Capone’s Dinner and Show in Kissimmee, Florida

For the past 10+ years, I have been to Capone’s Dinner & Show numerous times! The main reason is my mom LOVES it.


I’m telling you, I can quote the show. And I notice when songs are removed (I’m still sad one of my favorite music numbers is gone.)

When we got there to pick up our tickets we were given our secret password and the option to go in a bit early and enjoy the upstairs bar. The early access means that you have to pay for at least one drink (per person), but you’ll get first go at food before everyone else starts pouring in.

The meal provided is buffet style (read: buff-et) and you can view the menu here. As for the drinks…they are a plenty! Included in your ticket price is unlimited drinks, which makes the show even THAT much funnier 😉 Your choice of unlimited drinks include: Bud Light draft, rum runner, rum & cola, cranberry & vodka, white zinfandel, merlot & chardonnay wines, soda, iced tea, hot tea, coffee, cranberry juice, fruit punch. (You’ve already gotten a great deal with the meal/drinks alone!)

When we were given access to be able take some pictures and video, I couldn’t wait to share it!


What’s Capone’s about? Well, I don’t want to give too much away, but you’re in the gangster underworld.


All of the wait staff are in character and talk and act like gangsters would (or at least that’s the way I would imagine they know, if they were somewhat nice.)

The stage is taken over by a six person show – Bunny and her new husband, Fingers, are the who the story line follows. The songs are catchy and the lines exchanged are punchy.


So many laughs and “oh, that was a pun” laughs are heard during the show.


Whether you’re a local and have driven by it or your visiting from out of town, make sure to stop by Capone’s for dinner and laughs! Before you call for reservations make sure you check out their website for any deals they may have on tickets (I just looked and spied a 50% off coupon!)

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