Endangered Ring-Tailed Lemurs Born at Busch Gardens Tampa

Busch Gardens Tampa Ring-Tail Lemur
Photo: Busch Gardens Tampa

Endangered Ring-Tailed Lemurs Born at Busch Gardens Tampa

 Busch Gardens Tampa recently welcomed three baby endangered ring-tailed lemurs to the more than 12,000 animals that call the park home. First-time mother Canada gave birth to Squirt on March 19, and twins Schweps and Seagramms were born to Ginger on March 27.

Guests will be able to see the lively baby lemurs in the Edge of Africa area of the park in June as the animal care team continues to introduce them to their new habitat. Check out the Busch Gardens YouTube channel now for a first look!


These births come as a result of recommendations from the Ring-tailed Lemur Species Survival Plan through the Association of Zoos & Aquariums. Ginger and Canada arrived at Busch Gardens from the Duke Lemur Center in 2013. Spike, the sire of all three babies, came to the park from the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo in 2004.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, ring-tailed lemurs are the most endangered mammal group in the World due to habitat destruction, hunting and the exotic pet trade. The SeaWorld® and Busch Gardens® Conservation Fund contributes to the Duke Lemur Center’s SAVA Conservation Project in Madagascar, where awareness about alternative farming practices and reforestation help restore lemur populations.

Busch Gardens Tampa logo Photo Key Wild Days

Busch Gardens is owned and operated by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment™, a leading theme park and entertainment company that delivers personal, interactive and educational experiences that blend imagination with nature. SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment™ also is one of the world’s foremost zoological organizations and a worldwide leader in animal welfare, training, husbandry and veterinary care. The company collectively cares for one of the largest animal collections on the North American continent and has helped lead advances in the care of species in zoological facilities and in the conservation of wild populations.

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14 Times Disney Movies Were There For You After A Long Week

Has it been a week for you? Yeah…me, too!

After a long week I love to unwind by watching a Disney Movie, and I thought I would share some of my favorite quotes.

14 Times Disney Movies Were There For You After A Long Week

1. All I need is a chance to do something great. –Chicken Little

Disney Movie Quotes After a long week Chicken Littlle2. Sometimes the impossible can become possible if you’re awesome. –Rhino (Bolt)

Disney Movie Quotes After a long week Rhino Bolt
3. May you have the courage to do what you are afraid to do. –Cinderella
Disney Movie Quotes After a long week Cinderella4. Put your faith in what you most believe in. –Tarzan

Disney Movie Quotes After a long week Tarzan

5. It’s up to you how far you go. If you don’t try, you’ll never know. –Merlin (Sword in the Stone)

Disney Movie Quotes After a long week Merlin Sword in the Stone
6. If you focus on what you have left behind, you will never be able to see what lies ahead. –Gusteau (Ratatouille)

Disney Movie Quotes After a long week Ratatouille Gusteau7. Even miracles take a little time. – Fairy Godmother (Cinderella)
Disney Movie Quotes After a long week Fairy Godmother Cinderella8. You control your destiny — you don’t need magic to do it. And there are no magical shortcuts to solving your problems. – Merida (Brave)
Disney Movie Quotes After a long week Merida Brave9.  Today is a good day to try. – Quasimodo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)
Disney Movie Quotes After a long week Quasimodo The Hunchback of Notre Dame10. Giving up is for Rookies. – Philoctetes (Hercules)
Disney Movie Quotes After a long week Hercules Phil11. You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. – Winnie the Pooh
Disney Movie Quotes After a long week Pooh 12. The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem. – Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean)
Disney Movie Quotes After a long week Captain Jack Sparrow Pirates of the Caribbean13. Don’t just fly, soar. – Dumbo (Dumbo)

Disney Movie Quotes After a long week Dumbo14. No worries for the rest of your days. It’s our problem-free philosophy. Hakuna Matata. – Timon & Pumbaa (The Lion King)

Disney Movie Quotes After a long week Hakuna Matata Timon Pumbaa The Lion King

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Halloween Horror Nights 25: Top 4 Things To Know

 Halloween Horror Nights 25 Logo Universal Orlando Florida Universal Studios Florida

Halloween Horror Nights 25: Top 4 Things To Know

Will you survive?


Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 25 will be the biggest, longest and most intense in event history.


Here are the top four things you need to know about Halloween Horror Nights 25:

1. The event will feature NINE haunted houses – more than ever in event history.

2. The streets of the event will be filled with MORE SCAREACTORS than ever before.  Guests will encounter twice as many “scareactors” than in previous years, who will terrify guests throughout highly-themed scare zones in the park.

