Take a Trip To Jurassic World With Jeremiah

Many thanks to Jeremiah Good for attending the Jurassic World preview, and for bringing us a review of one of the most awaited sequels!

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Jurassic World opens today, and is by far the best ‘dinosaurs brought to life’ film you will see this year!


At this point in our time on this planet you know if you are a Jurassic Park fan or not, so I won’t do a hard sell but I will say SEE IT.
The plot of the film is predictable. Dinosaurs break loose, they eat people, and our heroes Chris Pratt as Owen and Bryce Dallas Howard as Beth work to save as many guest as they can…well mostly just Beth’s nephews who are out among the dinosaurs. But as always the plot of the film is not why you’d go see Jurassic World so much as the awesome dinosaurs, who are very plentiful.
I have loved dinosaurs since I was a little kid and this film really highlights what would happen if/when a way is found to clone them, they would be cool for a few years and then put in petting zoos. Being a theme park person watching this film struck a chord with me because it points out that a park is only as good as its latest attraction, in this case a genetic hybrid of a T-Rex and a few other animals (always a ominous thought) called an Indominus Rex. Of course the next big thing, as we’ve seen time and time again with new theme park attractions, might still have some bugs to work out even if those bugs are one of the smartest dinosaurs ever created by man or God which to the nearly 22,000 guest on Jurassic World can only be a problem!
While I wouldn’t call Jurassic World a perfect film, I would call it a great summer popcorn flick! As a “reviewer” I would be remiss if I didn’t point out the one biggest flaw in this film, the humans! I realize this film is all about the dinos, but I really had a hard time remembering the names of most of the characters. Unlike Jurassic Park where before you even see the first dinosaur in full, you are introduced to everyone and given enough information to know who they are, what they do, and why they are there in Jurassic World you have about 10 minutes of set up before all you care about is seeing the next dino. Now none of that will change my mind on this being the perfect sequel to the original film and seeing it at least 2 more time before I buy it on blu-ray!
22 years ago I saw Jurassic Park and dreamt of visiting and Jurassic World made my dream even bigger!
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