A look into Disney On Ice presents Frozen!

sisters Disney on Ice presents Frozen Amway Center

On Wednesday night, we had the opportunity to attend a media preview of the final rehearsal for Disney on Ice Presents Frozen, the day before the show went live here at the Amway Center before heading out on a tour of North America!

I was so excited to see this show, as I had thought about how cool Frozen would be if Disney On Ice featured it, ever since I saw Stars On Ice here at the Amway Center in April!

Olympic Skater Gracie Gold paid tribute to Queen Elsa when she performed one of her routines to Let It Go, dressed in a smaller tutu version of Elsa’s iconic blue dress!

gracie elsa Disney on Ice presents Frozen Amway Center

On our way in, we could purchase merchandise from the stands. There were not only programs available for $15, but there were items that I haven’t even noticed in any Disney Stores yet! Pull apart Olaf was very adorable, and they had many souvenir character cups, and plushes to buy! You could also get your photo taken with cardboard cut outs of Olaf, Elsa & Anna, and even have your face painted like them!

merch Disney on Ice presents Frozen Amway Centerfacepainting Disney on Ice presents Frozen Amway Center

The show started with some warm up acts getting us on our feet, my favorite part being when they guided everybody though a dance and told us thats how you “do the snowman”! It got everyone dancing and ready for the show!

Our hosts came out to greet us first, which of course, was Mickey and Minnie Mouse! They were dressed up in warm skiing style costumes, and I admit to being very jealous about Minnie’s pink Ugg style boots, very stylish!

They soon brought out other Disney characters including the Princesses and their Princes! Soon enough the whole stage was full of our beloved Disney Characters. What a way to kick off the night!

intro Disney on Ice presents Frozen Amway Center

We the story of Frozen started during the performance, and we got a glimpse into young sisters, Anna & Elsa, staying up playing, and of course building a snowman! Our first glimpse at Olaf!

True to the story, the scene ended with Anna being injured by her sister, so Elsa was told to “conceal, don’t feel” and hid away from Anna in her room.

snowman Disney on Ice presents Frozen Amway Center

We were then treated to Anna’s “For The First Time In Forever” scene, in which we first see her grown up and this is where we really see her shine! Her excitement is represented through her moves as she dances through the square looking forward to the Coronation, while Elsa looks on in the background forlornly.

first time Disney on Ice presents Frozen Amway Center

Our next scene was “Love Is An Open Door” where Anna meets Hans for the first time, I loved the huge clock they had in the background, and the fountain added a nice effect from the movie.

When the other dancers came out for the Coronation, the colors used on the ice were just stunning and added such a beautiful visual!

open door Disney on Ice presents Frozen Amway Center coronation Disney on Ice presents Frozen Amway Center

After the coronation we saw Anna & Hans excitedly ask for, now Queen, Elsa’s permission to marry each other. Which she replied with the now famous “You can’t marry a man you JUST met!”, which as we know, led to the argument between the sisters, and Elsa’s mounting emotions coming through triggering her magic, accidentally setting off an eternal winter upon Arendelle. The pyrotechnics used during this scene really added to the dramatics and emotions of the moment.

marry? Disney on Ice presents Frozen Amway Center

The next scene led to a lot of cheers as we got to see grown up Kristoff and Sven, who we saw briefly at the beginning as their younger selves collecting their ice together.

Here we see them meet Anna, who persuades them to help her find her sister. However Anna is soon offended by Kristoff’s comments about Hans, “You mean to tell me you got engaged to someone you just met that day…didn’t your parents ever warn you about strangers?”.

sven Disney on Ice presents Frozen Amway Center

It felt like the next scene was the one that everyone had been waiting for, Elsa’s moment of freedom from the restrictions that she has lived under all her life. It was time for Elsa to “Let It Go”.

The lights and snow flurries used in this scene just added to the magic as she made her ice castle. It was truly so beautiful to see her surrounded by ice!

let it go Disney on Ice presents Frozen Amway Center

We were then introduced to a real life Olaf! Which was played out so brilliantly as it went from a full size Olaf, to being tossed around by Anna and Kristoff in pieces!

olaf Disney on Ice presents Frozen Amway CenterThis then led to such a fun part of the show, Olaf performing his “In Summer” song, it was so fun watching the choreography to this part!Disney on Ice presents Frozen Amway Center In summer

I loved the next scene that showed when Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven finally reaching Elsa’s ice castle.  Anna & Elsa began dancing around the ice together, during the “For The First Time In Forever (Reprise)” part, as Anna begs Elsa to come back home and restore summer in Arendelle.

But as we know, Elsa’s surprise leads her to accidentally freeze Anna’s heart, and she is prompted to order “Marshmallow” to drive them away.

Marshmallow was represented so well in this, he was huge and rolled out onto the ice with huge presence!

ice castle Disney on Ice presents Frozen Amway Center marshmallow Disney on Ice presents Frozen Amway Center

After running away from Marshmallow, Kristoff takes Anna to  the Valley of the Living Rock, to meet his family, the Trolls. Where they mistake her for his girlfriend and “He’s A Bit Of A Fixer Upper” is performed, I loved it when all the trolls one by one linked arms and they rotated around Kristoff & Anna in the middle, it was so cute!

The scene ends with Anna being told that only an act of true love can save her from freezing and her untimely death.

So Kristoff takes Anna back to Arendelle so she may receive a kiss from Hans, her supposed true love!

trolls Disney on Ice presents Frozen Amway Center

Sadly this scene leads to use fining out Han’s true intentions, that he never loved Anna and was only using her to become the King of Arendelle!

But it did lead to a scene with a lot of cheers and “aw’s” when Olaf appears, lights a fire for Anna and speaks his famous line…”Some people are worth melting for!”. I think the whole stadium audience melted at this point too!

melting Disney on Ice presents Frozen Amway Center

Luckily, Elsa, who managed to escape her capture by Hans, tries to find Anna but is hunted down by Hans which leads Anna to leap to the rescue and put herself in between them, freezing to death before the sword hits her. As we all know, Anna’s sacrifice was an act of true love for her sister, and then she is soon revived.

true love Disney on Ice presents Frozen Amway Center

The last scenes in this show were my favorite, as not only do we see the party back at Arendelle once summer is restored, but ALL the characters from the beginning opening come back out to celebrate with the Frozen Characters!

I personally loved this part, as it felt like classic Disney, embracing and celebrating their most recent hit in Frozen!

finale Disney on Ice presents Frozen Amway Center

I certainly recommend seeing Disney on Ice presents Frozen to any Frozen fan, as it did not disappoint!

For a complete list of tour dates visit disneyonice.com.





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