Disney Board Games Are The Perfect Gift For The Holidays!

In our family we love playing board games, and we are always on the lookout for great games to play together.

We were really excited when we the opportunity to review some new Disney board games that are coming out just in time for the holiday season from Wonder Forge.

Disney Board Games
The Disney Board Games we are really enjoying!

I thought it would be fun to take a look at each of these games, starting with Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party and Jake and the Never Land Pirates Who Shook Hook Game.

Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Disney Board Game

Disney Board Games
We are all set up and ready to play the Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Game!

You’re invited to a cupcake party with all your favorite princesses! Work together to make as many cupcakes as you can before it’s time for the party. Follow the recipe cards to pick the perfect fancy liner, frosting, and topper. Each cupcake creation is fit for a princess in this sweet game of matching and sharing. The game is for Princesses 3 and up, and helps to promote physical dexterity & creative expression.

The game includes (10) enchanted cupcakes, (30) cupcake cards, (10) tiles, (1) timer and instructions. Another fun thing about the Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party is that while it  can be played with two players, it would really be easy to play with a larger group of Princesses.

Disney Board Games
The first round was a little shaky, but we learned a lot about working together as a team!

Zoe, my 6 year old going on 25, and I absolutely loved this game! The rules for Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party are super easy to follow, and working together against the timer made the game less competitive and more fun. I also enjoyed that there are three different ways to play the game, which also can make the game more difficult if you have older Princesses playing!

Disney Board Games
These are the cards that you must draw, in any order, to be able to make some Enchanted Cupcakes!

And to me the icing on the enchanted cupcake was the design of the cupcakes themselves! While the cupcakes themselves are on the small size, the level of detail that went into the design of the game pieces is amazing!

Disney Board Games
Snow White’s Cupcake

Overall, I would absolutely suggest the Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party Disney board game for any little Princess on your holiday list! It would be a great game for sleepovers, Princess Tea Parties, or a fun way to spend the evening!

Disney Board Games
This is where my OCD comes out! I really love the packaging of the game, because it isn’t wasteful and it is really is to see which pieces go where so you can make sure you have all the pieces before you put the game away!

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Who Shook Hook Disney Board Game

And going in a totally different direction, we also gave Jake and the Never Land Pirates Who Shook Hook game a whirl!

Disney Board Games
Jake and the Never Land Pirates Who Shook Hook Game

Captain Hook is snoozing in his hammock, surrounded by all the treasure he’s nabbed from Jake and his pirate crew. Spin the spinner to choose your challenge, then use the sword, the fishing pole, or the shovel to pluck a piece of treasure! But steady as she goes–you need to grab the loot without sending Hook tumbling into the water where Tick Tock Croc awaits. This imaginative, play-packed game is sure to be a hit with clever little pirates. The game is intended for children ages 4 and up, and promotes physical dexterity & strategic thinking.

Disney Board Games
The game pieces are the characters from Jake and the Never Land Pirates!

The game includes 2 Palm Trees (2 Trunks and 2 Palm Fronds), Hammock, 3 Barrels, 3 Treasure Chests, 3 Tikis, 3 Money Bags, and 4 Tools (Leaf Tweezers, Sword, Anchor Fishing Pole, Shovel).

Disney Board Games
The Jake and the Never Land Pirates Who Shook Hook is all set up and ready to go!

Zoe, Dave, and I had a really fun time trying to use all of the tools to take the treasure off of Hook’s hammock without flipping him over into the hungry jaws of Tick Tock Croc.

Disney Board Games
Hook better watch out for Tick Tock Croc below him!!!

We all had a fairly easy time using the tools to remove the treasure, and the game plays really quickly so it adds to the fun of trying your best not to be the one to send Captain Hook into the drink! We all seemed to enjoy using the Anchor Fishing Pole the most.

Disney Board Games
The Jake and the Never Land Pirates Who Shook Hook pieces are just the right size with just the right “help” you need to pick them up!

We all really enjoyed Jake and the Never Land Pirates Who Shook Hook game, and found ourselves quickly loading up his hammock back up with treasure when someone (whose name rhymes with GAVE) knocked him out of his hammock!

Disney Board Games
For some reason the anchor was the tool of choice in our house to make sure we didn’t shook Hook!

