My Little Pony At Build-A-Bear Workshop

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Build-A-Bear Workshop Twilight Sparkle Review

Zoe and I headed over to the Florida Mall for a Mommy & Zoe day, and to check out Twilight Sparkle at Build-A-Bear Workshop.

Twilight Sparkle is Zoe’s favorite Pony, so she was thrilled when we walked up and saw her and Spike (not included with Twilight Sparkle)!

Zoe chose just the right Twilight Sparkle and Spike for her and we were on our way!

Build-A-Bear Workshop
Filling Twilight Sparkle

Going to Build-A-Bear is always a lot of fun for Zoe, because she really loves brining new friends to ‘life’ and picking our fun clothes for them!

Build-A-Bear Workshop
I have NEVER seen Zoe wish so hard on a heart at Build-A-Bear Workshop

Twilight Sparkle is 16 inches tall, and super adorable. There are a few things that we made sure to do and a few things we noticed.

Zoe opted for the ‘horse’ sound in Twilight Sparkle, but the My Little Pony Theme Song is also available. The theme song is a touch on the louder side of their sounds, but Zoe has the song in her Rainbow Dash My Little Pony from Build-A-Bear Workshop and it really is only barely noticeable & she loves it!

Build-A-Bear Workshop
Zoe giving Twilight Sparkle a bath.

When they are filling Twilight Sparkle, ask them to make the legs a little firmer, because it makes her a little steadier on her hooves! This is really handy if you have roller skates!

Also you may want to grab one of the new brushes they have available, because the older style brushes make the Pony’s hair a little frizzy. If your Pony’s mane does become a little wild, you can use some of their Bear Stuff Cleaner to help tame it!

Build-A-Bear Workshop
Every Princess NEEDS a cape and tiara!

If you’re nervous about Twilight Sparkle’s cape and crown being difficult to put on, don’t be! There are pre-made slits for her wings in the cape, and her crown fastens around her ears much like the bows so it stays on well.

Build-A-Bear Workshop
Don’t forget to register your Twilight Sparkle just in case your Pony runs free!

Also, Spike is already filled with fluff and love so you don’t have to worry about having to schedule time to fill both.

On a side note the Florida Mall Build-A-Bear location is now being renovated, but the Airport and Altamonte Mall locations are still open!

Twilight Sparkle is available now in Build-A-Bear Stores or Online!

Build-A-Bear Workshop
Zoe and Twilight Sparkle

Zoe is absolutely thrilled to have her new Friends Twilight Sparkle and Spike, and spending some time at Build-A-Bear Workshop is always a great way for us to spend special time together!

Disclosure: Through a partnership with Build-A-Bear Workshop, I received the products in this post for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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