The Avengers: A Review With Some Spoilers

Being a huge fan of the previous movies in this series, I have been looking forward to The Avengers ever since it was announced. Most movies that are highly promoted and overhyped by the studio rarely live up to the expectations, so there was a little hint of worry looming behind my excitement as I walked into the theater. After the first few minutes, any shred of doubt was gone. The packed theatre was buzzing with anticipations, and erupted in applause and laughter many times throughout the movie. The Avengers more than delivered on everything it promised to be.

This, sixth in this series of movies, begins with Loki devising a way back to Earth with the intent this time of conquering and ruling the people of Earth with the help of his mysterious army of Chitauri. Obsessed with total domination, Loki steals the Tesseract, a mysterious and powerful source of galactic energy, in order to further his conquest. Left with no other options, Nick Fury and the S.H.I.E.L.D agency activates the Avengers initiative to battle this extinction level threat to the human race. The Avengers become a group of unsuspecting heroes, and find themselves with no other option than to work together as a team to defeat Loki and his invading army.

The story seamlessly moves through the sequences evenly balancing out the back stories, character interactions, and action sequences beautifully. Director Joss Whedon does an amazing job both individually fleshing out the characters while maintaining the focus on the ensemble as a whole. Each main character, the lead in their own movie, brings something special to the group without overpowering the other members. Even the minor characters, Black Widow (a minor character from the Iron Man 2) is fleshed out with a more complete back story including new Avengers member Hawkeye.

The combinations of great story, witty dialogue and amazing action sequences make this film a nonstop thrill ride that I want to experience again and again. I know that I most definitely will be seeing Avengers again before it leaves the theater.




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2 thoughts on “The Avengers: A Review With Some Spoilers”

  1. I somewhat agree with your opinion. I LOVED The Avengers. Just a very fun and funny movie, filled with oh, so much eye candy. Where did they get so many sexy and svelte people together in one place? Seriously, I would hit every single person in that movie, even the extras. Haha… anyway, nice blog. 🙂

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