Star Wars Celebration VI – The Beginning

Star Wars Celebration VI – The Beginning


Star Wars CelebrationVI was coming to Orlando, and as soon as he heard my husband, Todd, and I planned to attend. The question that we first faced was when to attend?  Fortunately, we know a Jedi Master who had been to many Celebrations in the past. And after talking with him about what we could expect and things that we wouldn’t want to miss, we decided that Saturday would be the best day for us to attend Star Wars Celebration VI. We chose Saturday since it had two panels we definitely wanted to attend: “The Clone Wars”, and the “Super-Secret Star Wars Panel”.  And then we also discussed and listed a few other panels we might want to attend as well as some other things we wanted to see. Then, after letting Todd do the rest of the event planning for Celebration VI, I looked at the Orange County Convention Center parking map and found a garage nearby so we wouldn’t need to shuttle.

When Saturday finally arrived, we left the house early knowing that the panels we didn’t want to miss would be really crowded.  After following the highway signs directing which exit to take, we tried unsuccessfully to find the parking garage.  So we ended up parking at the Orange County Convention Center parking and shuttling over to the West Building.  I found it ironic that the shuttles were run by Empire, and it was cool that they were showing Star Wars movies.  Once we got to Star Wars Celebration VI there we saw plenty of Star Wars decorations and people dressed up as their favorite characters. We then went off to go get our passes, review our plan for the day, and walk by the Expo Hall to see if it was open. It wasn’t, but a line had formed of those waiting to get into the Hall. Instead of getting in line there, we took some pictures of some of our favorite costumes and decorations, and then decided to head to the other hall where we needed to get in line for our first panel.

In my next post about Star Wars Celebration VI, I will talk more about the panels and share some of the great details we got from attending them!

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