We all really look forward to our family game time, and these two Disney board games are a welcome addition to our rotation!

I look forward to telling you all about the Disney Princess Dazzling Princess and Jake and the Never Land Pirates Never Land Challenge games!



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Jake and The Never Land Pirates First Music Soundtrack and DVD

You may notice that Daddy has been taking some time off from the movie reviews (silly work), so it’s Mommy’s turn again to have some movie time with Princess Zoe!

Now that you know why you are suffering with my review…Let’s get to the fun stuff!!!

A new soundtrack and DVD inspired by Disney Junior’s #1 series Jake and the Never Land Pirates, are planned to set sail this September with Walt Disney Records’ album release of eighteen hook-filled songs from the series and The Walt Disney Studios Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Yo Ho, Mateys Away! DVD release featuring seven episodes from the series

Zoe is a HUGE fan of the show, and she was STOKED when the DVD/Soundtrack came in the mail!!!

If you haven’t seen the show, you are definitely missing something! Jake, Izzy (armed with pixie dust), Cubby, and their parrot Skully set sail in their ship, Bucky, in search of treasures and adventures. However, Captain Hook and the every faithful Mr. Smee are always around causing trouble for the foursome. The episodes are filled with lessons about friendship, problem solving, and tons of fun pirate rock. I really think that Sharky and Bones, of the Never Land Pirate Band, are her favorites! When the songs come on at the end of each episode, she is up and off of the couch in .08 seconds!

The DVD bonus features were fun, and Zoe really got a kick out of the Pirate Party with Pirate-oke, where she got to sing along with her favorite pirate band, and Yo, Ho, You Want To Be A Pirate?, where Jake taught her how to talk like a REAL pirate!

The 7-track CD sampler and pirate eye patch were a total bonus!!! I don’t think that the CD is coming out of the car anytime soon!!!

Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Yo Ho, Mateys Away! is a new favorite in our house!!!



Jake and the Never Land Pirates is cable’s #1 series among Boys 2-5 and is on track to be Disney Channel’s #1 preschool series ever. It is the most co-viewed series among all Disney Junior and Nickelodeon series, with 47% of Moms watching with their preschooler. A music-filled interactive treasure hunt, the series introduces a crew of kid pirates – leader Jake and pals Izzy and Cubby – and follows their Never Land adventures as they work to outwit two infamous characters, the one and only Captain Hook and Smee, from Disney’s classic “Peter Pan.” Every episode features the animated Sharky and Bones characters as they pop up throughout to perform original pirate ditties, and each episode concludes with a live action music video featuring The Never Land Pirate Band.

[youtube 0cqFyWgetGU]

Written and performed by Loren Hoskins and Kevin Hendrickson, a.k.a. Sharky and Bones of The Never Land Pirate Band, the album features 18 swashbuckling tracks sure to thrill any young pirate. Also included are downloadable activities and games to plan the perfect pirate party, a Sing-Along version of the show’s theme song and a bonus track from a future episode. The deluxe edition includes a pirate bandana. The album arrives at stores and online retailers September 20.

The album features a variety of songs that kids and parents can enjoy together. Songs include the kooky, comical “Hot Lava,” “Aw Coconuts,” “Pirate Password,” and the arrrghhh-rated “Talk Like a Pirate.” Some songs refer to popular characters in the show, such as “What’s Cookin’ Smee,” “Captain Hook (Is A Cranky Crook),” “Tick Tock Croc” and “Bucky’s Shanty.” Others capture the island spirit of Never Land, such as “Castaway on Pirate Island,” “Shipwreck Shuffle” and “Never Sky,” as well as the “Jake and the Never Land Pirates” theme song. All songs can be heard in episodes of the show.

Portland, Oregon-based Hoskins and Hendrickson have been creating pirate rock music for kids of all ages for more than a decade. The duo produced four previous children’s albums and even led their own pirate band. The pirate rockers also provide the musical score for “Jake and the Never Land Pirates.”

The Jake and the Never Land Pirates soundtrack will be available wherever music is sold on September 20. For more information on Walt Disney Records’ releases, please visit www.Disney.com/music , become a fan at www.Facebook.com/disneymusic and follow at www.Twitter.com/disneymusic .


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