How To Unlock The Disney Infinity Dragon

Disney Infinity

If you have a MagicBand and own Disney Infinity, there is a special ‘toy’ for you!

After reading hints that MagicBands would unlock something special in Disney Infinity, I decided to visit my friend John with my MagicBand to see what would happen!

In Disney’s most ambitious video game initiative ever, Disney Infinity introduces an all-new game universe where a spark of imagination unlocks a fantastical world where players have unprecedented freedom and endless opportunity to create stories and play experiences starring the beloved characters from Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios’ most popular franchises.


For the first time, players will place real-world interactive figures – characters, power discs and Play Set pieces – on the Disney Infinity Base to activate original, story-driven adventures in the game worlds, also known as Play Sets. In each respective Play Set, players will take on the role of a variety of popular characters and battle enemies, solve challenging puzzles, overcome obstacles and complete a variety of other unique quests.

Using the Wii version of Disney Infinity and my MagicBand, we indeed found something special…we unlocked Dragon Gate.

To unlock this feature, all you need to do is tap your MagicBand on your Disney Infinity Base. Once you tap your MagicBand, you will receive ‘Dragon Gate’. Once you place Dragon Gate in your Toy Box of Disney Infinity, you will receive a Dragon toy and you will also find a Dragon flying in the sky above you.


Here are a few things that you may want to keep in mind when you are unlocking Dragon Gate:

  • Once we placed Dragon Gate in our Toy Box, we had to wait a little while before the Dragon appeared. We tried walking in and out of the area, we walked around the nooks and crannies of the area, and even tried interacting with the area but nothing worked to trigger the Dragon to appear. So just make sure you are patient, because your Dragon will appear…I promise!
  • Right before your Dragon appears, you will hear a definite change in music. That music is your cue to look up in the skies above you!
  • Once you hear the music, you will want to hop in something that flies so you can take off after your fire-breathing dragon.
  • Your Dragon could appear near you or he could be mischievous and flying far above or away from you. To find him quickly, be sure to listen for his flapping wings and look for the fireballs he breathes.

You may notice that this Dragon looks familiar! The Disney Infinity Dragon is a dead ringer for the Disney Dragon that flew over New Fantasyland at the Media Preview Event.

Disney Infinity
Here is my picture of the Disney Dragon that flew over the New Fantasyland Media Preview Event.

I hope that you enjoy your Dragon and playing Disney Infinity!!!

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