Getting Ready for the runDisney Avengers Half Marathon Weekend

If you are anything like me, you are beyond stoked to #SmashTheHalf at the runDisney Avengers Half Marathon Weekend in November 14-16, 2014, at the Disneyland Resort in California!

runDisney Avengers Half Marathon Logo SmashTheHalf

The one thing that I am looking forward to the most is that this will be my first race showing my #DisneySide by running in a costume. I will be running as Thor and Kelly will be running as Loki.

With the race looming closer I have started my search for pieces for my costume, and I found some great Marvel tech shirts at SuperHero Stuff. The shirts have amazing details and are incredibly affordable as they start at $26.99!

Captain America runDisney Avengers Half Marathon

Also, a huge plus is that you can order either a men’s or women’s shirt. For me the arms on the men’s shirts are always so loose and they drive me crazy, because they rub my arms on my longer runs. So having the option to order a women’s cut will hopefully mean less training in costume. I can’t wait to run the streets of Celebration in my Thor costume!!!

And how can you not love the product description from their site?

Now you can preform in that USO show just like always wanted to with the 92% polyester 8% spandex Captain America Sublimated Costume Fitness T-Shirt! You just need to find some backup dancers, some Vita Rays, Super Solider Serum, and Hugo Weaving. Gotta have Agent Smith in there for it to count for anything! Intensely sheer and of the utmost quality, the Captain America Sublimated Costume Fitness T-Shirt emulates the First Avenger’s torso with an all over and right-up-to-the-edge print that even makes wielders of the Tesseract jealous!

Using the Captain America and Loki fitness shirts, as they call them, and some of our favorite brands (Sparkle Athletic, Oakley, and New Balance) I have created some ideas for running friendly costumes to wear at the runDisney Avengers Half Marathon!

Captain America runDisney Avengers Half Marahton Idea Collage

Loki runDisney Avengers Half Marahton Idea Collage

Are you considering dressing up for the runDisney Avengers Half Marathon or any of the upcoming runDisney races? Do you have any tips for this first timer?

Disclosure: I received nothing for writing this post, these are all just products that I find extremely cool!

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