EPCOT – 40 Years of Innovation

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What better way to celebrate the upcoming 40th anniversary of EPCOT, my favorite park, than by looking back at the park’s milestones over the years!!!

On October 1, 1982, Walt Disney World Resort invited guests to imagine what life would be like in the 21st century with the opening of the EPCOT Center.

This first-of-its-kind theme park focused on showcasing ideas and technologies the world had never seen before. 

May EPCOT Center entertain, inform and inspire and, above all, may it instill a new sense of belief and pride in man’s ability to shape a world that offers hope to people everywhere.” – Official Dedication, October 24, 1982 

With the sentiment above, Disney Chairman and CEO Card Walker carried on Walt Disney’s legacy at the park’s official dedication. A month-long celebration introduced the park’s five Future World pavilions and nine World Showcase pavilions to guests from around the world.

The formal grand opening was held over three days, with the theme park’s official dedication taking place on Oct. 24, 1982. 

On Oct. 1, 1982, EPCOT officially opened at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. (Disney)

Now known as EPCOT, the park inspires curiosity, imagination, and wonder through its international festivals, innovative attractions, and cultural experiences. 

EPCOT Transformation Map with Neighborhoods

Home to four unified neighborhoods – World Celebration, World Nature, World Discovery, and World Showcase – the park continues to evolve with the biggest transformation in its history underway.

As Walt Disney once said, EPCOT will “always be in a state of becoming,” and the park is set to enter its next 40 years with all-new ways for guests to experience the magic of possibility.  

Here’s a look at some of the milestones in the 40-year history of EPCOT: 

Walt and Roy announce EPCOT


  • November 15 – Walt Disney and his brother Roy publicly announce plans for Walt Disney World Resort in a press conference held in downtown Orlando, Fla. 
Walt Disney EPCOT Film


  • October 27 – Walt Disney records a film outlining plans for the Florida Project, including details for Walt Disney World Resort and the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (EPCOT). 
Card Walker EPCOT  International Chamber of Commerce


  • Card Walker, President, and CEO of Walt Disney Productions announces plans for EPCOT at the International Chamber of Commerce and presents concepts to President Jimmy Carter, the ICC’s keynote speaker. 
In 1981, construction on EPCOT continued at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. The new theme park officially opened on Oct. 1, 1982. (Disney)


  • October 1 – After years of planning, construction begins on EPCOT. 
On Oct. 1, 1982, EPCOT officially opened at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. (Disney)


  • September 24 – Walt Disney World Cast Members and their families and friends are among the first to experience the new theme park before it opens to the public. Special preview days give Cast Members a sense of pride and help ensure the park is ready for guests.  
  • October 1 – EPCOT opens with five Future World pavilions – Spaceship Earth, Universe of Energy, World of Motion, Journey Into Imagination, and The Land – and nine World Showcase pavilions representing Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom, and the United States. 
  • “Carnival de Lumiere” debuts as the theme park’s first nightly fireworks show, replaced in 1983 with “A New World Fantasy” and in 1984 by “Laserphonic Fantasy.” 
  • October 24 – EPCOT is officially dedicated by Card Walker, Chairman, and CEO of Walt Disney Productions. 
  • A new four-mile extension of the Walt Disney World Monorail System opens, extending from the Ticket and Transportation Center to EPCOT. 
Horizons Opening


  • October 1 – On the park’s one-year anniversary, Horizons (now MISSION: Space) makes its debut in Future World. Featuring a first-of-its-kind ride system, the attraction gives guests a glimpse of what life might be like in the future. 
  • March 5 – The ride-through attraction Journey into Imagination (now Journey into Imagination with Figment) opens. 


  • September 7 – EPCOT World Showcase expands with the opening of the Morocco pavilion. 
  • June 3 – The France pavilion in World Showcase opens its second signature restaurant, Bistro de Paris. 
EPCOT Nine Dragons Restaurant


  • September 24 – Lotus Blossom Café opens, the first of two new restaurants in the China pavilion.
  • October 23 – The China pavilion’s table-service restaurant Nine Dragons Restaurant begins serving guests.  
Mickey Mouse scuba dives at The Living Seas in 1986 at EPCOT at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. (Disney)


  • January 15 – The Living Seas (now The Seas with Nemo & Friends) opens. The pavilion’s centerpiece is a 5.7-million-gallon aquarium – the world’s largest at the time – home to more than 200 species of marine life.
EPCOT Daredevil Circus Spectacular


  • The EPCOT Daredevil Circus Spectacular opens in Future World. “The Greatest Show in Space” featured a variety of daredevil circus acts performed in and above the CommuniCore area of the park. 
Norway Pavilion Epcot Opens


  • January 30 – “IllumiNations,” a new nighttime spectacular, premieres. The new show incorporated the World Showcase pavilions with rim lighting and special projection effects for the first time. 
  • June 3 – World Showcase expands with the opening of theNorway pavilion that introduces Maelstrom, where guests board Viking boats to discover the country’s natural beauty, traditions, and modern cities. 
wonders of life


  • October 19 – Wonders of Life pavilion opens in Future World. Beneath a giant gold dome, three humorous attractions offer a fun look at health and fitness. The pavilion includes state-of-the-art, hands-on activities, live comedy shows, and a fast-casual restaurant. 
Yacht Club
Yacht Club Gazebo


  • November – The first phase of the EPCOT Resort Area opens with the debut of Disney’s Yacht Club Resort (November 5) and Disney’s Beach Club Resort (November 19). The following year brings Walt Disney World Swan Hotel (January 13) and the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel (June 4). All within walking distance of the theme park, the collection of resorts significantly expands lodging and convention options. 
Topiaries celebrate the EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival in 1997 at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. (Disney)


  • April 29 – The inaugural EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival debuts. 
  • July 1 – Innoventions pavilion replaces Communicore, featuring interactive exhibits and demonstrations of emerging technologies. 
  • November 21 – “Honey, I Shrunk the Audience,” a lively interactive 3-D adventure, opens in the Journey Into Imagination pavilion.
  • November 25 – The Candlelight Processional moves to EPCOT from Magic Kingdom, where it had been presented since 1971. With the move to America Gardens Theater, the show was able to expand to multiple nightly performances throughout the holiday season. 
ellen's energy adventure epcot


  • January 21 – “Circle of Life: An Environmental Fable” debuts in The Land. The 20-minute, 70mm film features Simba, Timon, and Pumba in a story about the importance of respect for the natural environment. 
  • September 15 – Ellen’s Energy Adventure debuts, bringing a new storyline and humor to what was previously Universe of Energy.  
1996 EPCOT Food and Wine Festival


  • Sept. 28 – The first annual EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival makes its debut. 
Alain Boniec, Photographer


  • March 17 – Test Track opens in Future World. The park’s first thrill attraction takes guests on exhilarating twists and turns in a test vehicle. 
  • October 1 – TheMillennium Celebration begins at EPCOT. The 15-month event marks the debut of the popular nighttime spectacular, “IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth,” which will run for 20 years. Also new is Millennium Village – celebrating the cultural achievements of 25 countries – and the Tapestry of Nations parade. The celebration also brings pin trading to the forefront for Disney collectors everywhere. 
The Art of Disney Store Epcot


  • October 1 – The Art of Disney shop opens in Future World, selling Disney artwork, prints, and other collectibles. 
Mission Space Epcot


  • August 15 – Mission: SPACE opens in Future World. The attraction takes guests on a simulated training spaceflight to Mars. 
Turtle Talk with Crush Epcot


