Illuminated by Illuminations!

I have to absolutely admit that when my Sister-in-law invited us to tag along on their Illuminations cruise I geeked out for a minute. It is my absolute favorite nighttime show in my favorite park!!!

We met at the Yacht Club Marina at 8 pm to board our boat, and we were greeted by Captain Michael. He was super funny and awesome! Zoe had to wear a life jacket, and at first she was nervous. The good Captain was quick to reassure our little lady, and soon enough she was walking down the dock showing off her “magic vest”.

The cruise began with a tour around the Swan and Dolphin Hotels, followed by the area in front of Hollywood Studios, and then back again to tool around in front of the Yacht Club and Boardwalk Resorts.

Then it was time…

We pulled under the bridge near the International Gateway between two other boats, and we got settled in for the show.

Now while the view from this area was absolutely beautiful and spectacular, it was by far not the shining star of the cruise. That spot alone goes to our fearless Captain.

As the show was about to start, up crept Michael to walk us through the show. He talked us through each image on the globe, explosion of each firework/gas/water effect, and the lighting of the torches. It was amazing! I never noticed a quarter of the images that he pointed out, and I have Goosebumps just thinking about it now.

From the bubbles as the land of the earth was rising from the sea, to the journey through the cave, the creativity of man, the many faces that grace the globe (equal parts women and men), to the fact that the Tapestry of Nations parade is shown so close to the finale you easily miss it…

I absolutely apologize for the total lack of photos, but I wasn’t going to let myself get distracted from Captain Mike for too long. 🙂

If you haven’t had the chance to take an Illuminations cruise, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Also, I can’t thank Elizabeth enough for inviting us to join her and letting us in on this crazy and amazing experience!

I am afraid that I may be hooked, and will HAVE to do this again!!!

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