3. Halloween Horror Nights 25 will feature MORE NIGHTS than ever before – running for a record-breaking 30 nights from September 18 to November 1, 2015

4. And there’s just one more thing…

Halloween Horror Nights 25  Jack is Back Universal Orlando Resort Universal Studios Florida


This fall, guests can visit Universal Orlando’s theme parks by day and become victims of their own horror film by night at Halloween Horror Nights 25. For more information on Halloween Horror Nights 25, visit www.HalloweenHorrorNights.com/Orlando.

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SeaWorld Orlando Mako Announcement By The Numbers

SeaWorld Orlando Mako Shark Realm Announcement

SeaWorld Orlando announced a new Shark Realm anchored by a new hypercoaster named Mako that will open Summer 2016.

SeaWorld Orlando Mako Shark Realm Announcement

The Shark Realm will be two acre realm fully themed around sharks, and designed to to make guests feel they’re underwater as part of the group of sharks and toothy animals that have taken over a shipwrecked reef.

SeaWorld Orlando Mako Shark Realm Announcement

Once completed, the Shark Realm will include both existing favorites, Shark Encounter and Sharks Underwater Grill, as well as newly themed gift shops, shark and shipwreck theming  elements, additional educational experiences, and the centerpiece attraction Mako hypercoaster.

SeaWorld Orlando Mako Shark Realm Announcement

Mako is a B&M manufactured coaster, like SeaWorld’s Manta and Kraken, that promises relentless air-time, speed, a sound system that wraps around the realm, and special nighttime lighting package in a highly themed environment. 

SeaWorld Orlando Mako Shark Realm Announcement

A look at the new Mako hypercoaster by the numbers:

1. 200 

Mako’s tallest lift hill will take riders up 200 ft facing International Drive.

2. 73 

The top speed that Mako will reach will be 73 mph as it reaches the bottom of it’s tallest lift hill.

3. 4,760 

With 4,760 ft of track, almost a mile, Mako will be the longest roller coaster in Orlando.

As a bonus, 1,864 ft of the attraction’s track will run over water.

4. 9

Mako features 9 air-time hills.

The new coaster will become one of the world’s few true hypercoasters, a group of roller coasters known for high speeds and steep drops and hills that create a feeling of weightlessness or “air time.” As the sleek coaster cars crest each hill, riders float, nearly weightless.

5. 48,000 

Mako’s 48,000-watt, intelligent surround-sound system envelops the realm. Sounds follow the coaster trains as they dive through and around the area … and just over guests’ heads.

6.  54 

Even though Mako will not feature any inversions, guests will still need to be 54 inches tall to experience this attraction.

7. 5

Mako will be SeaWorld Orlando’s fifth coaster in the park’s thrill ride portfolio.

  • Mako – a hypercoaster with high speeds, twists and turns.
  • Kraken – a twisting, floorless coaster; inversions and loops.
  • Manta – a flying roller coaster with loops and inversions.
  • Shamu Express – the perfect first coaster ride for the kids.
  • Journey to Atlantis – a family water coaster that transports guests to the mythical city of Atlantis

“Our fans will love how Mako complements our other rides. Kraken is big, monstrous and twisty. Manta is massive and glides smoothly, taking you on a flight like a huge ray. Mako is entirely different. It’s streamlined and fast, just like a mako shark. There’s no wasted motion, it’s all speed and dives,” said Brian Morrow, SeaWorld’s attraction creative director.

I’m really excited for the Shark Realm and Mako to take shape in the upcoming year!

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Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Florida Resident Summer Offer

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Florida Residents Save Big Through June 14 at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Save $60 on Regular Admission Tickets with ‘Florida Four-Pack’


With the return of the popular Florida Four-Pack special, there is no better time for Florida residents to experience Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. The Florida Four-Pack offers a party of four Florida residents the opportunity to experience all the fun and excitement the Visitor Complex offers at the special price of $139 plus tax – a savings of more than $60.

Available now through June 14, 2015, the Florida Resident $139 Four-Pack is available only via a coupon which can be accessed on the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex website.

Guests must present the printed coupon and proof of Florida residency at the Visitor Complex ticket plaza to qualify for the special rate. Smartphones, PDF or soft copy of the coupon will not be accepted. Guests must also provide one of the following: Florida driver’s license, Florida state-issues ID card with a Florida address, or a utility bill with a Florida address and corresponding ID. For more information, call 866-638-5091.

With the Four-Pack special, now is the ideal time to visit Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. There is more to see and do than ever before at the Visitor Complex, including:

Journey to Space” 3D film – The new film showcases NASA’s bold plans for the future, including landing astronauts on Mars and capturing asteroids – painting a clear picture for viewers that “NASA’s next era will be its greatest yet.”  Through extensive interviews with astronauts Chris Ferguson, commander of the final shuttle mission, and Serena Aunon, a new astronaut chosen for future flights, as well as narration by film and television legend Sir Patrick Stewart, the film gives a sweeping overview of NASA’s past space accomplishments, current activities and future plans for missions to Mars.