  • November 16 – Turtle Talk with Crush opens in The Living Seas. The first-of-its-kind attraction enables Crush from Disney-Pixar’s “Finding Nemo” to talk with guests as he learns about humans and shares his stories of life in the ocean. 
Soarin Over California Epcot


  • May 5 – Soarin’ opens in The Land pavilion, taking guests on a breathtaking aerial adventure over iconic California locations. 
The Seas with Nemo and Friends EPCOT


  • October 1 – “The Year of a Million Dreams” begins. Across EPCOT and the other Walt Disney World theme parks, Dream Squads surprise thousands of guests with an array of prizes, from special attraction access and merchandise to Disney vacations. 
  • November 26 – The Living Seas pavilion is transformed to become The Seas with Nemo and Friends pavilion. Its official dedication will take place on January 24, 2007. 
gran fiesta tour epcot


  • April 6 – Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros opens inside the Mexico pavilion. A reimagining of the pavilion’s opening-day boat ride, El Río del Tiempo (River of Time), the updated attraction features Donald Duck, José Carioca, and Pistoles Panchito from Walt Disney’s 1942 film “Saludos Amigos.” 
  • April 25 – The Project Tomorrow: Inventing the Wonders of the Future exhibit opens at Spaceship Earth. The series of exhibits showcase advances in medicine, technology, and energy management. 
  • Oct. 1 – The 25th anniversary of EPCOT is marked by a rededication ceremony and a gallery showcasing memorabilia from the park’s history. 
Spaceship Earth 2008 EPCOT wand


  • February 15 – Spaceship Earth reopens with an expanded storyline after extensive renovations. The new narration follows the history of human innovation from prehistoric times to the 21st century. 
Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure epcot


  • January 28 – Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure interactive attraction opens. Guests transform into secret agents as part of Team Possible to save the world via the Disney Play! App on mobile devices. The scavenger hunt-style experience interacted with seven World Showcase pavilions. 
House of Good Fortune EPCOT


  • April 4 – House of Good Fortune merchandise location opens in the China pavilion. The new shop sells authentic Chinese merchandise. 
Test Track EPCOT


  • June 23 – Phineas & Ferb: Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure opens, replacing Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure. The new quest takes guests on an adventure with Agent P to solve clues and thwart Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s evil plots. 
  • December 6 – Test Track – Presented by Chevrolet, re-opens. The re-imagined attraction allows guests to design their own vehicles before setting off on a thrilling test drive. 
EPCOT L’Artisan des Glaces Ice Cream shop


  • May 30 – L’Artisan des Glaces Ice Cream shop opens in the France pavilion. The shop makes its own ice cream. 
Spice Road Table EPCOT


  • January 20 – Spice Road Table opens in the Morocco pavilion. Inspired by the outdoor cafés throughout the Mediterranean, the restaurant serves small plates, specialty wines, and aperitifs from the region. 
Frozen Ever After EPCOT 40
Frozen Ever After


  • June 17 – Soarin’ Around the World debuts in The Land pavilion. The reimagined attraction takes guests on a flight above many of the world’s natural and man-made wonders. 
  • June 21 – Frozen Ever After opens in the Norway pavilion, replacing Maelstrom. The attraction takes guests on a boat ride through the kingdom of Arendelle. Along with the ride-through attraction, Royal Sommerhus opens, allowing Queen Elsa and Princess Anna to meet with guests inside a charming cabin. 
  • New holiday experiences are found across the theme park as part of what’s now the EPCOT International Festival of the Holidays. 
November 2018 Theme Park Events - Epcot International Festival of the Holidays Christmas 2019 Walt Disney World Holidays 2019 Christmas in July


  • January 12 – The EPCOT International Festival of the Arts debuts, expanding the park’s festival offerings to all four seasons. 


  • August 25 – The historic multi-year transformation of EPCOT is announced at D23 Expo 2019. 
  • October 1 – “EPCOT Forever” nighttime spectacular debuts at World Showcase Lagoon, replacing “Illuminations: Reflections of Earth.” 
  • October 1 – Walt Disney Imagineering presents the EPCOT Experience opens, offering a preview of attractions coming as part of the theme park’s multiyear transformation. 
  • July 5 – Takumi-Tei opens in the Japan pavilion. The signature dining table-service restaurant specializes in wagyu beef, sushi, and signature cocktails. 
2019 D23 Epcot Announcement New in 2020


  • January 17 – Three new films debut around World Showcase. “Awesome Planet” debuts in the Harvest Theater inside The Land pavilion. The new film showcases the beauty and diversity of our planet. “Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along” premieres in Palais du Cinema inside the France pavilion. The new film offers a new twist on the classic Disney movie. “Canada Far and Wide in Circle-Vision 360” debuts at the Canada pavilion, updating the O Canada! Circle-Vision 360 film. 
  • February 19 – Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts and Barbecue opens at The American Adventure pavilion. The fast-casual restaurant serves classic American backyard barbecue and home-style craft brews. 
  • December 22 – A transformation of the main entrance is completed with the unveiling of a new fountain, inspired by one that originally debuted with the theme park’s 1982 opening. 
Walt Disney World News Roundup September 2021


  • September 15 – Creations Shop opens in World Celebration. The new flagship store features unique merchandise dedicated to EPCOT and other Walt Disney World collectibles. 
  • September 20 – Space 220 opens in the Mission: SPACE pavilion. The new restaurant gives guests the chance to enjoy a meal among the stars after a simulated flight 220 miles above the Earth’s surface. 
  • October 1 – Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary celebration begins with new experiences across all four theme parks. In honor of the celebration, Spaceship Earth transforms into a spectacular Beacon of Magic at night, illuminating the skies with brilliant colors. As part of the park transformation, three new neighborhoods – World Celebration, World Discovery and World Nature – join World Showcase as the geographic areas that make up EPCOT. 
  • October 1 – The expanded France pavilion opens with Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, a new ride-through 4D experience inspired by Disney-Pixar’s “Ratatouille.” A new restaurant, La Crêperie de Paris, offers guests a delicious taste of French cuisine.  
  • October 1 – “Harmonious,” a new nighttime spectacular, debuts with the 50th Anniversary celebration. The show celebrates how Disney music inspires people worldwide and features a culturally diverse soundtrack coordinated with spectacular visuals and fireworks. 


  • April 27 – Connections Café and Eatery opens in World Celebration, offering guests a new selection of internationally-inspired cuisine. 
  • May 27 – Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind opens in the Wonders of Xandar pavilion. The family thrill coaster features myriad firsts, including the first-ever reverse launch on a Disney coaster and ride vehicles that rotate 360 degrees. It’s also one of the world’s largest fully enclosed coasters. 
  • October 1 – Walt Disney World Resort celebrates the 40th anniversary of EPCOT as the park continues its multi-year transformation. 
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EPCOT 40 Event Foodie Guide

EPCOT 40 Foodie Guide

For select days around the October 1st anniversary, EPCOT 40 treats will be available at select locations to honor the park’s 40 years of fun and flavors!

Since opening in 1982, the park has allowed guests who have passed through its gates to get a glimpse into the future, travel the world while experiencing different cultures, and take their taste buds on a journey through delicious food festivals. The possibilities have been endless and will continue to be with the exciting plans that lie ahead in the future of this iconic theme park.

From the EPCOT 40th Liege Waffle at the recently opened Connections Café to the Figment Sponge Cake at Sunshine Seasons, and the Dan Dan Noodles at Nine Dragons Restaurant, there is something for everyone to get a taste of the celebrations. 

