Winter Jam JAMS out in Tampa

Winter Jam

This past Saturday Shalon and I were lucky enough to be invited to the Winter Jam Tour Spectacular in Tampa. Being the music lovers that we are we jumped at the chance. Winter Jam is a Christian Rock concert that has toured since 1995. It was started by the group New Song and has grown with popularity over the years. At the heart of Winter Jam is ministry and it’s commitment to no tickets and only $10 at the door. This remains a unique characteristic to Winter Jam and underscores the importance of making the event affordable for families, individuals and groups of all sizes. Luckily the tour made a stop close to us this year and we were able to go!

Having made friends with Royal Tailor when we were at Night of Joy, we were super excited to see them again in Concert. We knew that there were a bunch of bands performing and that while each group only had time to do 3 or 4 songs, we would get to see the best that each band had to offer!

Up first was a band called Capital Kings who we learned were a Electric Pop duo who had the whole forum on their feet when they performed in the very center of the floor!



Next up was OBB (which stands for Oswald Brothers Band) An adorable band of brothers who had great harmony and chemistry on stage! We were instant fans!



Up next was American Idol Alumni Jason Castro! Always love listening to his voice and guitar playing! Kid is seriously talented and he always puts on a great concert!

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Performing next was of course the highlight of our night Royal Tailor. We were so fortunate to be able to get to know Tauren, Blake, DJ and Jarrod when we had dinner with them during Night of Joy and we beyond thrilled to see the guys in concert again! This time as fans and friends! And they did not disappoint!  The boys were on point and kept the crowd happy their whole set! There was even a youth group that leaned the dance from their video Make A Move. It was Awesome!!!!

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The next highlight for me was the band Red. I have been a long time fan of them and missed them totally due to rain at Night of Joy and was SO excited to see them here. I wont ruin it for you, but they had an AMAZING SET!!!!! A M A Z I N G !!!!!!!


Jamie Grace, Newsong, Sidewalk Prophets and Matthew West were in the next set! All had wonderful performances that kept the crowd all singing and moving the whole time!

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The Headliner and the last act of the night was Toby Mac! If you have ever seen him in concert then you know his energy is exactly what you want to end an evening with! That man does not stop the whole time he is on stage and he MOVES FAST! When he adds in all his people, it is a show that is always worth it!!!!!!

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After the concert each of the bands did a meet and greet with fans and signed CDs and shirts and things! Luckily we got to see our favorite Royal Tailor Guys and say hi to them again! It was nice to be able to talk to them and make plans for when they return to Florida.


Shalon and I had a BLAST at Winter Jam and If you have the tour coming near you soon, spend the $10.00 and go for yourself! Even if you are only a fan of one or two of the artists, it is totally worth it!!!! Thank you to Carol with Winter Jam for allowing us to come to the concert!!!!!

We have a TON more pictures from the concert on our Facebook Page! Also keep an eye on our YouTube page as well for some clips!!!!

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