Orbit Cafe – Orbit Cafe at the Visitor Complex is now using hydroponics to grow fresh lettuce and herbs on site following a recent renovation. The open kitchen layout allows guests to watch chefs as they toss salads using the produce picked from several white hydroponic towers standing side by side. Each tower grows a different kind of lettuce, making a variety of salads available for purchase.

Holidays in Space Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Space Shuttle AtlantisSM – Visitor Complex guests can see the priceless, historic Atlantis spacecraft as only astronauts have seen it before – rotated 43.21 degrees with payload bay doors open and its Canadarm (robotic arm) extended, as if it has just undocked from the International Space Station. But getting nose-to-nose with Atlantis is not all guests can do at the 90,000-square-foot attraction. The immersive experience invites guests to “be the astronaut” with technologically sophisticated multimedia presentations and more than 60 interactive, touch-screen experiences and high-tech simulators that bring to life the people, passion and patriotism of the 30-year Space Shuttle Program.

KSC Bus Tour – The standard bus tour, included with admission, explores the history of the Apollo moon and space shuttle programs, and the future of space exploration, with panoramic views of Kennedy Space Center, the Vehicle Assembly Building’s exterior and a stop at the Apollo/Saturn V Center, where visitors see an authentic 363-foot Saturn V moon rocket and relive the historic Apollo missions that saw man land on the moon. 

Space Shuttle Atlantis Great Balls of Fire Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Great Balls of Fire – This interactive exhibit allows guests to discover the risks that asteroids, comets and meteorites present to our planet. The exhibit explores how we keep track of near-Earth objects while examining the effects of possible impacts. Within the Great Balls of Fire exhibit is Asteroid Encounter, where guests can climb aboard a “spaceship” and blast off to the asteroid belt and Jupiter while compiling data about asteroids and comets. Guests also can explore what would happen if one of these celestial bodies were to hit their hometown, determine Science Fact or Science Fiction of Hollywood movie clips and much more.

Holidays in Space Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
The laser pointed at the ISS just outside of the Space Shuttle Atlantis Exhibit.

Located only 45 minutes from Orlando, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex features many attractions and year-round interactive programs, including meeting real astronauts. Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex attractions and activities also include Shuttle Launch Experience, an incredible simulated journey of vertically launching into space and orbiting Earth aboard the space shuttle, Rocket Garden, two IMAX® theaters, Astronaut Encounter, and the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame®. The Visitor Complex also is the ideal location for viewing the ongoing schedule of rocket launches from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

For more information, please visit www.KennedySpaceCenter.com.

Space Shuttle Atlantis Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Fly With an astronaut

About Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex brings to life the epic story of the U.S. space program, offering a full day or more of fun and educational activities, including the Kennedy Space Center Tour featuring the Apollo/Saturn V Center with an actual Saturn V moon rocket, the new Space Shuttle AtlantisSM, Shuttle Launch Experience®, IMAX® Hubble 3D and Journey to Space films, Astronaut Encounter, Journey to Mars, Rocket Garden and many other interactive exhibits. Admission also includes the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame®, featuring historic spacecraft and the world’s largest collection of personal astronaut memorabilia, which opens daily at noon and closing times vary by season. Only 45 minutes from Orlando, Fla., Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex opens daily at 9 a.m. with closing times varying by season.  Admission is $50 + tax for adults and $40 + tax for children ages 3-11. The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex offers annual passes starting at $75 + tax for adults and $60 + tax for children ages 3-11. For more information, call 877-313-2610 or visit www.KennedySpaceCenter.com.

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Disney D23 Expo Dream Store Returns


D23 2015 Expo Logo Banner

Disney D23 Expo Dream Store Returns to the Ultimate Disney Fan Event with one-of-a-kind items and unique collectibles

Special logo apparel, product debuts, artist signings, and more
will highlight the Ultimate Disney Event for Fans and Families August 14 – 16, 2015

Last D23 Expo I spent a lot of time (and money) in the D23 Expo Dream Store, and I am really excited about the announced merchandise coming to this year’s store!

