MagicSliders Watch for MagicBand

MagicSliders Watch MagicBand Accessory

While in MouseGear at Epcot, I noticed a nice item for sale by the MagicBands, a MagicSlider watch.


I’m sure there are quite a few of you out there who have checked their MagicBands for the time more than a couple times. I especially run into this challenge since I usually wear my MagicBand on my left wrist where I typically wear my watch. It seems the touch points at all the guard gates are more conducive for guests wearing bands on their left too, so a lot of times I find myself not wearing my watch.

MagicSliders Watch MagicBand Accessory

The MagicSlider is $17.95 plus tax and slides very easily onto a MagicBand like any other slider. The color matches the gray trim exactly, so the watch will coordinate with any color MagicBand you have. It is lightweight and not bulky at all. The watch has three display modes: time in hour:minute format (both 12 and 24 hour options), date with the month and day, and seconds.

MagicSliders Watch MagicBand Accessory

I tested the MagicBand with the MagicSlider watch at touch points in Epcot. It worked great without any change in how I used the MagicBand for charging without the slider. I also checked to make the band functioned at the resort gate to get in, the door to my room, and also for charging at my resort food court. I had no difficulty whatsoever using the MagicBand with the watch attached.

MagicSliders Watch MagicBand Accessory

I am happy to see this great addition to the MagicBand for its practical use. My mom and I both bought one as we’ve been saying for months and months that they needed to add a watch to the MagicBands. I hope they eventually add more fun watches like they have for MagicSliders, MagicBandits, and CoverBands.


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