Glow With The Show Magic Kingdom Debut With @Disneyworlds

Todd and Cheryl captured some great clips of the Glow with the Show debut at Magic Kingdom during Celebrate the Magic and Wishes! that we shared on our Facebook page, but now John Saccheri of the Big Fat Panda Show comes through again with another great guest post and wonderful video of even more during the debut at Magic Kingdom of both of these nighttime shows!

After the amazing GLOW WITH THE SHOW spectacle at Fantasmic! a few nights ago, the premiere of the light up Mickey ears at the Magic Kingdom was less than stellar.

This is not to say I did not enjoy the experience, but expectations had been set and were not met. Unlike the Fantasmic debut, no ears were given out to “seed” the audience. I would say less than 10% of the people had ears on. Another thing against this debut is that Main Street is rather flat compared to the Fantasmic! stadium. So unless you were tall, there was less to see.

But all is not lost – I had a tall friend and a monopod with me and we were able to get up around 10 feet (estimate) to bring you some great shots of what did occur.

Unfortunately, during the last 2 minutes of the Celebrate The Magic Castle Projection show, the ears ceased functioning. I am guessing the signal somehow did not get out to the ears.


This small glitch was fixed a few minutes later when Wishes! Glow With The Show premiered.


I still love the idea and the technology and hope you enjoy what I was able to capture on video!

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