EPCOT 40 – Foodie Guide

EPCOT 40 Foodie Guide

Connections Café (Available Sept. 29 through Oct. 3)

  • EPCOT 40th Liege Waffle: Brioche dough with pearl sugar

Choza de Margarita (Available beginning Sept. 30 while supplies last) 

  • 40th Fiesta: Celebrate the colors for the anniversary of EPCOT with this frozen margarita in a “MEXICO 40” souvenir cup
EPCOT 40 Foodie Guide

Funnel Cake (Available Oct. 1 and 2) 

  • Celebration Funnel Cake with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, sprinkles, and 40th candies

Garden House (Available Sept. 29 through Oct. 3) 

  • Sake Cocktail Flight featuring Samurai, Mt. Fuji, Tokyo Sunset, and Violet Sake
EPCOT 40 Foodie Guide

La Hacienda de San Angel and San Angel Inn (Available beginning Sept. 30 while supplies last)

  • Flan: Vanilla custard topped with blueberries, whipped cream, and a “MEXICO 40” white chocolate garnish
  • Clarified Margarita: Tequila, orange liqueur, lemon, and simple syrup in a “MEXICO 40” souvenir cup with glow cube
EPCOT 40 Foodie Guide

Nine Dragons Restaurant (Available Sept. 29 through Oct. 3) 

  • Dan Dan Noodles: Spicy pork with Sichuan sauce, peanut butter, sesame, shredded cucumber, and green onion

Space 220 Restaurant (Available Sept. 29 through Oct. 3) Crema Catalana: Vanilla cream custard, lemon snow, citrus segments, and spicy ginger crumble

EPCOT 40 Foodie Guide

Sunshine Seasons (Available Sept. 29 through Oct. 3)

  • Figment Sponge Cake with honey-lime mousse

Teppan Edo (Available Sept. 29 through Oct. 3) 

  • EPCOT 40th Saketini: The saketini was on the menu when the Japan Pavilion first opened. This version combines sake and butterfly pea flower to create the color reminiscent of the night sky of EPCOT
EPCOT 40 Foodie Guide

Tokyo Dining (Available Sept. 29 through Oct. 3) 

  • EPCOT 40th Kaisen Chirashi Don: Celebration sushi bowl 
  • EPCOT 40th Saketini: The saketini was on the menu when the Japan Pavilion first opened. This version combines sake and butterfly pea flower to create the color reminiscent of the night sky of EPCOT

(Note: All offerings are subject to change and availability.) 

I can’ wait to celebrate EPCOT 40 with these tasty bites, treats, and beverages!

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Old Town Hosts 17th Annual Vette Fest

Old Town 17th Annual Vette Fest October 2022

Old Town in Kissimmee is revving its engine for Vette Fest on October 1, featuring more than 350 classic and new corvettes. 

Registration for participating cars starts at 10 am. The corvette-only car cruise through Main Street begins at 3 p.m. 

“No one does as many specialty car enthusiast events as Old Town,” said Thearon Scurlock, Vice President and General Manager of Old Town.  “Our guests absolutely love our signature car events, from our Saturday Nite Classic Car Cruise to our Muscle Car and Exotic Car events and now again for our 17th year, our signature Vette Fest.”

Old Town 17th Annual Vette Fest October 2022

Exclusive Vette Fest T-shirts will be on sale for $15. 

If you have not had the chance to visit Old Town or it has been a while since your last visit…let’s take a quick walk down memory lane!

Old Town 17th Annual Vette Fest October 2022

Built in 1986, Old Town is the recreation of a classic Florida town at the turn of the century featuring historical architecture and distinctive storefronts. 

Located on U.S. 192 in Kissimmee, Old Town boasts over 60 unique shops, themed restaurants and bars, rides, weekly car shows, and family-friendly attractions. 

And for 32 of its 34 years, the Saturday Nite Classic Car Show and Cruise fill the entertainment district with dream cars from all eras.

Old Town 17th Annual Vette Fest October 2022

Old Town has been a favorite destination for locals and tourists looking for the simple pleasures of classic American fun. 

Learn more at www.myoldtownusa.com. 

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Dezerland Action Park Orlando hosts Oktoberfest Fun

Dezerland Action Park Orlando

Dezerland Action Park Orlando is kicking off the fall season with a family-friendly Oktoberfest celebration.

During regular park hours from September 30 to October 30, Dezerland will serve traditional German dishes and Samuel Adams’ seasonal offerings from custom Volkswagen buses.

Dezerland Park Orlando

Guests can choose from mouthwatering options such as a one-pound Bavarian pretzel, German-style roasted chicken, or bratwurst – a quarter-pound German sausage cooked in beer and onions served with German potato salad or mac & cheese.

Dezerland’s Oktoberfest celebration will feature Samuel Adams. The company’s fan-favorite Oktoberfest draft beer will be available for $7 for a 16 oz pour. 

Dezerland’s Orlando Auto Museum will display vehicles from one of the world’s largest Volkswagen collections.

Dezerland Park Orlando

To continue the festive spirit, guests can explore the extensive display of Volkswagens along with more than 2,000 movie, celebrity, military and historical vehicles. Every ticket purchased for the Orlando Auto Museum during the Oktoberfest weekend comes with a free, warm German-style pretzel.

With over 850,000 square feet of entertainment space, Dezerland Action Park Orlando is filled with excitement for you to uncover.

Dezerland Park Orlando

The park features countless attractions, including the 007 Bar (adjacent to the world’s largest collection of James Bond vehicles and memorabilia), indoor go-karting, bowling, a trampoline park, axe throwing, arcade games, and 4D motion simulators. Admission and parking are always free.

To learn more, visit https://dezerlandpark.com.

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Vampirates Take Over Pirates Dinner Adventure

Vampirates Pirates Dinner Adventure Halloween 2022

Vampirates have arrived uninvited at Treasure Bay’s annual Halloween Ball – it’s up to you to save the day!

On select nights from September 20 through October 29, Pirates Dinner Adventure will host Vampirates, a Halloween-themed dinner show that’s guaranteed to provide spooky fun for the whole family.

Vampirates Pirates Dinner Adventure Halloween 2022

You and your family are cordially invited to the annual Halloween Ball, a gala filled with celebration, games, songs, and fun. But beware! Danger lurks just outside the safety of Treasure Bay. A ruthless crew of Vampirates, led by the dark soul of Captain Sebastian the Black, have set sail with one thing on their mind – the Solzana’s Eye.

This necklace possesses magical powers beyond imagination, and in the hands of Captain Sebastian the Black will allow him to escape the curse of the night to sail the seas during the day, creating more destruction and spreading fear. The only way to defeat the Vampirates and bring peace back to Treasure Bay is with your help.

“Pirates Dinner Adventure is very excited to bring back our special Halloween show to families from all over Central Florida and guests visiting Orlando this season,” said Amber Valois, sales and marketing manager for the attraction. “There’s no better way to celebrate this haunting holiday than to defeat a crew of evil Vampirates!”

During the post-show Buccaneer Bash, Pirates Dinner Adventure will be offering trick-or-treating at each Vampirates show.

Vampirates Pirates Dinner Adventure Halloween 2022

Pirates Dinner Adventure has partnered with American Ghost Tours, a local ghost hunting and paranormal investigation group, to create the ultimate Halloween experience.

Guests who purchase the upgrade can stay after the show to use paranormal investigation equipment and communicate with spirits who may be in the building. The upgrade is available September 27 and October 11, starting after the show.

Vampirates Pirates Dinner Adventure Halloween 2022

Vampirates general admission includes a three-course dinner with unlimited soft drinks. Ticket prices for the Halloween special are $67.95 for adults and $41.95 for children three to 10. Kids two and under are free. The show runs on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. Parental discretion is advised. To reserve your seats, call 407-206-5102 or click here.

