Tank America now open in Orlando 

Tank America

What’s better than driving a 17-ton tank? Driving a tank and crushing cars! You can do all this at Tank America, now located in Orlando. 

Previously located in Melbourne, Florida, Tank America has made the move to Orlando and is now just outside of Baldwin Park, welcoming guests for a chance to get behind the controls of a 17-ton FV433 real military tank. Orlando’s newest attraction is on 14 acres of land and puts guests right in the center of the action as they navigate jungle terrain, hills, and mud holes. 

The new adventure park offers several high-intensity packages to give guests an immersive tank-driving experience. Each package includes a safety and vehicle briefing and offers an additional way to explore the terrain.

Tank America Packages include: 

  • Basic Tank Training: After a safety briefing from the platoon Commander at Headquarters, you will board one of our 17-ton tanks. Lead your crew through a 1/2-mile tank course that requires you to navigate hairpin turns, climb a fifteen-foot hill, and cross trenches.
  • Commander Package: Take the same epic adventure as the Basic Tank Training package with the added challenge of driving from inside the belly of the tank, navigating only through the vehicle’s periscope as if you’re driving into combat.  
  • Advanced Troop Package: Take the action up a notch and upgrade to the Advanced Troop Package to add a car crush, mud hole, and complimentary additional guest. This package is perfect for guests looking for even more destructive fun! The driver will find themselves face to face with a real car they get to drive over and crush three times from three different angles.  The glass will shatter, metal will fly, and the headlights will pop under the weight of 17 tons of armored tank fury.
  • Ultimate Package: With the Ultimate Package, you get to experience all that Tank America offers. Drive the tank course, including all the additional obstacles and the excitement of crushing a car. You can also test your skills using only the periscope and guidance from your tank commander to navigate through the Battle Front in combat locked up.

Tank America also offers packages for group visits. From bachelor parties to team building and anything in between, groups can come together and bond as they work through the experience. Get your adrenaline pumping behind the wheel of one of the awesome tanks.  

“Tank America is one of the only places in the country you can get behind the wheel of a real tank outside of the Army,” said Tank America partner John Kinney. “If you’re looking for a thrilling experience outside of the theme parks, it doesn’t get more thrilling than Tank America.” 

The FV433 Abbot Tank holds one driver and three passengers. Guests must be 16 years old to drive a tank and at least 55 inches tall to ride as a passenger. Operating hours are Thursday through Monday from noon to 6 p.m.     

To learn more about Tank America, visit www.tankamerica.com.

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