Finding Teachable Moments In the Park: Epcot

When I was younger and we went on family vacations, it was important to my parents that we learned something while we were having fun.

And as we started our family, we made the decision to integrate these teachable moments into our family trips.

I remember my first trip to Epcot in 1986, and all the fun we had talking about what we saw on the rides and the countries we visited in World Showcase. Without a doubt, Epcot was (and still is) my favorite park!

Now that our family lives so close to Walt Disney World, we still keep this tradition alive when we visit Epcot.

I hope that you enjoy this short trip around Epcot’s Future World for some of our family’s favorite Teachable Moments!


I’d love to hear some of your family’s traditions and teachable moments!

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Wordless Wednesday – RunDisney #Run3rd

Wordless Wednesday – February 27, 2013

RunDisney Run3rd
For this week’s Wordless Wednesday I wanted to share something a little more personal. This year when I ran my second RunDisney Princess Half Marathon, I wasn’t alone. I dedicated my run to two special people and carried them with me from start to finish. It definitely added a new perspective to a solo sport.

For more information about #run3rd visit their site.

Please take a second to really look at the Mission Statement, because it is definitely something that means a lot to me.

RunDisney Run3rd

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