To learn more about Pirates Dinner Adventure, visit https://piratesdinneradventure.com/orlando

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ICON Park Hosts Oktoberfest 2022

ICON Park Oktoberfest 2022

ICON Park is hosting their first Oktoberfest celebration, and you’ll want to bring your favorite stein and best lederhosen!

Aligning itself with the famous Oktoberfest festival held each year in Munich, Germany, ICON Park will offer special beer, food, and entertainment on Fridays from 5 to 10 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays from 2 to 10 p.m. starting September 16 through October 2.

This celebration will be the perfect opportunity for families to spend time together while enjoying traditional experiences.

Throughout the celebration, guests can get their fill of delicious German beers. Beer flights featuring four seasonal brews will be available at The Lawn Bar for $16. If you’re looking for a nice souvenir, a commemorative 32 oz glass stein filled to the brim with your favorite selection can be purchased for $22.

Guests can even take a flight on their flight of The Wheel! A seasonal selection cooler will be offered at the Sky Bar before boarding.

The brews will pair perfectly with the traditional German dishes ICON Park is offering at The Lawn. Choose from Bratwurst and Sauerkraut, Chicken Schnitzel, Pretzels with Beer Cheese and, of course, Apple Strudel.

ICON Park Oktoberfest 2022

For the purists, ICON Park will have the authentic Bavarian Music of Stammtischler – from the Oom Pah sound of polka and waltzes to traditional landlers and boarischers. Kids will love watching the performers play the Bavarian button accordion with the tenor horn, wooden spoons, and the Alphorn. Whether you’re dancing the night away or just enjoying the sound of real alpine music, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to Munich.

ICON Park is at the center of the new Orlando Entertainment District. Conveniently located near I-4, Florida’s Turnpike, and the Beachline, this premiere entertainment destination is easy to access and offers free parking for any Central Florida resident or Orlando tourist.

To learn more about ICON Park, visit https://iconparkorlando.com.

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Dark Arts in The Wizarding World

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade at Universal’s Islands of Adventure will be taken over by the Dark Arts this fall.

Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle Returns to Universal Orlando Resort Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Guests can experience the return of Death Eaters and the breathtaking experience of “Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle” – a sinister spectacle of state-of-the-art projection mapping, special effects, lighting, and more that brings awe-inspiring moments and creatures from the Harry Potter films to life on the majestic Hogwarts castle.

As darkness falls, an ominous presence will fill the land as the Dark Arts begin to take over the streets of Hogsmeade and cloak the stone walls of Hogwarts castle.

Death Eaters Dark Arts Hogwarts Castle Harry Potter Wizarding World of Harry Potter Universal's Islands of Adventure

Guests will come face-to-face with Death Eaters – devoted followers of Lord Voldemort known for their allegiance and practice of the Dark Arts – as they appear and eerily roam and lurk throughout Hogsmeade.

Then, guests will watch as “Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle” unleashes the unspeakable creatures and sinister villains of the Wizarding World – including Dementors, Mountain Trolls, and even a visage of Lord Voldemort – on Hogwarts castle until a Patronus – the result of a powerful defense charm of concentrated happiness and hope – is produced.

Death Eaters Dark Arts Hogwarts Castle Harry Potter Wizarding World of Harry Potter Universal's Islands of Adventure

Guests can also shop new Dark Arts-themed merchandise featuring the Dark Mark during their visit to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, including mugs, hats, lanyards, tees – and even a Death Eater mask.

“Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle” will run select nights from September 16 through October 31 from dusk until park close in Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle Returns to Universal Orlando Resort Wizarding World of Harry Potter

For more information about Universal Orlando Resort, visit www.universalorlando.com.

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Fiesta Aquatica Returns to Aquatica Orlando

Aquatica Orlando 2017 Fiesta Aquatica

Aquatica Orlando is excited to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month once again with Fiesta Aquatica, an unforgettable pool party!

Back by popular demand, Fiesta Aquatica will surround guests with sizzling Latin flair every Saturday and Sunday from September 10 to September 25.

Fiesta Aquatica is included with park admission, so guests can keep the summer fun going even longer.

Lively Latin Music and Exciting Entertainment

Viva La Musica SeaWorld Orlando 2021 Fiesta Zone

It’s never a party without music filling the air. During Fiesta Aquatica, guests can enjoy a change in tempo with Latin beats throughout the park.

They will hear sensational sounds while cruising down the lazy river or let the music pump them up before braving some of Aquatica’s most thrilling water slides.

A DJ will also take center stage at the wave pool deck. Guests can show off their dance moves in and out of the water at the wave pools, making sure the party never ends.

With the most water slides at a single water park in Orlando, the water at Aquatica Orlando stays at a comfortable 83 degrees, so it always feels great no matter what time of year.

Fiesta Aquatica 2022

All-New Tequila Tasting

Tequila tastings are available for adult guests looking to elevate their day during Fiesta Aquatica. Guests 21 and older can enjoy the smooth taste of Tanteo Tequila at the ALL-NEW Trader Turi’s Tiki Bar right on the beach for an additional fee.

There will also be a guitar player at the tiki bar, playing live music that will help melt away the stress of a long week.

Guests can also purchase a Frozen Mango Margarita to cool off and quench their thirst.

Viva La Musica SeaWorld Orlando 2021 6 Empanadas

Festive Food Offerings

Throughout Fiesta Aquatica, guests can enjoy delicious Latin-inspired treats at Waterstone Grill Mango Market, Papa’s Cantina, Kuri’s Beachside Panini, and Walkabout Pizza. 

Waterstone Grill
• Arroz con Pernil – Pork & Rice
• Plantains
• Tres Leches Cake

Mango Market
• Tripleta Sandwich

Papa’s Cantina
• Empanadas – Beef & Cheese, Spinach & Artichoke, Buffalo Chicken

Kuri’s Beachside Panini
• Cuban – Pulled mojo roast pork with ham, swiss cheese, pickles & yellow mustard on a sweet roll

Walkabout Pizza
• Pico de Gallo pizza

Motu’s Beach Bar
• Frozen Mango Margarita

Fiesta Aquatica 2022

Sunny Day Guarantee

Summer storms are very common in central Florida, and sometimes the rain just won’t go away.

Aquatica Orlando closely monitors weather conditions, and for the safety of guests, Ambassadors, and animals, the water park may suspend operations during periods of inclement weather.

During these periods, guests may be asked to evacuate ride areas, pools, and dining areas to seek shelter.

Sunny Day Tickets are issued at Guest Relations if your day is impacted by inclement weather.

Guests must exchange their single-day ticket or multi-day ticket before being issued a Sunny Day Ticket and may not re-enter the park.

Sunny Day Tickets are valid for a return visit within 1 year from the date of issue.

For more information about Fiesta Aquatica and to purchase tickets, visit the park’s official website!

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Halloween Spooktacular at SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando Halloween Spooktacular 2022

SeaWorld Orlando is excited to celebrate Halloween with families and children of all ages once again at this year’s Halloween Spooktacular.

Kids will love collecting ghoulish goodies as they explore SeaWorld Orlando’s fun-filled trick-or-treating trail and meet colorful characters along the way. The days will also be full of other immersive and family-friendly activities to get the whole family into the Halloween spirit.

This daytime event takes place every Saturday and Sunday starting September 17 and extends to Friday through Sunday from October 7 through the day of Halloween. SeaWorld Orlando’s Spooktacular is included with park admission.

