A Night on The Titanic: A Visit to Titanic the Experience

When Titanic the movie came out, I was a senior in High School and I saw it no less then 10 times in the theaters. No Lie. I own both the VHS Tapes (it’s a 2 set) and the DVD. I, like most teenage girls LOVED Leonardo DiCaprio…. Oh how I loved him with his floppy hair and crinkly eyes… and the way he laughed…. Oh and when he was on growing pains… or in the movie when he was drawing Rose……… oh Leo…..

sorry…. i got off track…


ANYWAY when the Thelma to my Louise Shelley asked me to go with her to the Titanic the Experience Exhibit on International Drive the other night I JUMPED at the chance.

Titanic The Experience

When you visit their website it tells you that : “Redesigned in January 2012 by RMS Titanic, Inc., Titanic The Experience is a blockbuster Orlando attraction located on 7324 International Drive near Universal Studios, Sea World and Walt Disney World. Become a passenger and travel back in time to 100 years ago, where authentic artifacts and interactive storytellers in period costume allow you to visit the unforgettable sights, sounds, and emotions of most famous Ship ever to set sail, Titanic.

This 17 gallery tour includes full scale room re-creations where you visit Titanic’s Grand Staircase, First Class Parlor Suite, Boilers, Captain’s Bridge and Promenade Deck offering a haunting, emotional connection to lives abruptly ended or forever altered.

In addition, you will now view more than 400 unique pieces of memorabilia and 100 artifacts recovered from the wreck site of Titanic- 21 of which have recently completed conservation and are on display for the first time. These celebrated pieces include a 3-ton portion of the Ship’s hull, the Captain’s wheel and personal belongings from Titanic’s passengers and crew.

The story of the sinking is legendary; now experience the wonder and tragedy of this ill-fated Ship on a journey through Titanic history at Titanic The Experience.”


So Shelley and I dressed in our finest fancy wear and headed off to board The Titanic. When you enter the front of this International Drive buliding you are treated to movie memorabilia and actualy pieces of Titanic findings. They have merged the movie world together with the real event very nicely. You can even take the FAMOUS picture on the bow of the boat (HOLD ME LEO)!  You also recieve a Boarding Pass with a name and a story on it when you walk in. You can not board Titanic otherwise 🙂 The Boarding Pass has a real name and real story about someone who actually sailed Titanic. It brings the whole experience that much more together in my personal opinion.

Titanic the Experience Boarding Pass – Aurora
Titanic the Experience Boarding Pass – Shelley

You then meet your Tour Guide who is a passenger along with you on The Titanic. Harry Elkins Widener was our guide. His Father owned the company that built the Titanic! Henry and his parents were going to be sailing on The Titanic with Henry’s EXTENSIVE book collection. He was a book collector and LOVED his first editions. Henry is our guide through the whole experience. He tours us through the

  • 17 gallery, 20,000 sq ft Interactive Museum
  • Over 100 newly added artifacts recovered from the wreck site of Titanic
  • “Little Big Piece,” 3-ton section of the Ship’s hull and the second largest piece of Titanicever recovered
  • Full Scale recreations of her Grand Staircase, First Class Cabin, Verandah Cafe and more

This was one of the most POWERFUL Walking tours I have been on. The artifacts speak and the way that our guide told the story of them all was amazing. I felt as though in some portions I was there. I don’t want to spoil the experience and tell you everything you will see but I will say that as an overly emotional girl, this was breathtaking.


While we only had one tour guide, it is often the chance that you will run into other people on the tour. Molly Brown (The Unsinkable) and Captain Smith being two of the most popular. These actors take their roles VERY seriously and spend many hours researching nuances and mannerisms  of these well known Titanic figures.

Come to find out,  Harry Widener, the role that our tour guide was portraying,  did not make it off The Titanic. His Mother Elanor did and she donated his entire book collection to Harvard University where it still is to this day. The Library on Campus is named The Harry Elkins Widener Library and was built in his memory thanks to his Mother’s very generous donation of 3.5 million dollars on June 24, 1915.

I was thoroughly impressed with this experience. I would do it again in a heart beat. I know there were artifacts that I missed and I would LOVE to be able to experience the other actors. Titanic The Experience also offers a Dinner Event where you get treated to a 3 course meal and celebrate the Legendary retirement of Captain E.J. Smith. You dine with Titanic’s most notable passengers and there is also a re-enactment of the night of April 14th,1912. They also do a Titanic Ghost Tour every Thursday. Some of the staff members have encountered strange events within the exhibition swearing that it is maybe passengers and crew members of The Titanic….. Or is it? (cue creepy music)

The Cost for Titanic The Experience is by far one of the best Deals in Orlando. at $21.95 per person you can not beat that at all. The Dinner Show is $64.95 per person and that includes a 3 course meal with the exhibit. The Ghost Tour every Thursday is $32.00

But get THIS! If you mention the word BLOG when you walk into the Titanic Experience you will receive a 20% off Discount!!! WAHOOOOOOO!!!

Thank you to the Ladies and Gentlemen at Titanic the Experience and to the Ladies at Tango Marketing for hosting us! Y’all have made me fall in love with Titanic all over again!


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