Bursting with D23 EXPO 2015 – themed official merchandise and other specialty items from Disney Theme Park Merchandise, the Dream Store returns with something magical for Disney fans of all ages. From Disney-inspired apparel, art and collectibles, accessories, books, and more, the D23 EXPO 2015 Dream Store is a Disney enthusiast’s dream come true.  Highlights include:

Disney D23 2015 Expo Dream Store

Official D23 EXPO Merchandise–Disney fans can take home a piece of the magic from this year’s Expo, with an assortment of official D23 EXPO 2015 merchandise including tees, fleece, baseball caps, novelty headwear, D-Tech, jewelry, drinkware, souvenirs, accessories, pins, and Vinylmation™. And for the first time, guests can bring home a selfie party-pack inspired by a few of our favorite Disney characters, as well as an “R4-D23” droid and Princess Kneesaa the Ewok plush. D23 EXPO Tip: Look for a specially themed Walt’s Kingdom collection.

Disney D23 2015 Expo Dream Store

Disney Theme Park Merchandise: Showcasing some of its newest releases and exclusive offerings from ACME Archives Limited, ALEX AND ANI, Steve Adams, Dave Avanzino, Jasmine Becket-Griffith, David Bird, Britni Brault, Stephen Cargile, Bob Elias, Collector’s Choice, Disney Design Group, Disney Dream Collection, Disney Fine Art by Collectors Editions, Disney Parks│PANDORA, Dooney & Bourke, HARVEYS, Ink & Paint Artists, Rob Kaz, Jerrod Maruyama, Bridget McCarty, Miss Mindy, James Mulligan, Rick O’Brien, Robert Olszewski, Maggie Parr, Mike Peraza, Larry Nikolai, Precious Moments, Linda Rick, Tim Rogerson, Javier Soto, George Scribner, Sketch Artists, Michelle St.Laurent, Yakovetic, and more.

Disney D23 2015 Expo Dream Store

ALEX AND ANI will debut several new styles at D23 EXPO 2015. Fans can expect a variety of jewelry designs featuring everyone’s favorite, Mickey Mouse and a very special “Celebrate” wrap.

Disney Dream Collection and D23 Expo-Exclusive Jewelry: Guests can enjoy a sparkling selection of fine jewelry created for the Disneyland Resort Celebration.

Disney D23 2015 Expo Dream Store

HARVEYS– Created especially for D23 EXPO 2015, this new collection features historical “A, B and, C Ticket Media” on some of their most popular silhouettes.

Dream Store Autograph Sessions–Disney fans will get the chance to meet some of their favorite authors, artists, Disney Legends, and other notable celebrities inside the Dream Store. Autograph sessions will be posted daily via the D23 EXPO Mobile App (available later this summer) and daily at the D23 EXPO Dream Store.

Details about Dream Store merchandise offerings, special artist appearances, and more will continue to be updated on www.D23EXPO.comwww.DisneyParksBlog.com, www.DisneyParksMerchandise.com and on Facebook and Twitter at “DisneyD23”.

D23 2015 Expo Poster

Tickets for D23 EXPO 2015 are available at a discounted price for a limited time. Now through June 30, 2015, tickets are $67 for a one-day adult admission and $48 for children 3–12. Tickets for members of D23: The Official Disney Fan Club are $58 for a one-day adult admission and $42 for children. Multi-day money-saving tickets are also available. D23 Members can save as much as $188 off the price of admission, based on the purchase of four three-day tickets at the D23 Member rate. For more information on tickets and the ticket pricing structure for D23 Members and general admission, visit D23EXPO.com.

D23 2015 Expo

About D23 EXPO 2015

D23 EXPO—The Ultimate Disney Fan Event—brings together all the worlds of Disney under one roof for three packed days of presentations, pavilions, experiences, concerts, sneak peeks, shopping, and more. The event provides fans with unprecedented access to Disney films, television, games, theme parks, and celebrities. For the latest D23 EXPO 2015 news, visit D23EXPO.com. To join the D23 EXPO conversation, make sure to follow @DisneyD23 on Twitter and use #D23EXPO.

D23 disney twenty-three Fanniversary D23 Destination D Disney D23 Expo

About D23

The name “D23” pays homage to the exciting journey that began in 1923 when Walt Disney opened his first studio in Hollywood. D23 is the first official club for fans in Disney’s 90-plus-year history. It gives its members a greater connection to the entire world of Disney by placing them in the middle of the magic through its quarterly publication, Disney twenty-three; a rich website at D23.com with members-only content; member-exclusive discounts; and special events for D23 Members throughout the year.

Fans can join D23 at Gold and General Membership levels at D23.com and atDisneyStore.com/D23. To keep up with all the latest D23 news and events, follow DisneyD23 on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.