Halloween Spooktacular 2022

Trick-or-Treating Around SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando Halloween Spooktacular 2021

The highlight of Spooktacular at SeaWorld Orlando is back! Children are encouraged to dress up in Halloween costumes and trick-or-treat for candy and snacks in the park.

Each candy station along SeaWorld Orlando’s trick-or-treat trail features an assortment of sweet and salty favorites.

A SeaWorld trick-or-treat bag is required to participate. SeaWorld Orlando will have an assortment of reusable bags available for purchase at the entrance of the Trick-or-Treat Trail.

SeaWorld Orlando Halloween Spooktacular 2021

Costumed guests can also enter a costume contest in the Journey to Atlantis Plaza to win a special prize.

The costume contest only takes place on Fridays during SeaWorld Orlando’s Spooktacular.

Incredible Family-Friendly Halloween Experiences

SeaWorld Orlando Halloween Spooktacular 2022

Other immersive Halloween activities include an All-New family-friendly Scarecrow Dance Party in Journey to Atlantis Plaza. DJs will fill the air with music while Scarecrows show off their dance moves at select performance times throughout the day.

Guests can also meet a friendly Halloween mermaid along the trick-or-treat trail or wander through the Pumpkin Garden and look for friendly pumpkin fish. Curious adventurers may even run into the Pumpkin Queen as she reads stories in the garden.

SeaWorld Orlando Halloween Spooktacular 2021

Families feeling even more adventurous can participate in SeaWorld Orlando’s All-New Spooktacular Scavenger Hunt. Guests can purchase a scavenger hunt map and follow the clues to win amazing prizes.

There will also be an All-New Cookie Decorating and Craft Area located between Sesame Street Land and Wild Arctic. Crafts are included in park admission, but the cookie decorating kit will be an additional purchase.

Halloween Spooktacular SeaWorld Orlando Halloween 2020 On the Go

Park guests can start their day at SeaFire Grill with Count von Count’s Spooktacular Breakfast, where they can get photos, hugs, and autographs from their favorite Sesame Street characters. There is an additional cost for this exclusive part of Spooktacular.

Guests can also head to Sesame Street Land and gather around Big Bird’s Nest for Storytime with Big Bird, who will be sharing some of his favorite Halloween stories at select times throughout the day.

All-New Scrumptious Spooktacular Sweets

SeaWorld Orlando Halloween Spooktacular 2022

Halloween candy is not the only sweet treat at Spooktacular this year. New this year, SeaWorld Orlando is teaming up with a popular Orlando-based doughnut shop to create a one-of-a-kind doughnut for Spooktacular.

SeaWorld’s talented chefs are also concocting something new for Halloween, the park’s very own version of a “dirt cup” made with chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, Oreo dust, and gummy worms.

Rules for Halloween Costumes

SeaWorld Orlando Halloween Spooktacular 2022

Children are encouraged to come to SeaWorld Orlando’s Halloween Spooktacular in costume, but there are a few things you should know!

  • All guests are welcome to dress up in Halloween costumes.
  • Guests who are ages 13 and older may not wear costume masks or hoods, and all costumes are subject to the normal dress code for the park.
  • In addition, face painting is not permitted on any guests unless it is done by park artists.

Howl-O-Scream Returns to Take Over the Night

SeaWorld Orlando’s Howl-O-Scream returns with a sinister new Siren when the sun goes down. Scratch and her siren sisters are out for blood as they lurk around every corner of the park, looking for unsuspecting victims.

Howl-O-Scream at SeaWorld Orlando is intended for mature audiences and takes screams to the extreme.

This year’s event takes over more of the park with five haunted houses, including two All-New houses to enter.

There are also seven scare zones, three of which are All-New areas to explore, along with several bars, roaming haunts, and shows. Brave guests can also take fears to new heights by riding Mako, Manta, Ice Breaker, and Infinity Falls during the nighttime event. 

SeaWorld Orlando’s Howl-O-Scream will take place on select dates from September 9 – October 31, 2022.

Best Way to Play

SeaWorld Orlando Halloween Spooktacular 2022

One of the best ways for guests to experience SeaWorld Orlando’s Spooktacular is with a SeaWorld Orlando 2023 Fun Card, which offers park admission through December 31, 2023, for one low price of $125.99.

Guests who purchase a Fun Card right now will have the opportunity to attend Spooktacular and the award-winning Christmas Celebration this year. Guests will also be admitted to SeaWorld Orlando for a full calendar year to experience thrilling rides, amazing animal encounters, and energizing entertainment while being part of all the seasonal events happening in 2023.

For even more unbeatable benefits, guests can purchase a SeaWorld Orlando Annual Pass for as low as $13/month + tax with no down payment. With an Annual Pass, guests will enjoy 12 months of visits with special benefits like free parking, free guest tickets, access to special VIP events, savings on merchandise and more! Some restrictions and blockout dates apply.

Annual Passes and Fun Cards can be purchased at SeaWorldOrlando.com.

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Halloween Horror Nights 31 Overview

Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2022

Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights, the world’s premier Halloween event, is now open and will run for a record-breaking 43 select nights through October 31.

This year’s chilling lineup unleashes top names in horror and pop culture alongside a host of original abominations that spawn disturbing twists on Halloween traditions in 10 eerily immersive haunted houses and five scare zones – each filled with hordes of menacing creatures.

And when guests need a break from the scares, they can enjoy two outrageous live shows, sink their teeth into a “killer” menu of uniquely themed food and beverage, shop the latest merchandise in a new Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store and enjoy Universal Studios Florida’s most exciting attractions.

Halloween Horror Nights 31

While attempting to survive the night, guests will navigate 10 haunted houses.

Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2022

The Weeknd: After Hours Nightmare

Enter the macabre mind of The Weeknd in this haunted house as he stalks you through the surreal nightmare of his After Hours music.

Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2022


Come face to face with Michael Myers and go back to where it all began. Step into terrifying moments from the 1978 horror classic Halloween.

Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2022

The Horrors of Blumhouse

Enter the worlds of two horror masterpieces from Blumhouse as you face the most terrifying moments of Freaky and The Black Phone.

Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2022

Universal Monsters: Legends Collide

If you thought one Universal Monster was scary, how about three? Summon your scream squad, ‘cause you’re about to get caught between The Wolf Man, Dracula, and The Mummy together for the first time.

Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2022

Spirits of the Coven

A coven of beautiful flapper witches will lure you into their 1920s speakeasy, reveal their haggish true form and turn your scream squad into a witch’s brew. They’ll be cackling; you’ll be screaming.

Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2022

Bugs: Eaten Alive

While touring a 1950s home of the future, you’ll be surrounded by the slime of bugs everywhere as hordes of many-legged terrors descend upon you and your scream squad. You’ll be dropping like flies.

Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2022

Fiesta de Chupacabras

Visit a Latin American village where the legend of the creature Chupacabras is celebrated with a colorful fiesta. And the streets are lined with the crimson blood of tourists like you and your amigos.

Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2022

Hellblock Horror

Enter a prison whose savage inmates are monstrous creatures. If they break free from their cells, it’s a death sentence for everyone.

Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2022

Dead Man’s Pier: Winter’s Wake

In a New England fishing village, undead fishermen emerge from the waves to seek their revenge. You and your scream squad may have escaped their hooks in the scare zone. Now they’ll reel you in and drag you under.

Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2022

Descendants of Destruction

Careful not to leave any of your scream squad behind as you descend the subway tunnels of a deserted New York. Lurking in the dark are hungry mutants looking to feast on the last remnants of humanity.

Mobs of “scareactors” lurk in the fog to prey upon guests within five scare zones throughout the theme park.

Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2022

Horrors of Halloween (Production Central) – The Pumpkin Lord is back and more frightening than ever. His summoned ghosts, demons, witches, and more beckon guests to go against their better judgment and enter Halloween Horror Nights. Step into the haunts and delights that the 31st year has to offer. The giant, scaffolded “Halloween Horror Nights” sign from 2021 has returned to welcome guests. 

Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2022

Scarecrow: Cursed Soil (Central Park) – Simple midwestern horror comes alive in Central Park. Flickering lanterns warn you to stay away from the suspicious scarecrows, but you’re lured in despite your instincts. Did you hear something rustling in the bushes, or was that just your imagination getting the best of you? These straw soldiers of the night are seeking their revenge.

Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2022

Conjure the Dark (San Francisco) – What would Halloween Horror Nights be without witches? A stage, likely set up for sacrifices, serves as the focus of the scare zone. Runes, enchantments, and rockwork make up the dark aura in the scare zone. Can you decipher the runes in time to save yourself from her otherwordly army? In the most clear pairing of the season, this scare zone fits in fully with the Spirits of the Coven house. 

Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2022

Sweet Revenge (New York) – Too close to home? This scare zone is a Halloween carnival gone wrong. The elements that make up a happy Halloween festival — candy, parades, and music — are all turned on their head to be made rotten and evil. Major Sweets Candy Co. is at the root of this dark turn of events, supplying the local children with candy that has sparked a transformation into cold-blooded killers.

Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2022

Graveyard: Deadly Unrest (Hollywood) – Creep quietly — don’t disturb the dead. See the darker side of Tinseltown through this beautiful, gothic-styled cemetery. Large mausoleums structured around daunting archways and pointed spires are a testament to the deceased. Can you escape the reanimated corpses set on your soul?

When guests need a breather from the terror, they can enjoy two new scary-good shows.

Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2022

Ghoulish! A Halloween Tale, which follows the Grim Reaper on the undertaking of what happens beyond the grave as popular, eerily remixed music brings the waters of the Universal Studios lagoon to life.

Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2022

Halloween Nightmare Fuel Wildfire – a sequel to last year’s fan-favorite “Halloween Nightmare Fuel” – featuring a new Dreamer in the depths of a new nightmare set to a heart-pounding metal, rock, and electronica soundtrack.

Tickets for Halloween Horror Nights are available now online.

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Goblins & Giggles Weekends at Gaylord Palms

Gaylord Palms Goblins and Giggles 2019

Guests will be goblin’ up the fun from September 9 to October 30, 2022, when Gaylord Palms kicks off its annual Goblins & Giggles Weekends celebration. 

The event is full of family fun, with live shows, character interactions, animal encounters,  costume contests, and plenty of candy. 

Gaylord Palms Goblins and Giggles Halloween

Guests can solve puzzles to outwit a mischievous witch in a riddle-filled escape room, get their bones moving in a Halloween dance party, savor some witches’ brew in a  themed pop-up bar, get their share of sweet treats, and more. 

Goblins & Giggles Weekends packages are also available that include special room rates and admission to select event activities. 

Goblins & Giggles Weekends at Gaylord Palms

Gaylord Palms Goblins and Giggles Halloween

A FA-BOO-LOUS DANCE PARTY: Young spirits are invited to join Morgana the Witch, Vlad the Vampire, and Grimm the Good-Hearted Goblin for the Monster Mash Bash Dance Party and Costume Contest.  With their best costume – and dance moves – on display, they’ll catch on in a flash and be the graveyard smash of the ghoulish festivities. Monster Mash Bash takes place each Saturday during the event and is included for guests who book the Goblins & Giggles “Premium Saturday” package. Depending on availability, tickets may be purchased separately for $16.99 per person. 

Gaylord Palms Goblins and Giggles Halloween

GHOULS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN: Guests can meet some of the nicest ghouls around in Ghoul  School. Cheerful descendants of legendary monsters take center stage in this walk-through, interactive show. At each stop, characters entertain guests with games, stories, and songs. Ghoul School takes place each Friday and Saturday during Goblins & Giggles Weekends. Tickets are $14.99 per person. 

Gaylord Palms Goblins and Giggles 2019

SWEET STORIES: Morgana the Witch conjures up some fun in a special storytime and cookie decorating party. Guests can join Morgana on Saturdays during the event and decorate tasty treats while she tells the tale of how she became friends with Grimm, the Good-Hearted Goblin. Tickets are $10.99 for a decorating kit with one large cookie or $18.99 for a kit with eight smaller cookies to decorate. 

Gaylord Palms Goblins and Giggles Halloween

A HALLOWEEN ESCAPE: Guests will need to put on their thinking caps to solve puzzles and riddles that allow them to escape an eerie forest in the Secret Garden Escape Room. The escape room will be presented every Friday and Saturday during Goblins & Giggles Weekends. Pricing begins at $120 for a  party of four. 

Gaylord Palms Goblins and Giggles Halloween

FIND SPOOKLEY: Spookley takes center stage in the Hide & Seek Scavenger Hunt featuring Spookley the Square Pumpkin – inviting guests to solve puzzles that reveal his Halloween hiding spots around the resort. The activity is offered daily, and tickets are $12.99 per scavenger hunt booklet.

Gaylord Palms Goblins and Giggles Halloween

ENJOY SOME SPIRITS: Creepy cocktails and mysterious mocktails are on the menu at the Wicked  Brews Spookeasy, a Halloween-themed pop-up bar open during the weekends. Guests can enjoy a tasty selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic craft beverages, specially created by the resort’s mixologists, in surroundings that conjure up the spirit(s) of a haunted pub, complete with eerie portraits and a  wisecracking, singing ghost. 

Gaylord Palms Goblins and Giggles Halloween

NOT MANY TRICKS, LOTS OF TREATS: Youngsters can add to their confection collection with sweet treats on the Trick-or-Treat Expedition. Trick-or-treaters are encouraged to wear their best costumes as they meet some cheerfully spooky characters throughout Gaylord Palms’ atrium. Trick-or-Treat Expedition is held on weekends and is complimentary to guests staying overnight at Gaylord Palms. 

Gaylord Palms Goblins and Giggles Halloween

GIVE ‘EM PUMPKIN TO TALK ABOUT: Elaborate pumpkin art is showcased on the Jack-O’-Lantern  Walk, with crafty pumpkin carvings inspired by the spirit of the Sunshine State displayed inside the hotel’s atrium. Admission is complimentary. 

Gaylord Palms Goblins and Giggles 2019

DIVE-IN MOVIE: It’s time for a delightful dive-in movie as the family-friendly, animated feature film  “Spookley the Square Pumpkin” is presented for overnight resort guests in Cypress Springs Water Park each Friday and Saturday night during the event. 

Gaylord Palms Goblins and Giggles Halloween

A SPOOKY CELEBRATION: Young explorers have been invited along as Adventure Kid Sophie, Seth the Sea  Turtle, and Ava the Alligator to showcase some of Florida’s creepy creatures, like snakes and alligators, in the Adventure Kids Spooky Celebration. Kids also will learn about some of the mysterious plants in the hotel atrium’s indoor gardens. The show is presented each Saturday during Goblins & Giggles Weekends and is complimentary for guests. 

Gaylord Palms Goblins and Giggles Halloween

LIGHT SHOW, FRIGHT SHOW: Brightly animated light curtains create a multi-sensory spectacle that tells the musical tale of the Phantom of the Atrium – a mysterious composer thought to be lurking in the rafters. The show, a combination of colorful LED lights and classical music, will be presented at 9 pm nightly. Many guests with main atrium-view rooms can enjoy the show from their balconies. 

