Disney & Pixar Movie Crying Triggers

We’ve all done it at one point or another. Many Disney and Pixar movies these days seem to have crying triggers that will bring even the strongest willed person to tears. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to the movies and openly weeped at certain scenes. It can be even brought back by a musical cue, a phrase, and sometimes even a single word. Have these ever gotten you to the point of crying?


Inside Out – Bing Bong is a character that joins the film about halfway through and steals my heart. I don’t know that I’ve seen more grown men crying than during Bing Bong’s story arc.

Frozen – Again with the sacrifice that Olaf is willing to make for Anna, by saying some people are worth melting for, that little show tunes singing snowman makes me melt.

Big Hero 6 – When Baymax sacrifies himself after teling Hiro “I will always be with you,” how can you not find yourself crying?

Wreck It Ralph – Vanellope tells Ralph, “You’re my hero,” and it validates his existence and the medal he receives is priceless.

Toy Story 3 – The incinerator is not the end of Woody and the Toy Story gang (spoiler alert), but it still tugs at my heartstrings every time and gets me crying.

Tangled – Flynn most definitely wins with one of the smoothest and most swoonworthy moments in a Disney movie. He is also responsible for my crying every time I see lanterns or hear “I See the Light.”

The Princess and the Frog – Ray is the very heart and soul of this movie. When he goes to meet his Belle Evangeline finally, it simultaneously crushes my heart and makes me happy they’re together forever. If you’re not crying at this one, you’re likely a robot with no emotions.

Up – The married life montage with Carl & Ellie kills me. I remember seeing the film in the theater and a man with his son were seated in my row. The man glanced over after the montage and he was crying as much as I was. This score is enough to get me crying some days.

Wall-E – When Eve holds Wall-E’s hand at the end and he just looks at it, and then at her, and then there’s this moment of realization, how can you not cry? Damn you Pixar for making me cry at a robot love story!

Lilo & Stitch – The ‘ohana scenes where Lilo explains how she lost her parents and where Stitch understands he is a part of Lilo and Nani’s family always get me.

The Lion King – A single word. Dad? World of Color scene that made me lose it. When Simba realizes Mufasa is gone, I am crying along with the lion cub on screen.

Dumbo – Mrs. Jumbo singing “Baby Mine” to her son Dumbo is one of the most touching scenes in movie history. Anyone who has been a parent, or a parental figure to someone, or even if you’ve had parents, you’re crying at this song.


I know a lot of these are from the last decade or so. I don’t know if that’s because I have watched them more recently, or as an adult or what. The crying is well worth it for the emotional journeys and adventures that these films have taken me on over the last 70 plus years. Did I miss any of your favorites? What scenes get you crying? Let me know in the comments. All of these movies are available now on Disney Movies Anywhere, other than Inside Out, which will be released in a few weeks.


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