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While my Husband James and I were visiting Universal Orlando Resort a few weeks ago, we noticed a hidden gem over at Islands of Adventure.

Now a days, EVERYONE has a smart phone. They use it for keeping in touch with the world via Twitter or Facebook or Instagram or to stay in contact with work and with family. It is unheard of to walk through a Central Florida theme park and NOT see someone in a family, if not everyone with a phone or camera in their hand. But what happens when that phone dies? Or you have used up all your space on your memory card or you need to send an important email while you are in the parks?

Well, Islands of Adventure has taken care of that with their own Internet Cafe called…

Wossamotta U.

Wossamotta U is the perfect place to charge your phone, add some pictures to your blog while at the park, email the boss an important email, or even let grandma skype with you after you ride Dudley Do-Right and all of you are soaking wet!

Lets take a look around the store!

They offer computers with timed visits for the Internet use, but you can leave your phone or camera in there to charge as long as you need it with no charge. We saw a family who had brought their own power strip and had been sitting in the park on a bench, plugged into an outlet charging 7 different things and they were missing out on all the fun things to do! If you drop them off here, then you can go enjoy a few rides, come back in an hour, and you will have fully charged up devices! We have all been there, dead phone, dead camera batteries, and dead video camera. This is such a wonderful addition to the park! Drop off your devices, get a ticket, ride a few rides in the area, have some lunch, come back, and you are ready to enjoy the rest of your day!

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