TrenD Report – September 26, 2012

TrenD Report – September 26, 2012

So let’s call a spade a spade…I have been totally slacking on my TrenD Reports, but it’s time to fix that and get back to window shopping! It has been awhile, so let’s get this TrenD Report started!!!

It is a beautiful day. and I decided to head down to the Downtown Disney Marketplace in Evie the Equinox that @ChevyFlorida has provided me with for the week!

When I arrived at the Downtown Disney Marketplace, I was excited to see that it had some special decorations for the Fall up all over the place! I love how they decorate this area for the fall. Sure it’s over 80 outside, but I will take any “Fall” I can get down here in Orlando!

After walking around for a bit, it was time to head into TrenD!

There are a lot of great new Disney pieces in here, which is a welcome change from all the outside clothing lines that have filled the store lately! I found all sorts of great bags, accessories, shirts, and scarves!

I even spied some great new mugs and cup lining the shelves of TrenD.

And since it is so close to Halloween, I thought it might be fun to focus on all the fun Villians merchandise that they have in TrenD now. I am so glad to find that there is more Villian merchandise for my TrenD Report this month, and even happier to know that there is more Villain’s merchandise coming our way soon!

Also, I found that the Nightmare Before Christmas Harveys bags have finally made their way over to make the TrenD report!

I found that they were out of the Maleficent Villain’s Hobo, so I decided to head over to World of Disney where I found it and a few more new pieces to share with you on the TrenD Report.

I hope that you enjoyed this look at some fun new merchandise!

What other shopping or collections would you like to see us feature here on the blog?



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