There’s A First Time For Everything…Main Street Double Decker Bus

This year I have decided that I want to focus on doing things that I haven’t done in the Magic Kingdom before, and so far I am off to a fantastic start!!!

The other day I had the opportunity to knock another one off of the list…Riding down Main Street USA on the Double Decker Bus!!!

When we saw that the bus was taking passengers on at Town Hall, Mike and I quickly made our way up the stairs and to the bench at the  front of the second level.

It was amazing to have such a great view of Main Street, even with all the construction, and what made it even better was that the Dapper Dans were on the bus singing!!!

As we got off the Double Decker Bus at the hub, all I could do was think of how many times I had passed on the opportunity to ride and how I won’t make that same mistake again!!!


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