Guest Post: The Imagination Gala Shines In These Brown Eyes

We are incredibly excited to have Elantrice from Diz Thru Brown Eyes joining us today for a guest post! She is an avid collector of Disney Pins, Vinylmations, Alex and Ani Bangles, and her Harveys for Disney Couture bags will make you green with envy!!! She also is a runDisney participant, who just earned her Coast-to-Coast challenge medal. Elantrice is one heck of a great blogger and friend, and again we are stoked to have her!

The Imagination Gala

Shines in these Brown Eyes

I attended Walt Disney World’s annual pin and Vinylmation event that is held in early September in Epcot.  The events are themed with this year’s being The Imagination Gala.

Figment was our wonderful host and we even got to walk the violet carpet.  The pin event was held over two days, September 5th and 6th.  The Vinylmation event was held on September 7th.

The Imagination Gala

Before I get into the event, I wanted to share the registration process. You have to register for the pin and Vinylmation events separately.  You can also choose to attend a breakfast for each event at an extra price and you get into the venue an hour and half before it opens to those who do not attend the breakfast.  The merchandise offered during the event are limited edition.  In order for there to be fairness, Disney uses Random Selection Progress (RSP).  You place your choices on up to three forms. In early August, an email is sent stating what you have been awarded.  At that time, you can choose to have items removed before your credit card is charged.  If you did not receive what you wanted, you can possibly purchase at the event if items are available.

I selected to do early registration which allowed me to pick up my credentials and items on September 4th at Coronado Springs Resort.  

The Imagination Gala

Usually there is a mad rush to get from the turnstiles to the venue that is located in United Kingdom Pavilion.  I took my time both mornings and got coffee at Starbucks.  

The Imagination Gala

Why the mad rush you ask?  Several attendees come to the event to participate in trading activities and to trade with others.  There are several trading lines manned by Cast Members.  The pin boards are refreshed a couple a times an hour with rare pins.  There are “Pin Talks” with Disney Artists to inform us of what pins are to come.  Besides this, there are fun contests to win prizes and a silent auction.  On the last day of the pin event, winners of the silent auctions are announced as well as a grand prize winner.   I do not trade.  I spent my time taking pictures of upcoming releases of pins and Vinylmations.

The Imagination Gala

The Imagination Gala

The Imagination Gala

The Imagination Gala

photo 1 (1)

At the pin event, pins are released before the public can purchase.  Hipster Mickey and Minnie pins were released on September 5th and the first pin in the Gen-EAR-ation D 2015 Walt Disney World series was released on September 6th.

The Imagination Gala

The Imagination Gala

September 7th was the Imagination Gala Vinylmation Event. I attended the breakfast that began at 8am.  You could munch on fruit, pastries, quiche, and biscuits while waiting in the trading activities lines. 

The Imagination Gala

For attending the breakfast, the gift was Imagination Gala Award Ceremony Minnie.

The Imagination Gala

I got in line at the event store for the opportunity to purchase Vinylmation.  Released were 2014 Trade Night Figment Vinylmation (Limited edition 500) and Imagination Gala Award Ceremony Clarice (Limited edition 1000).

The Imagination Gala

I got a variant Figment, which was very exciting due to their being only 50 made.

The Imagination Gala

Also offered was Vintage Vinylmation Vault, where you had the opportunity to buy Vinylmation in past series.  I choose a Vinylmation from Park 2.

The Imagination Gala

The Imagination Gala

I left the Vinylmation event early due to my flight leaving at 4:30pm.  I can say I enjoyed both events.  Even though I do not trade, I enjoyed talking with other collectors, Disney Artists, and Cast Members. I even took a picture with   I think I mostly enjoyed sharing upcoming pin and Vinylmation releases with the Disney Community.  I enjoyed attending this events due to me being a collector and a Disney Lover.  I cannot wait for the 2015 event!

The Imagination Gala

Make sure you keep up with Elantrice’s adventures on her blog DizThruBrownEyes!!

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2011 Holiday Merchandise Spotlight on Vinylmations

I thought that I would end the week off with a look at the 2011 Holiday Viynlmations…The Jingle Smells!

These 3 inch scented Vinyls have poseable arms and hands like the regular Vinylmations, but they also feature a hook to allow you to hang them on your tree.

Jingle Smell Vinylmations are in open window tubes (instead of boxes), and are available in Chocolate, Gingerbread, Marshmallow, and Peppermint Candy Cane.

These Vinyls are soooooooooo super cute!!! I am normally not a fan, but I think I might have to get these bad boys to add to the tree!!!

Chocolate Vinylmation - Front


Chocolate Vinylmation - Back


Peppermint Candy Cane Vinylmation - Front


Peppermint Candy Cane Vinylmation - Back


Marshmallow Snowman Vinylmation - Front


Marshmallow Snowman Vinylmation - Back


Gingerbread Man Vinylmation - Front


Gingerbread Man Vinylmation - Back








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2011 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival Merchandise

Inside of the 2011 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival Center, located in the much beloved Wonders of Life Pavilion, you will find the most comprehensive collection of Festival Merchandise.

Let’s take a look at what this year has to offer…

This is the painting of the International Food and Wine Festival's signature print.


As always, the focus of the merchandise are items that you can use in your own kitchen.




I am in LOVE with the Minnie Pin!!! So I may be biased, as she's my favorite character...


This is the Annual Passholder exclusive pin for the Food & Wine Festival.


The old world looking stamps on the hat look super cool.


This burn-out t-shirt is really cute! It might be my favorite.


There were a large variety of shirts this year.



While the front seems unassuming...


The back is awesome, because it has replicas of all of the kiosk signs!



This looks dangerous!


Chef Duffy!

Now the next few items I found are so amazing! These cosmetic and messenger bags are created from the banners that flew at last year’s International Food and Wine Festival!!!





The 2011 Food and Wine festival Vinylmation.


The 2011 International Food and Wine Festival has also added two signature wines to their list of exclusive offerings.

The festival Pinot Grigio.


The festival Chianti.


The thing that strikes me the most about the merchandise for the 2011 International Food and Wine Festival is that the quality has definitely been kicked up a notch since last year!!!

Also, with the addition of the wines and the priorLife merchandise you will find more opportunities, outside of the featured artists, to purchase one-of-a-kind items!







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