Gaylord Palms Goblins and Giggles Halloween

FANG-TASTIC FLORIDA ANIMALS: Accompanied by some of their favorite animals, Wild Florida will visit each Saturday during Goblins & Giggles Weekends to present Spooky Animal Encounters. Guests will learn more about snakes, alligators, and other amazing animals in this up-close experience with some of  Florida’s diverse wildlife. 

gaylord palms gobblins and giggles

In addition to the Halloween special events, Gaylord Palms guests can enjoy plenty of family-friendly activities across the 64-acre resort. Gaylord Palms features a 4.5-acre atrium with indoor gardens and Florida wildlife, a 3-acre water park, delicious culinary offerings, soothing spa treatments, and more. 

Goblins & Giggles Weekends tickets are on sale at GaylordPalmsGetaway.com/FallActivities

For  more information about the Goblins & Giggles Weekends packages, guests may visit  GaylordPalmsGetaway.com, or call 407-586-0000

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Busch Gardens Spooktacular 2022

Busch Gardens Spooktacular 2022

The all-new Busch Gardens Spooktacular invites guests to step into a whimsical world full of enchantment with Kandy, a witch-in-training!

A costume parade, storytime, and trick or treating are some of the activities guests will find in this immersive Halloween experience that is included with admission to the park.

Busch Gardens Spooktacular will be casting magical spells from September 10 to October 30, 2022, from 12 – 4 p.m. on the Festival Walkway.

Busch Gardens Spooktacular 2022

Busch Gardens Spooktacular 2022
Kandy’s World

Join Kandy as she shares her journey into becoming a real witch. Hear first-hand the stories of this witch-in-training, including how much she loves candy and even how she accidentally turned her friends into frogs.


The all-new Busch Gardens Spooktacular is the place to be for trick or treating.

All guests who purchase a reusable bag from the park will be part of the super sweet fun.

Busch Gardens Spooktacular 2022
Spooktacular Costume Parade

A colorful parade of costumes will bring the Spooktacular Costume Parade to life.

On this one-of-a-kind catwalk, every kid gets their time to shine! Children 13 and younger are welcome to dress up in costumes.

All costumes are subject to the normal dress code for the park.

In addition, face painting is not permitted on any guests unless it is done by park artists.

Guests 14 and older are not permitted to wear costumes, masks, or hoods to the event.


Situated next to Kandy’s picture-perfect pumpkin patch, guests will be immersed in the popular story “Room on the Broom,” where everybody has a place and belongs.

You can find out more about Busch Gardens Spooktacular and purchase park tickets online.

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Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream 2022

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Howl-O-Scream 2020

Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream returns in full force, taking over the entire park with haunted houses, scare zones, sinister shows, and more.

Unspeakable horror lives in every dark corner, including on Busch Gardens’ pulse-pounding thrill rides. Howl-O-Scream is bringing fear to the next level, and once you’re in, there’s nothing to fear but everything.

Howl-O-Scream 2022 is a separately-ticketed night event that takes place on select evenings from September 9 to October 31, 2022.

Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream 2022

Haunted Houses

Dark minds have been brewing new ways to terrify those brave enough to enter our sinister haunted houses with new unsuspecting scares.

Stranglewood Estate

Every town has its share of ghost stories—and this one is no different. Once a lively home filled with laughter and lavish parties is now filled with darkness and the spirit of evil. Welcome to the Stranglewood Estate.

Death Water Bayou: Blood Moon – The Final Phase

The werewolves are clawing their way back in, and the blood moon is in its final phase. Beware all who enter the inescapable fate of the Death Water Bayou.

The Residence: Home for the Holidays

Merriment turns murderous at this suburban family home. Christmas arrives earlier than ever this year at The Residence, and all-new horrors are eager to be unwrapped. Holidays are best when spent with loved ones, but there’s no guarantee you’ll survive this silent night.

The Forgotten

Victims will be drawn into a hidden world beyond the rubble and rocks of an unsuspecting quarry, where dark secrets lurk in the shadows. Will those who enter return to the world of the living, or are they destined to become the newest minion of the Forgotten army?

Witch of the Woods

Something wicked this way haunts…an ominous legend summons you with her inescapable curse. Curiosity has brought many travelers into this dark forest, but only bone-chilling stories & dying screams make their way out.

Scare Zones & Unpredictable Hordes

The scares are everywhere as new terrors lurk in every corner of the park. Experience screams & frights at any moment as you make your way through several scare zones. Plus, with roaming hordes, the horror awaits at every twist and turn.

NEW! Ravens Mill

Scarecrow in the Corn Fields Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream 2022

Within the walls of the cornfield lies a horrific nightmare you cannot awaken. The scarecrows of Raven’s Mill are ready for you…

NEW! Beyond the Veil

Beyond the Veil Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream 2022

Along the Nairobi Path lies the depths of a dark forest. Beware of the fairies and orcs as you stroll through this organic forest.

The Junkyard

The Junkyard Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream 2022

You’ll find more than spare parts as you rummage through this surly scrap site. Will you make it out in one piece or be devoured by the haunted rubble?

In the Shadows

In The Shadows Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream 2022

Eerie legends and cryptid creatures passed down through centuries of ghost stories have gathered in the woods, turning wary skeptics into doomed believers.

Skeleton Crew

Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream 2022

Rising from their watery grave, shipwrecked pirates seek to plunder the world of the living, taking all lost souls as their bounty.

The Shortcut

The Shortcut

Cutting through the cemetery may seem easy, except when the corpses rise from the ground only to drag you back into their graves with them.


Voodoo Scare Zone at HOS

Driven out of the bayou by ravenous werewolves, the witch doctors now practice their dark magic on you as they pursue their twisted revenge through ancient curses.

Hidden Scare Zone & Roaming Hordes

Hidden Scare Zones

Beware of the hidden zone and roaming hordes…just when you think you know what’s coming, untold horrors lurk in the darkness awaiting your arrival.

Sinister Shows

Don’t miss our spirited productions that are said to be “worth dying for.”

At the raunchy monster dance party, Fiends will return to its outdoor venue for more devilish antics from Dr. Freakenstein and his gang of ghouls.

Plus, all-new event entertainment comes to life during this year’s event.

50/50: Choose Your Fate

Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream 2022 50 50 Fate Show

No matter your choice— he wins, and you lose. Join the game show host as he decides your fate and experience the fright of a lifetime.


Fiends Show

These captivating creatures of the night will infect you with dance fever and keep your pulse pounding with their raucous dance party.

The Rolling Bones

The live performance of this skeleton band lights up Dragon Fire Grill with epic covers of classic rock anthems.

Cirque X-Scream

Cirque X-Scream

Cirque X-Scream features exhilarating acts and stunts, including trampoline tricks and aerial performances.

Pulse-Pounding Attractions

With exhilarating coasters and thrilling attractions, guests can take on their favorite rides in the dark in between the frights and scares of Howl-O-Scream.

Bring your fears to new heights on Iron Gwazi & SheiKra, then let the adrenaline rush as you launch into the shadows of Cheetah Hunt & Tigris.

NEW! Iron Gwazi

Iron Gwazi

Experience North America’s tallest and the world’s fast and steepest hybrid coaster.

Crash Test Clowns

Crash Test Zombies

Buckle up for an extra bumpy ride where the road rage from your fellow travelers includes a monstrous appetite for human brains.


SheiKra at Night

200 feet from the sky, 90° straight down – ride this extreme roller coaster if you dare.

Cheetah Hunt

Cheetah Hunt

Race through Busch Gardens on this thrilling triple-launch roller coaster.


