Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party: #NotSoScary Tips for Parents

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Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party can be tricky to navigate for parents, so I wanted to share some tips to help parents be prepared for the fun!

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party:

Tips for Parents


Halloween Elena of Avalor Costume Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party 2016

Keep in mind that it is still warm in Florida during the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party schedule, so make sure you choose costumes that won’t make your little ghosts overheat. I love how fun this Elena of Avalor Costume from The Disney Store!

Cute Pajamas

Halloween Pajamas Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party 2016

As the night goes on and little ones get sleepy, why not pick up a super cute pair of pajamas for them to wear while they doze in the stroller. These Mickey Halloween Pajamas are available at The Disney Store.

Change of Clothes

Packing a Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Bag - Gallon Zip Top Bags

Halloween Costumes (for adults and children) can get cumbersome after awhile, so I like to buy larger (2 Gallon typically) ziptop bags that I pack with a change of clothes so changing is more organized! I prefer the freezer bags, and you can find them on Amazon here.

Wristbands on the Same Arm

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party 2016 Wristband

Everyone who attends Mickey’s Not So Scary receives a special wristband denoting that they are part of that night’s party, and earlier in the night you will pass through several ‘check points’ to ensure any stragglers have left the Magic Kingdom before the fun really begins!

To make the process easier for younger ones who may be learning their left from their right, everyone should place their party wristbands on the same arm for a visual cue when passing through these points efficiently.

Avoiding Budget Busters

Packing a Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Bag - Savory Snacks

I like to be prepared with snacks and glow toys or necklaces to help curb the small purchases that add up during the night at the party.

Candy Hack

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party 2016 Candy Hack

When my daughter has a full candy bag from trick-or-treating at Mickey’s Not So Scary it doesn’t stay full for long, because she’s sneaking pieces of candy (no shame in that game) or is swinging it and candy flies everywhere. So as her bag approaches half-full I like to empty it into a gallon size ziptop bag. As a bonus, Cast Members are typically more generous with the candy the emptier your bag is at the candy location!

Smooth Character Interactions

Mickey's Not So Scary halloween party 2016 characters meet and greet jack skellington and sally

During Mickey’s Not So Scary you will have the chance to meet some exclusive characters, however this opportunity comes at quite a cost of time for some so make sure that your children are comfortable meeting their friends before the party and that you prioritize which characters you would love to meet!

Here are the characters you will find during Mickey’s Not So Scary (an * denotes rare characters)

  • Main Street U.S.A. – Town Square Theater – Mickey Mouse in his Halloween Finest* and Tinker Bell
  • Main Street U.S.A.- Tour Guide Garden near City Call – Snow White
  • Adventureland – Agrabah Bazaar near The Magic Carpets of Aladdin – Friends from Aladdin (Characters spotted have included Jasmine, Aladdin, Abu*, and Genie*)
  • Adventureland – Zanzibar near The Magic Carpets of Aladdin – Jafar*
  • Adventureland – Veranda near the Skipper Canteen – friends from Tarzan (Characters spotted have included Tarzan, Jane, and Terk*)
  • Adventureland – Caribbean Plaza across from Pirates of the Caribbean – Captain Jack Sparrow*
  • Liberty Square – The Glade behind Liberty Tree Tavern – Jack Skellington* & Sally* from The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Liberty Square – Near the Haunted Mansion – Carlotta* and Lady Renata*
  • Fantasyland – Princess Fairytale Hall – Rapunzel, Tiana, Aurora, and Cinderella
  • Fantasyland – Ariel’s Grotto – Ariel
  • Fantasyland – Fairytale Garden near Cinderella Castle on the way to Mad Tea Party – Merida
  • Fantasyland – Gaston’s Tavern – Gaston and Villager Belle*
  • Fantasyland – Mad Tea Party – Alice, Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts*, and Tweedles*
  • Fantasyland – Thotful Spot near The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh – Winnie the Pooh*, Tigger*, Piglet*, Eeyore* in Halloween Costumes
  • Fantasyland – Storybook Circus – Calliope Tent – the Seven Dwarfs*
  • Fantasyland – Storybook Circus – Train Station – Cruella DeVil*
  • Fantasyland – Storybook Circus – Casey Jr. Splash Pad – Donald Duck*, Daisy Duck*, and Minnie Mouse* in their Halloween costumes
  • Fantasyland – Storybook Circus – Barnstormer – The Great Goofini*
  • Tomorrowland – Between Buzz Lightyear Space Rangers Spin and Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress – Buzz Lightyear and Lotso*

Two things to keep in mind is that characters typically don’t start meeting until the party begins however lines for popular characters (like Jack Skellington and Sally) may appear earlier with lines forming around 5 pm and characters stop meeting guests around 11:30 pm.

Children with allergies or dietary restrictions

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween 2016 Allergy Friendly trick or treat experience

Having children with allergies or dietary restrictions can make trick-or-treating a daunting task, but this year the Magic Kingdom is awash in teal, the official color of food allergy awareness, with a new allergy-friendly experience. You can find out all the details with tons of pictures here.

Park Bag Must Haves for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

Packing a Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Bag

Being prepared with everything you may need will insure that you have more fun that frights, and in this post I share some things I pack in my party park bag.

For more Mickey’s Not So Scary fun check out our other posts on 7 #NotSoScary Experiences and my general tips & tricks on icFlorida! Plus we’ve got tons of great photos and information on Instagram and Twitter!

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