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Artegon Marketplace Kicks Off Gay Days on June 2nd


Gay Days Flyer Artegon Marketplace 2015
Photo Credit: Artegon Marketplace Orlando

Artegon Marketplace Kicks Off Gay Days Officially on June 2nd

Gay Days Kick-Off Party – Tuesday, June 2, 6:309:30 pm

Artegon Marketplace will radiate with energy and color when it hosts the official Gay Days® 2015 Kick-Off Party on Tuesday, June 2, from 6:309:30 p.m. This year marks the 25th Anniversary of Gay Days®, the largest annual LGBT vacation destination event held anywhere in the world outside of pride celebrations, bringing over 150K visitors to the City of Orlando. Co-hosting the party are Jeweler to the Stars and 2014 National Showgirl at Large Nova Starr and Gay Days Creative Director of Entertainment SteveErics. With portions of proceeds benefitting Hope & Help Center of Central Florida & Orlando Gay Chorus, the party will feature drinks, bites by Uno Pizzeria & Grill, and entertainment inspired by Hope & Help Center of Central Florida’s annual Headdress Ball. City of Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer is scheduled to make an official proclamation opening the week-long events at theme parks and venues around Central Florida. Tickets to the Kick-Off Party are $10 for general admission (cash bar) and $50 for VIP (includes bites and open bar, advance purchase required), and can be purchased at www.gaydays.com.

Artegon Marketplace Orlando


About Artegon Marketplace Orlando:

Artegon Marketplace Orlando is a 1.1 million-square-foot shopping attraction and artisan marketplace that has transformed Orlando shopping into a new kind of experience. Located on the north end of International Drive and catering to local residents and visitors, alike, Artegon Marketplace is the area’s destination for one-of-a-kind stores, shops and foods. Unique to the shopping attraction is The Village at Artegon Marketplace, housing 165 artisanal shops and stores where local craftspeople sell and demonstrate their products and services. Guests can also discover the area’s only Bass Pro Shops, Ron Jon Surf Shop, Sheplers Western Wear and Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill, plus climb a ropes course, take in a movie at Cinemark Theaters, and much, much more.  For operating hours, directions and more information, visit Artegon Marketplace Orlando (ArtegonOrlando.com.) Like on Facebook and Follow on Twitter and Instagram #ArtegonMarketplace. The center is owned and operated by Paragon Outlet Partners, LLC, considered one of the most influential and forward-thinking development firms in the nation’s retail real estate industry.

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Dragon Fire Grill Opens June 1 At Busch Gardens Tampa

Busch Gardens Tampa Dragon Fire Grill Sign
Photo: Busch Gardens Tampa

Dragon Fire Grill Opens June 1 At Busch Gardens Tampa

All-New Dining Experience Offers Cuisine Inspired from Around the World


The all-new Dragon Fire Grill™ officially opens on June 1, featuring cuisines from around the world. Located in Pantopia™, Dragon Fire Grill features market-style dining, a wide selection of beverages and brand-new entertainment.

Market-Style Dining

Dragon Fire Grill reimagines the traditional culinary experience with market-style dining, featuring Italian, American, Southwestern and Asian cuisines. The menu includes shrimp lo mein, rotisserie chicken, flatbread pizzas, paninis and more. Dragon Fire Grill also adds to its current beer beverage lineup with national and local craft brews and adds a brand-new grab-and-go station featuring Starbucks coffee.   Plus, the Dragon Fire Pub offers a selection of premium cocktails and frozen refreshments.

Treasures of the Mirage

Guests are invited Busch Gardens’ all-new stage show, Treasures of the Mirage. This Arabian-inspired celebration transforms Dragon Fire Grill into a vibrant dance party with belly dancers and cultural music, creating an eclectic atmosphere for the entire family to enjoy.

Tribute Bands

On select dates from June 4 to 22, tribute bands bring guests together for a celebration of classic pop, soft rock and blues at the Dragon Fire Grill. Feel the beat with authentic renditions of ABBA, Billy Joel and the Blues Brothers:

June 4 – 8                            Abbamania, ABBA Tribute

June 11 – 15                       Turnstiles, Billy Joel Tribute

June 18 – 22                       The Official Blues Brothers Revue

Busch Gardens Tampa Dragon Fire Grill
Photo: Busch Gardens Tampa Dragon

Experience Dragon Fire Grill’s savory selections and live entertainment this summer with the Ride, Slide & Dine Ticket for just $99. For a limited time, this flexible deal allows guests to choose two visits and two meals to either Busch Gardens Tampa or Adventure Island. For more information, visit buschgardenstampa.com.

Busch Gardens Tampa logo Photo Key Wild Days

Plus, be the first to know about new events, special deals and future announcements by following the park’s blog at buschgardenstampablog.com, or “Like” the Busch Gardens Tampa Facebook page and follow @buschgardens on Twitter and Instagram.

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Celebrate Independence Day With Disney Vacation Club

Disney Vacation Club DVC

 Disney Vacation Club : Members Can Celebrate Independence Day with Special Performances, Characters, and More

If you’ll be celebrating America’s Independence this July at Walt Disney World Resort, you won’t want to miss an all-new event available to Members and their Guests as part of Membership Magic. Join Disney Vacation Club for a patriotic night of food, fanfare and fireworks!

