Wordless Wednesday – Eric’s Waterfall

Wordless Wednesday – January 30,2013

Wordless Wednesday
This week’s Wordless Wednesday takes us to New Fantasyland to Under the Sea ~ The Journey of the Little Mermaid which has an absolutely beautiful queue.



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Light Fixtures of New Fantasyland

I am a sucker for details and New Fantasyland doesn’t disappoint with the amazing new light fixtures throughout this section of the park! While I’ve said from the get go the thing I’ve most been looking forward to was Be Our Guest Restaurant, these architectural nuances are incredible. I will highlight some of my favorites here, but will also include the video montage of all 113 pictures I captured during my recent tour.

One of the things that most impressed me was how many different styles of light fixtures appeared in New Fantasyland and how each individual one seemed to perfectly reflect the theme of that particular location. For instance, the lights on the bridge to Be Our Guest restaurant, which is set in the Beast’s castle, are strong and masculine looking. They present a foreboding aura that both beckon you in with their light, but also warn you of the potential danger ahead.

Be Our Guest light fixture
Be Our Guest light
Be Our Guest bridge light
Beast’s Castle
Be Our Guest chandelier light fixtures
Be Our Guest chandeliers

The light fixtures in and around Maurice’s cottage, where the Enchanted Tales with Belle attraction is housed, are full of whimsy and innovation, much like the man himself. Outside the cottage and in his workshop are some of the most creative uses of lighting to be found in New Fantasyland so far. Then, once you are transported to the Beast’s castle, the ornate details are showcased in the beautiful chandeliers, and of course with Lumiere.

Enchanted Tales with Belle queue light
Maurice’s Cottage light
Maurice’s Cottage lamp
Inside Maurice’s Cottage
Maurice’s Workshop light
Enchanted Tales with Belle wrought iron
Enchanted Tales with Belle chandelier

Belle’s village and Gaston’s Tavern in particular provide more flair in their choices of light fixtures. To no one’s surprise, antlers are used in Gaston’s decorations throughout his tavern with several different styles of lighting, including a large chandelier, complete with coonskin cap. One of my favorite lights was actually found in the restroom in the village. It was a gorgeous orange hue and fit in with much of the wrought iron work in the surrounding area.

Gaston’s chandelier
Gaston's Tavern light fixtures
Gaston’s Tavern
Light outside Gaston’s
Light in Belle’s Village restroom

I think the area that I was most entranced with was Prince Eric’s castle and the queue for Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid. This is where my absolute favorite light fixtures were found. Everything is so incredibly well tied in with the nautical theme. Having lived twenty plus years of my life within ten minutes of either the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico, I’ve been constantly drawn to the water. The lights appear to have been kissed by either the bright orange of the sun or the soft blues and greens of the sea. I can appreciate so many elements that were incorporated in this attraction’s exterior and queue.

Prince Eric’s castle
My favorite light in the Little Mermaid queue
Favorite light again from below
The Little Mermaid queue lights
Nautical lights with interactive crabs
Bucket light
Little Mermaid queue lights
Construction wall light

Overall, I think the Imagineers have hit a home run with all of these intricate details. This is what Disney does best, sell the story in the details. There are even semi-permanent light fixtures sitting atop the construction walls that separate New Fantasyland from the work being done on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train coaster. I am absolutely in love with these details. Is this area of the park directed at me? No. Will I be spending a great amount of time here? Not necessarily. However, I can appreciate it all in the grand scheme of things and will continue to see where this transformation takes one of my favorite parks. In the meantime though, I will be happy exploring the amazing expansion that we have been given at the Magic Kingdom.



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