Baby Care Center- Magic Kingdom

This post is the third in a mini series, there will be four total; one for each theme park. If you have a Disney, Travel, or Mommy blog (or any other kind of blog you think this could fit into) and are interested in using this post and the ones that follow, please contact me!  Part one was Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and part two was Epcot. This time we will be exploring Magic Kingdom.


The Entrance

 The Baby Care Center at Magic Kingdom is located right next door to First Aid, between Casey’s Corner and Crystal Palace.

Unfortunately it is my least favorite location out of the parks, but, don’t get me wrong, I’m still very grateful that it’s there. Since I usually travel alone with the little one (while my husband is at work) I have to juggle all our stuff. That’s one super helpful perk of having a stroller, it’s a place to stow things & babies have a lot of things! Just like Epcot, the Magic Kingdom Baby Care Center does not allow strollers inside. You have to park them at the door. 




When you walk in the door, you’re greeted with a curio cabinet showcasing the baby products available for sale inside. 

Curio with merchandise


As you pass the display, the nursing room is on the right. Also like Epcot, this one is a community nursing room. Four padded rocking chairs in a very dimly lit room. It’s soothing, but I wish it was a tad brighter; it takes some time to adjust between that light level and  the bright Florida sun outside. Also in the room are two small tables and some outlets for pumping or phone charging. Unlike Epcot this one has 2 doors, an in door on one end and an out door on the other end. Be aware if you sit on the out door wall and the door opens all the way, you can pretty much see into the park. So if you are on the shy side when it comes to nursing in public, I’d stay away from that wall. 

Blurry, but a shot of the other 3 rockers from the 4th rocker.


The out door, see how your in line with it if you’re in the rocker on the left?


Continuing on from the nursing room is a very large feeding/play room! It has a TV, some books and a big layout. It has 3 high chairs, 4 kid sized tables, lots of child sized stools, and 8 full sized chairs. 


Feeding/play room

To the left of the feeding room is the changing room. They have 5 large padded changing tables, a hand washing sink and a restroom. 

One corner of the changing room.
Another corner of the changing room, with the sink.


The next, and final room is the kitchen. Just like the other Baby Care Centers, it has a sink, microwave, bottle warmer, mini fridge; and it also sells any baby necessities that you have run out of or forgotten.


List of items available

A fun fact- this Baby Care Center, then called Baby Services, has been around since the opening of the Walt Disney World Resort! “Facilities for changing infants, preparing formula, warming bottles. Babysitting not available in Theme Park. Babysitting services available at hotels.” 

Stay tuned for our last Disney installment of our Baby Care Center series, Disney’s Animal Kingdom! 

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