Relaxing in the Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom
Relaxing with Mom at the Magic Kingdom

Sometimes you just want a quiet day in the park. Other times you’re with a theme park newbie or someone who isn’t a fan of rides. For whatever reason, there are times that you find yourself not riding rides, and that’s okay. Some of my favorite attractions past and present are not rides. I thought I’d share a few so if you are touring a theme park with someone who is unable or unwilling to ride, or you just want to experience a park in a different way, here are some of my go to attractions. I’m starting this series with the Magic Kingdom, so enjoy!

Relaxing in the Magic Kingdom

Fantasyland holds one of my favorite things of all, an attraction that typically has a very short wait time, is sitting down, and in air conditioning. This magical show is called Mickey’s PhilharMagic and is a fun 3D film featuring some great songs from Disney movies and that rascal Donald Duck.

Me enjoying a/c at PhilharMagic

A classic in Adventureland that has thankfully been restored to its previous incarnation, is the wonderful Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room. This great show exhibits the audio animatronic birds who sing words, and flowers who croon in the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room. Again, this is sitting down, and in air conditioning. Are you following a theme here folks?

Tiki Room

Now Frontierland holds another classic that was a favorite, then we had a parting of ways, but have since reconciled. The Country Bear Jamboree still has some of the great bear band rhythm, but not as much as it had before, and it made me sad/mad for awhile when the cuts were made, so I may have stayed away for a bit. Time has passed now, and I’ve missed those bears dearly, so again, sitting down, air conditioning, clapping, singing, and Max, Buff, and Melvin.

Country Bears

On Main Street USA it is truly a must to catch the Dapper Dans and listen to a set or two of their a capella harmonies. Often they will even take requests and can be found around the Harmony Barber Shop, which makes sense as they are a barbershop quarter. The Mayor is often hanging around, and if you’re lucky, you may even get one of his super rare business cards. Also on Main Street if you are around for it, you should try to see the Flag Retreat ceremony, but be warned, you will probably need a tissue as they typically honor a veteran guest each day in the Magic Kingdom.

Dapper Dans

Parades are great ways to enjoy days without rides and see lots of characters without standing in line to see them. You can often find a spot to sit and grab a snack and rest before the parade. While you are waiting for the parade to start, you can people watch, which is another one of my favorite park activities in the Magic Kingdom. You will see people from all over the world, but you may even see someone you know from home. It is funny what a small world it is!

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