Pick Six – Walt Disney World Christmas Ornaments

This holiday season has been a great one for those of us who are totally into Walt Disney World Merchandise, and this year’s Walt Disney World Christmas Ornaments definitely do not disappoint!

With some great new additions, returning favorites, and expanding offerings you are sure to find a Christmas ornament that speaks to you or is a perfect gift for a friend!

In today’s Pick Six, I am taking a look at a few of my favorite Walt Disney World Christmas Ornaments!

1. Princess and Villains Shoes

Walt Disney World Christmas Ornaments

What I wouldn’t give to have REAL shoes just like this series!!!!

Designed to resemble the costumes and stories of each Princess and Female Villain, these high heel shoe ornaments don’t miss a detail.

This pair of Ariel pumps are to die for!

2. Occupation Christmas Ornaments

 Walt Disney World Christmas Ornaments

If you love what you do, are looking for a great gift for a co-worker, or a special gift for a service provider you might want to consider the Occupation Christmas Ornaments.

Mickey and Minnie not only depict everyday jobs, but they also are all dressed up for some of the most iconic Walt Disney World Cast Member roles.

This Minnie Mouse Tour Guide stole my heart!!!

3. Attraction Based Ornaments

 Walt Disney World Christmas Ornaments

Being far away from Walt Disney World for the holidays is always tough, but one way to make it a little easier and to show your family & friends your favorite attraction is by displaying Attraction Based Ornaments.

The Haunted Mansion has an ever expanding merchandise line, thank goodness, and this new ornament is absolutely adorable and fun!

4. Characters

Walt Disney World Christmas Ornaments

We all have our favorite Disney Characters, mine in Minnie Mouse, and you can find some really great character Walt Disney World Christmas Ornaments.

They have a HUGE variety of character ornaments, and you will be surprised to see some of your favorite characters that don’t always have a ton of merchandise have their own ornament.

This WALL-E and Eve ornament is one of my favorites, because it captures the spirit of the movie and their characters!

5. Mickey Ear Hat Ornaments

Walt Disney World Christmas Ornaments

This year the Mickey Ear Hat Ornament line has expanded greatly with new character designs, limited edition sets, and even attraction designs now available.

I love how this Big Thunder Mountain Mickey Ear Hat Ornament has trains running on both sides and great details from the ride!

6. Traditional Christmas Ornaments

 Walt Disney World Christmas Ornaments

If you are more of a traditionalist when it comes to choosing your Christmas Ornaments, you will love the line of glass ornaments that were created exclusively for Walt Disney World.

Glass ornaments with this level are generally expensive, but for the size and craftsmanship of these ornaments you can’t go wrong!

Also a really fun way to plus your Walt Disney World Christmas Ornaments is to have them personalized! For $3.00 per word at Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe at the Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Days of Christmas at Downtown Disney Marketplace, Cast Members with better handwriting than you and I could ever dream of having can add dates and names to a lot of fun Walt Disney World Christmas Ornaments!

I’d love to hear and even see what some of your favorite Walt Disney World Christmas Ornaments are hanging on your trees and displays!

Please leave a comment below, tweet your pics to @onthegoinmco, or post them to our Facebook wall!

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!!!



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