can see in Sawgrass Place, located within our Everglades atrium
  • Live gator feedings with a Wild Florida representative at Gator Springs at 6:30 p.m. every Tuesday and Saturday
  • Up-close animal encounters with critters from Wild Florida’s nearby zoological park on select days

Plus, each experience is complimentary for overnight guests, allowing them to enjoy the lush gardens and native species at any time throughout their stay.

“Gaylord Palms Resort is an amazing world-class facility,” said Sam Haught, Co-owner of Wild Florida. “We are grateful to partner with a company that shares our same passion for inspiring visitors to make a connection with Florida’s wildlife.”

Gaylord Palms Partnership with Wild Florida

In accordance with Marriott’s “Commitment to Clean” practices, the resort provides enhanced cleaning technology, hospital-grade disinfectants, attendants dedicated to sanitizing frequently throughout the day, social distancing protocols, and hundreds of new cleaning processes to take care of guests while they enjoy the resort’s amenities. 

For more information about Wild Florida’s new educational and interactive experiences, visit the resort’s website.

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A Trip to Wild Things Zoo!

We recently heard about a local ecotourism zoo in Dade City called Wild Things, where you can get up close and personal with animals normally only admired from afar! The zoo (in conjunction with Stearns Zoological Rescue & Rehab Center, Inc) is located on 22 acres of land in the heart of Paso County and prides itself on rescuing animals and providing a natural botanical landscape.

When you visit the Wild Things Zoo, you can choose to either go on a tram ride of the grounds or a walking tour where you can see up to 200 animals!
If you want to get more of a once-in-a-lifetime experience, you can even chose to do some personal animal encounters where, accompanied by a trainer, you can sit with some of the animals and hold or touch them. You could pick from a bunch of different experiences to do after the tour, so we took full advantage of our day, and chose to do 3 encounters!

The main reason we decided to go to the Wild Things Zoo, was to do the baby white tiger cub encounter as neither of us had ever got that close to a tiger cub before. Also, once the cubs reach 40 lbs, they don’t allow encounters anymore. The cub was already at 25 lbs at 2 months old, so it wont be long until he is too big. We also chose a coyote experience as neither of us had even seen one in the wild yet, and then we chose to feed black bears, as we thought interacting with them would be really unique.

There are another number of encounters you can chose throughout the year, including swimming with the tiger!

We were told from the beginning that photos are not permitted at any time, but that they do offer a fair priced photo package where a professional photographer takes photos of the encounters that were available to download later.

Our visit started with the tram tour we chose, our driver was so friendly and knowledgeable it made for a fun tour! I really wish they let you take photos on this tour, as I have never seen some of these animals so close before!

Wild Things Trolley Wild Things Zoo
Wild Things Trolley

They had quite a few species of monkeys, including Cornelius, a rhesus macaques who was captured in St. Petersburg, putting an end to a four-year search where he avoided capture as he made his way around Pasco, Hillsborough and Pinellas counties.

The monkey’s origins are unknown, but speculation has been that he traveled from the Silver Springs area near Ocala, where a group of rhesus macaques had made its home for decades.

We were able to get as close as 3 feet away from the tiger and lion enclosures! We witnessed our tour guide interact with them through the fence while giving us their backgrounds. The tigers even rubbed up against the fence purring at us!

We were able to get off the tram to feed the buffalo they had on the tour! I got to feed the mother Jessica carrots, and I can say its something we didn’t expect but it was such a cute experience!

Feeding Jessica Wild Things Zoo
Feeding Jessica

We also saw kangaroos, parrots, miniature ponies, foxes, raccoon, lemurs, panthers, ferrets, zebras, emus, and so many more!

Then it was time to have our baby tiger encounter! We were able to pose for a photo with him first (his name was Remington) we were given our instructions then sat down to interact.

posing with Remington Wild Things Zoo
posing with Remington


Remington the white tiger cub Wild Things Zoo
Remington the white tiger cub

The trainer entertained him with toys and milk while we were able to pet him from the neck down only, for safety reasons. He was so soft and fluffy with such bright blue eyes!

Remington Playing Wild Things Zoo
Remington Playing

She gave us a little bit of history about him, and even showed us how his paws are webbed to enable him to swim efficiently, a little fact I had never heard of.

Petting Remington Wild Things Zoo
Petting Remington

I have to say it was such a wonderful experience that I, for one, will never forget!

playing Wild Things Zoo

Next up was our coyote interaction!

Posing Wild Things Zoo

Growing up in England we didn’t have coyotes, the closest we had to them would probably be wild foxes. So I found this experience fun! He really did look like a dog but with a much longer nose and coarser hair.

nom nom laces Wild Things Zoo
nom nom laces

He seemed to really love Simon’s laces on his sneakers, and even when the trainer would try deter him he would lean toward them pretending not to care and then at the last minute start nibbling at them again, so cute!

Our last encounter was with the black bears, these you cannot go in to the enclosure, its illegal unless you’re trained. I’m assuming this may have something to do with the fact they are in the wild so close to our homes, that it may desensitize people to them, and the threat they can pose in the wild.

feeding time Wild Things Zoo
feeding time

We were able to feed them marshmallows on sticks through the fence, which they loved! The male would stand tall, and the female would remain seated but was far more vocal in expressing her love for marshmallows!

After our experiences we were given the link to the site to download our pictures from home. I am not really a fan of zoos personally but I loved this place as there was such a sense of family here, and all the animals are either rescued or born there. I was concerned what the animals might be treated like but they looked so healthy and happy, and sometimes you felt like you were watching them in the wild!

I would definitely recommend the photo package as it’s such a wonderful experience you don’t want to forget! They are also getting bigger all the time and even plan to build an aerial ride going across the tiger enclosure! Hmmm I MAY just give that part a miss!

Next time you are wanting to plan a local day out, with an experience to remember I suggest you book a day at Wild Things, I hope to go back myself soon!

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