Disney Vacation Club DVC Walt DisneyWorld Fourth of July
Image Courtesy of Disney Vacation Club website

Taking place at the Convention Center Porte Cochere of Disney’s Contemporary Resort on Friday, July 3, 2015 from 8 p.m. – 10 p.m., Members and their Guests can celebrate Independence Day in star-spangled style with themed games, delectable treats and special Character appearances.

Special music from the Dapper Dans and the Dixieland Band will get Guests in the American spirit while enjoying hometown fair games like Milk Can Toss, Pitchers Dream and Down the Clown as they sample an array of red, white and blue desserts and a patriotic punch! (For the full event menu, click the image on the right.) End the night with a bang from the fireworks spectacle, Disney’s Celebrate America! A Fourth of July Concert in the Sky Show.

Pricing for this special event is $35.00 (plus tax & gratuity) per Adult and $22.00 (plus tax & gratuity) per Child.

To make reservations, please call Member Services at (800) 800-9800.

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2015 Give Kids The World Village Gingerbread Run Medal Revealed

Have you seen the 2015 Give Kids the World Village Gingerbread Run Medal?

For those of you who missed our Gingerbread Run Medal Reveal … here it is!

Give Kids the World Village Gingerbread Run Medal

All runners and virtual runners will receive this one-of-a-kind 2015 Gingerbread Run Medal to commemorate their participation in this awesome event!

New Give Kids the World Village Gingerbread Run Contest!

For every $25 you raise between now and June 2, you will receive one entry for thechance to win a two-night stay at the Clarion Suites Maingate. Conveniently located just outside Walt Disney World, the Clarion Suites Maingate is perfect for a staycation, or to use when you’re in town for the Gingerbread Run. Every additional $25 you raise increases your chance of winning, so kick your fundraising into high gear! Good luck!

Give Kids the World Village Gingerbread Run 2015
Where do I start? Register today to get in on the action! Check out our Tools and Tips page to see helpful fundraising ideas.

Thank you for being a part of our team at Give Kids The World Village, Where Happiness Inspires Hope.

Give Kids the World Village Gingerbread Run

Online donations received between Tuesday, May 19 and Tuesday, June 2, 2015 are eligible for additional entries.

Official contest rules can be found here.Prize was donated to Give Kids The World Village. Drawing will be held at 10am EST on Wednesday, June 3, 2015.

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Universal Orlando Resort Extends Theme Park Ticket Offer For Members Of The Military

Veterans Day Parade at Universal Orlando Universal Studios Florida

Universal Orlando Resort extends Theme Park Ticket offer for Active Duty and Retired Members of the Military 

Active Duty and Retired Military Personnel Can Also Upgrade with a Stay at the All-New

Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort with a Discounted Vacation Package 

Universal Orlando Resort has extended its ticket offer exclusively for active duty and retired members of the military with purchase available now through Dec. 4, 2015. Military personnel can purchase a one-day, park-to-park ticket and receive two complimentary days to experience the extraordinary thrills and heart-warming moments that can only be found at Universal Orlando Resort. Plus, they can also upgrade with a 3-night stay at Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort with a discounted vacation package.

 Universal Orlando Resort Military Offers

Buy a 1-Day, Park-to-Park

Ticket and Get 2 Days FREE


· Active duty and retired members of the military and their families can receive two days FREE with the purchase of a 1-day, park-to-park ticket with valid military identification.

· Admission is valid for up to 14 days from first use

· Tickets are available for purchase until Dec. 4, 2015 and must be redeemed by Dec. 17, 2015

Special Military Vacation

Packages Available  



· Active duty and retired military personnel can make it a special vacation by adding a stay at Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort with a discounted vacation package starting at $299 per adult, tax inclusive with valid military identification.

Package also includes:

– The 1-Day, Park-to-Park Ticket with 2 Days Free ticket offer

– 3-nights stay at Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort

– Early Park Admission to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter one hour before the theme park opens

– Access to live entertainment at Universal CityWalk

· Special active duty and retired military package rates are also available at Universal Orlando’s additional resort hotels Loews Royal Pacific Resort, Loews Portofino Bay Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel and select Universal Partner Hotels

· Vacation package available for purchase through Nov. 30, 2015 and travel through Dec. 4, 2015

Universal Orlando Resort Military Captain America

These all-new military offers are available with valid identification on participating bases at ITT or Leisure Travel Service Offices. For additional details on these offers, see below or visit www.universalorlando.com/military.