Tigris Roller Coaster

Catapult through an exhilarating array of looping twists with forward & backward motion.

Cobras Curse

Cobra's Curse

Come face-to-fang on this immersive, one-of-a-kind spinning roller coaster.

Falcons Fury

Falcon's Fury

Drop 300 feet face-down on this freestanding drop tower.



Experience the roar of the legendary steel coaster, Kumba.



Challenge yourself to seven intense inversions on this award-winning coaster.



Twist and turn with a 360° vertical loop and 50 miles per hour speeds.



Zip, zoom & climb through the air on this “wild-mouse” style coaster.

For more information and to purchase Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream tickets, visit the official website.

Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream is intended for a mature audience.

This event contains intense adult content such as violence, gore, and blood. No costumes are allowed.

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Howl-O-Scream 2022 at SeaWorld Orlando

Howl-O-Scream is coming back with vengeance this year at SeaWorld Orlando as the park just revealed a bigger and more terrifying line-up for 2022, featuring all-new houses, scare zones, shows, and bars that will make guests scream in fright. When night falls, things take an ominous turn as a cast of creepy characters emerge from the depths and lure guests into worlds of horror. 

Guests must evade angry haunts as they rampage through scare zones or seek shelter indoors, only to find they have entered a house of horrors.

They can deepen the thrill with a chilling nighttime ride on Mako, Manta, Infinity Falls, or the park’s newest thrill ride, Ice Breaker.

Guests can quench their thirst for fear at a fiendishly interactive bar or feel the monstrous electricity of a live show.

Howl-O-Scream 2022 features more haunted houses, more scare zones, more coasters, and more unexpected frights than the Inaugural Fear—making it a can’t-miss experience for haunt fans and thrill-seekers alike.

SeaWorld Orlando’s Howl-O-Scream runs select nights from September 9 to October 31.

Howl-O-Scream 2022 at SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando Howl-O-Scream Halloween 2021 Houses

More Horrifying Houses:

Guests at Howl-O-Scream will be immersed in terror as they hear every bloodcurdling shriek and feel every spine-tingling terror upon entering any of the houses at this year’s haunt.

They may encounter Scratch, a siren with a thirst for blood as they race to escape her clutches in the All-New “Blood Beckoning,” or they may find themselves a permanent part of a ship crew, driven mad by cursed treasure in the All-New “Siren of the Seas,” Re-imagined houses “Captain’s Revenge—Drowned in Darkness” and “Dead Vines-Root of all Evil,” will frighten even the most daring and fan-favorite returning house, “Beneath the Ice” will chill guests to the bone.

SeaWorld Orlando Howl-O-Scream Halloween 2021 Scare

More Spine-Chilling Scare Zones:

Nowhere is safe from horror at Howl-O-Scream 2022. Guests must make their way through immersive scare zones that will test the limits of their bravery.

They can try to run from icy, subhuman walkers in an Arctic wasteland, wander through a sea of restless souls or find themselves captive by the voodoo of the backwater bayous. A terrifying number of All-New Scare Zones join Howl-O-Scream 2022 as“Terrors of the Deep,” “Sea of Fear,”“Cut Throat Cove,” and “Captive Cargo” join the re-imagined “Frozen Terror” and returning “Deadly Ambush” and“Witchcraft Bayou.”

SeaWorld Orlando Howl-O-Scream Halloween 2021 Sirens
SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

More Sinister Shows:

The Howl-O-Scream experience would not be complete without SeaWorld’s darkly entertaining, high-energy shows like the haunting “Siren’s Song”.

Guests can hear a famed explorer’s tales of tracking sirens in the All-New “Lurking in the Depths” or be mesmerized watching a pulse-pounding musical performance starring the one and only Jack the Ripper in the award-winning “Monster Stomp.”

SeaWorld Orlando Howl O Scream 2021

More Bewitching Bars:

While there is no true escape from the terror, this year’s haunt features several themed interactive bar experiences that may not provide a respite from guests’ fears but are sure to quench their thirsts for adventure. 

Each bewitching bar features specialty creepy cocktails for thirsty thrill-seekers. Guests can check out the All-New “Allura’s on the Rocks,” but be careful not to look directly at the host, who can turn people to stone with one glance. Guests may notice her recent victims nearby.   Others may prefer to hear the tales of the mythical monsters at “Longshoremen’s Tavern,” grab a frosty cold one at“Tormented,” answer the call at “Siren’s Last Call,” or pick their poison at “Poison Grotto.”   

SeaWorld Orlando Howl-O-Scream Halloween 2021 Logo
Howl-O-Scream is intended for a mature audience. This event contains intense adult content such as violence, gore, and blood. Howl-O-Scream 2022 is a separately-ticketed night event. No costumes are allowed.

Tickets for SeaWorld Orlando’s Howl-O-Scream, on select nights from September 9 to October 31, are available now!

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Motor Over to the Orlando Boat Show 2022

Orlando Boat Show

The Marine Industry Association of Central Florida (MIACF) presents the Orlando Boat Show, a three-day event August 12-14, 2022, at the Orange County Convention Center, North Hall B.

With boating growing in popularity, the highly anticipated show features 22 of Central Florida’s top boat dealers representing over 80 manufacturers with approximately 400 boats on display.  

The Orlando Boat show features a wide variety of boats, including bowriders, center consoles, deck boats, flats boats, freshwater fishing boats, jet boats, pontoon boats, and surf boats to fit any lifestyle and occasion. 

“The Orlando Boat Show is designed for new and avid boaters to explore the latest in boating trends, vessels, water activities, and fishing,” said Jeff Husby, president of Regal & Nautique of Orlando and the president of MIACF. “We are committed to raising the professionalism of the boating industry in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere.”  

Shopping for a new boat? Attendees can take advantage of exclusive incentives during the show from dealers and manufacturers, such as extended warranties, service packages, waived dockage, enhanced electronics, and accessory packages. 

Orlando Boat Show

Events and Seminars 

Guests can enjoy fishing and boating seminar speakers, plus fan-favorite Twiggy, the waterskiing squirrel, and Roxie Show.  

Additional activation areas include:

  • The Trout Pond for kids 12 and younger to catch a fish
  • Virtual saltwater fishing simulator to experience the excitement of competition to catch a bull dolphin
  • The Fishing Zone is devoted to all types of fishing gear, including fresh water and saltwater rod and reels, fresh water and saltwater lures, clothing for a great day on the water, and all types of fishing gear and accessories. 

All events and seminars are included in show admission and can be viewed at https://orlandoboatshow.com/events (subject to change). 

Orlando Boat Show 2022

Queen of the Show 

The Queen of the Show is the 2023 HCB 53′ Sueños, a large center console yacht with a sophisticated design to perfectly balance speed, ride, comfort, and all of the luxury of “dream” yacht needs.

The bow area is dual purpose with seating to accommodate guests on the forward-facing lounger or around bow seats and table that convert to a large sun pad for lazy days catching rays or remove the cushions for a fully functional fishing platform.

The luxuriously functional cabin with a queen-sized berth, storage galore, galley kitchen, and separate head/shower compartment is the perfect place for air-conditioned comfort on hot days and longer trips with overnight stays.

An automotive-inspired helm station allows the captain to be fully aware of the surroundings while staying in tune with the endless functionality on-board, including charts and navigation, Sea Keeper®, ample stereo system, the quad engine package, and more.  

Orlando Boat Show

Tickets on Sale Now  

Ticket prices are $10 per person and are available for purchase online at https://orlandoboatshow.com/tickets or at the gate.  

Kids under the age of 12 are free! Please note Orange County Convention Center parking is $10.

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