Orlando City Soccer, We Thank You!

Orlando City Soccer - Weekly Review
Orlando City Soccer Club

Orlando City Soccer, We Thank You! 

On Friday The Orlando City Soccer Club ended their amazing season in a loss to the Wilmington Hammerheads 4-3 in the first game of the USL Pro Semi Final.

At the Orlando City Soccer game the Citrus Bowl was rocking with intense energy! The Lions played their hearts out and left it all out on the field, The Iron Lion Firm cheered their faces off not letting their support waiver even more a minute, and the fans stood and cheered for almost the entire game. Shelley, Shalon and I were there for every moment in all of our red and purple and black festivenss! We showed up early to take part in the Pre-Game festivities and we stayed well after to congratulate the Players and Coaches!

We are extremely excited about our first season with Orlando City Soccer,  but I can promise it wont be our last! We are all planning how we can bring you better coverage and information about this extraordinary group of players and fans next season!

Thank You to The Lions for showing us what soccer is about and how much love you have for the game, your team, the city, and your fans! We can not wait to see what next season holds!!

Here are some of our views of the Game Friday!


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