Members of the military and their families and friends will experience the trip of a lifetime at Universal Orlando’s two theme parks, Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure. A world of excitement and adventure awaits with all-new experiences, including the awe-inspiring The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley, the blockbuster attraction TRANSFORMERS: The Ride – 3D and Springfield, home of America’s favorite animated family “The Simpsons.”

At Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort, guests will be transported back to a time of relaxation and endless family fun in this classic, retro-themed resort. Cabana Bay guests can experience incredible amenities throughout the hotel, including a 10-lane bowling alley, retro arcade, Jack LaLanne Physical Fitness Studio, a zero-entry pool and Universal Orlando’s first-ever lazy river.

Universal Orlando Resort Logo 25th Anniversary

About Universal Orlando Resort
Vacation like you mean it at Universal Orlando Resort – where every heart pounding, jaw-dropping, goose-bumping second counts.  You can soar above Hogwarts with Harry Potter, swing above the streets with Spider-Man, become a Minion in the hilarious and heartwarming Despicable Me Minion Mayhem ride, and join Optimus Prime in the fight to save mankind on the new mega-attraction, TRANSFORMERS: The Ride – 3D.  And now, you can step into The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley.

Universal Orlando Resort is home to two incredible theme parks: Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure; four magnificently themed on-site hotels:  Loews Portofino Bay Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel, Loews Royal Pacific Resort and the newest addition, Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort; and Universal CityWalk, the one place where the dining and entertainment tastes of every member of the family intersect.  And located just minutes from Universal Orlando Resort is Wet n’ Wild, Orlando’s premier waterpark.

Universal Orlando Resort is part of NBCUniversal, a Comcast company.  Follow Universal Orlando Resort on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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Star Wars Weekends: Week 1 Highlights

Stormtroopers welcome visitors to Star Wars Weekends

On May 15, Star Wars Weekends 2015 began. I look forward to this event every year and usually attend it a few times over the course of the five weeks it’s held. Saturday, May 16 I went with my mom and nephew to celebrate my nephew’s 16th birthday. Our schedule was largely determined by what he was interested in so I didn’t get to experience everything. This post will focus on highlights of what I did experience.




I didn’t actually get to go inside Darth’s Mall because every time we went by the line was pretty long and my nephew was much more interested in riding rides. I did want to mention it though because it’s in a new location this year and split up into different shops depending on what you’re looking for. I will definitely be visiting at some point before the event is over!

Star Wars Weekends 2015 Darth's Mall

IMG_4473If you’ve been to Star Wars Weekends in the past, then you know what to expect with the motorcade. It doesn’t change other than the visiting celebrities for that week. But that doesn’t mean it’s boring! I love watching it every year and never get tired of seeing the Star Wars versions of my favorite characters and of course the awesome 501st Legion. One difference from last year….Goofy is missing his boxers!





















The character meets are always a ton of fun, even if you just stand and watch them for a few minutes. I especially love the wandering characters like the stormtroopers and gamorrean guard. This year I noticed that the stormtroopers were meeting with a couple of imperial officers. A few other characters were also in different locations than they had been in the past. Darth Vader was meeting in the old Backlot Tour building this year and Darth Maul had moved to his old spot across from Superstar Catering. Ewok Chip and Dale had moved to an area next to One Man’s Dream.

Chip and Dale new location
Chip and Dale new location

One thing I’m really excited to talk about is the new Rebel’s Hangar Lounge. I made reservations when they first announced it and was pleasantly surprised by how fun it was. In the evenings, half of the Backlot Express restaurant turns into the Rebel Hangar



Cantina Band
Cantina Band




Pommes Frites
Pommes Frites
Lightsaber Bites
Lightsaber Bites
Jawas were eager to trade
Jawas were eager to trade

And then our night ended with a Symphony in the Stars.








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A Look At Tomorrowland


Walt Disney was always looking toward the future, and it showed through in so much of what he gave to the world.  He designed the original Tomorrowland in Disneyland to allow guests to be able to participate in a glimpse of what the future had to offer in order to provide them a positive outlook on what was to come.  His goal being simple, inspire hope.  In the movie Tomorrowland, Brad Bird and Damon Lindelof have taken that goal and weaved it into a modern tale where hope and despair are at odds, the world is losing, and it needs to be saved.

You can’t look at the world today and deny the underlying statement of the movie that we live in a very negatively driven society.  The movie does paint that view very dark for much of the movie, basically stating that there is no hope, as the world marches ever forward to it’s end.  They even go so far as to put a Doomsday Clock into the movie that counts down toward that end, one which defines the dark side of the movie and providing it a voice that ever counts down.

