Tips and Tricks for Visiting Disney Springs

Tips and Tricks for Visiting Disney Springs

Disney Springs at the Walt Disney World Resort is now open, and currently operating in Phase 1 of their reopening strategy.

I was really excited to be there to see what everything was like, and to share my experience with you!

Here’s what I learned from my visit to Disney Springs that you might find helpful for your next visit!

Parking 411
Disney Springs Reopening Phase 1 Tips and Tricks

Disney Springs is managing their parking a little differently than you would expect from their initial announcement.  

The Orange and Lime garages will both open however, they are opening the orange garage first to help manage the flow of guests into Disney Springs.

Upon entering the garage be sure to pay attention to new signs and to watch for additional directions from Cast Members. 

Currently they are not staggering parking spaces, so be prepared to park as normal.  

Pro-Tip:  If you want to avoid the crowds, your best access point will be the Hotel Plaza Boulevard Walkway as it has the least amount of foot traffic entering Disney Springs.

Don’t be intimidated by Temperature Check
Disney Springs Reopening Phase 1 Tips and Tricks

After you have parked, it’s time to make your way to your Disney Springs pre-admission health check.

Advent Health employees are administering temperature checks at all points of entrance to Disney Springs, and any guest with a temperature over 100.4 will not be granted entrance.  

Pro-Tip: This is where they will have disposable masks if you do not have one. You will have to sign a form to receive one, but they are available. 

Wearing a mask takes some getting used to
Disney Springs Reopening Phase 1 Tips and Tricks
Want to make a mask like this one? I’ve got you covered with a no-sew mask DIY!

Here’s the truth…

I visited Disney Springs from 9 AM until 3 PM, and it was a pretty hot day (it got up to around 97 degrees).  

I wore my mask the entire time, aside from the hour I was eating my lunch, and while it did get a little uncomfortable at times I walked for a while without stepping into a store I wouldn’t say it was unbearable.

The best thing you could do is listen to your body, and if you are getting overheated or overwhelmed step into a store or carry a small fan with you to get a little extra cool air on your face.

Wearing masks reduces the spread of germs, but it only works if everyone participates. Let’s start to change the paradigm of wearing a mask to an act of kindness! Think of it as your way to help others stay safe and healthy.

Pro-Tip: Don’t carry a drink or wear your mask incorrectly, because not only could you be stopped by security…other guests aren’t shy about speaking up. Just wear the mask. Don’t be that person!!!

Disney Springs Reopening Phase 1 Tips and Tricks
THEY HAVE THOUGHT OF EVERYTHING!!! Look how the lids of the trash can have been secured so you don’t have to touch them.
Speaking of Food
Disney Springs Reopening Phase 1 Tips and Tricks

One of my favorite parts of visiting Disney Springs is grabbing a bite to eat because they have so many great options!

If you are planning to have a meal, make sure you make a reservation for full-service dining locations in advance to ensure you have a table as seating is limited.

Also most dining locations are not offering their full menus, so be sure to check in advance online to make sure that they have the dish you have been craving.

Disney Springs Reopening Phase 1 Tips and Tricks

If quick service is more your thing, be patient as there have been long lines, especially at Chicken Guy. If you want to cut down on your wait, try eating an hour before or after a ‘typical’ mealtime.

Pro-Tip: Disney is waving 24-hour cancellation fees for missed reservations, so if you change your mind about going out or aren’t feeling up to it you can cancel up to the last minute.

Disney Springs Reopening Phase 1 Tips and Tricks

Many shopping locations are open for business, but there are a few things to keep in mind before you start your shopping spree!

First is that you will need to be be prepared for cashless transactions, since they are encouraging customers to pay with apps like Apple Pay over cash transactions.

If you do make a purchase, be a little extra patient as you are waiting in line as most locations are taking extra time between transactions to wipe down keypads between uses.

Make sure that you pay attention outside of stores for queues and social distancing markers. Busier stores, like Sugarboo & Co., are having their employees help regulate the flow of guests in their stores.

Pro-Tip: If a store you want to visit has a long queue to get in, enjoy a walk around D Springs visit when people would typically be eating. 

I had an amazing time at Disney Springs, and I’m excited about more stores & restaurants to open!!!

Disney Springs Reopening Phase 1 Tips and Tricks

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