Wreck-It Ralph Available on Disney Blu-Ray!

Wreck-It Ralph

Daddy’s Movie Day: Wreck-It Ralph

Finally after many months of anticipation, Disney has finally released their blockbuster animated film Wreck-It Ralph on DVD and Blu –Ray.  Ralph and his fellow inhabitants of the arcade come to life to tell the story of the Bad Guy who isn’t a “Bad Guy”…

Ever since I saw Wreck-It Ralph in the theater the first time, I have wanted to see it again.  I grew up in the golden age of arcade games, so I saw many familiar faces in Ralph’s world.  It was great to see all of the painstaking detail the director and animators took to incorporate all of these classic elements.  When we received the DVD, I was excited to be able to watch it over multiple times to see all of the little elements that I missed when I saw it in the theater.  As nice as it was, I really didn’t have a choice.  The real ruler of the DVD play, and sometimes the house, my daughter Zoe insisted on watching it many times the first day we got it.  I didn’t put up much of a fight as I wanted to watch it too, and once again it didn’t disappoint.

Wreck-It Ralph is a wonderful story about a Bad Guy who just wants to be accepted.  It is wonderfully written and directed, incorporating comedy, action, drama, and a heartwarming story of friendship and overcoming the odds.

The Blu-Ray is full of great extras that we loved exploring.  The favorite in our house was the pause screens 12 different segments showing all of the hidden gems in the background of the movie.

In my opinion, Wreck-It Ralph is the best movie Disney has put out in a number of years, and I highly recommend it to anyone young or old.


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