With that said, the negativity of things as shown in the movie, and the impending doom of the Earth, as mentioned above, despair is not the message of the movie.  The message is actually hope.  The message of the movie is provided to us through the main character Casey Newton (Britt Robertson) who is intended to be that embodiment of hope.  This is in stark contrast Frank Walker (George Clooney) who is a man who has become so obsessed with the impending doom that he is lost in despair.

This dichotomy carries through the movie from it’s opening where Frank and Casey are shown to be telling us the story of the movie, right until it’s speech at the end.  The message is simple, despite all the darkness there can be hope.  The interplay between the concepts built into Casey and Frank carries much of the movie.  Casey keeping it fun in a way, while Frank is keeping it real – despite all the unreal things he’s doing on screen.

With a plethora of science fiction themes like alternate realities, killer robots, and a steampunk trip to the moon the movie really does carry well throughout most of it.  There’s actually a point in the special effects where I got goose bumps because so much crazy awesome was happening on screen that it was hard not to sit back and think “Wow!”.  Cool concepts when well executed really do help me enjoy a movie more.  You don’t have to really understand how they do X or Y or Z in Tomorrowland, and they don’t take the time to explain it to you.  These combined help the movie not get stuck in exposition, despite that the entire movie is a flashback.

Parents should know that this movie does have quite a bit of in your face violence.  Almost at time for the sake of violence rather than having a purpose.  So this might not be a great film for younger viewers, but keep in mind we’re talking something along the lines of Men In Black or Revenge of the Sith.  The movie is honestly not for everyone, even families may be split. There are some definite lull points that may actually bore some viewers.

That said, I really enjoyed the core story of the movie.  I love the idea of a group of scientists that have, for quite some time, toiled away in another reality so they can expand and grow their knowledge freely for the good of mankind.  It does work to inspire hope, and that’s a good message to put forth.  On the downside it does suffer from the same problem that Damon Lindelof works generally have, the journey through the movie is way better than the end game of the story ever is.  But, I had expected that going in.  It also is a very well constructed story that is both entertaining and fun.  For a more in depth view of Tomorrowland, check out episode 234 of the Disney Film Project Podcast in a few weeks.

In addition to doing the web design and programming for the On the Go in MCO website, Todd Perlmutter is a host for the Disney Film Project Podcast.


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Krispy Kreme Introduces Southern Classic Inspired Treats

Krispy Kreme Southern Classics - Lemon Kreme Cake Doughnut

Krispy Kreme Southern Classics: Treats Inspired By the Sweet Tastes of the South

New Lemon Kreme Cake Doughnut and Peach Pie Doughnut
Now Available at Central Florida Krispy Kreme® Locations

Yes, I know that I am posting a picture of doughnuts as we are all in the hard press to get ready for the beach…but these #SouthernClassics doughnuts look AMAZING!

Inspired by the authentic taste of two deliciously sweet and tangy Southern favorites, the new Lemon Kreme Cake doughnut and Peach Pie doughnut are available now through July 6, 2015 at the following Central Florida locations:

Krispy Kreme Winter Park – Drive thru Open 24 hours

1031 S. Orlando Avenue (17-92), Winter Park, FL  32789

Open 5:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. (SundayThursday) and

5:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. (Friday and Saturday)

Krispy Kreme Millenia – Open 24 hours
4080 Millenia Blvd., Orlando, FL 32939

Krispy Kreme Kissimmee – Open 24 hours
5310 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway
(192 / Mile Marker 11.5), Kissimmee, FL  34746

Pick up a dozen of these delicious down-home-flavored treats for your next summer picnic or backyard barbecue (while supplies last).

Krispy Kreme Southern Classics - Lemon Kreme Cake Doughnut

Lemon Kreme Cake Doughnut: A lemon flavored cake doughnut with a rosette of lemon-infused Kreme™ filling in the center, topped with cake crumbles and powdered sugar.

Krispy Kreme Southern Classics - Lemon Kreme Cake Doughnut

Peach Pie Doughnut: A moist yeast doughnut filled with a scrumptious peach pie filling, topped with white icing, pie crust crumbles, and a peach flavored drizzle.

Connect with Krispy Kreme at KrispyKreme.com, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, hotlightapp.com, foursquare and KrispyKremeDoughnuts on YouTube.

Krispy Kreme Ghostbusters Halloween Doughnuts

About Krispy Kreme
Krispy Kreme is a global retailer of premium-quality sweet treats, including its signature Original Glazed® doughnut. Headquartered in Winston-Salem, N.C., the company has offered the highest-quality doughnuts and great-tasting coffee since it was founded in 1937.  Krispy Kreme is proud of its Fundraising program, which for decades has helped non-profit organizations raise millions of dollars in needed funds. Krispy Kreme has more than 1,000 retail shops in 24 countries. Krispy Kreme is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: KKD). For more information about Krispy Kreme, visit KrispyKreme.com.

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