Good morning gang!

I know that I have been super absent from posting for the summer, but it has been one heck of a ride that has been filled with a lot of personal loss, great gains, change, and growth.

One thing that I realized along the way was that my priorities were WAYYYYY out of whack. While I started this blog to talk about my adventures and observations, I got caught up in the game. The events that I got invited to had gotten to be more important than the people that I was with and the experience itself.

I absolutely have enjoyed and cherished my experiences thus far, but as I look back on my almost first full year in Florida it is time to make some changes around here. It is time to get back to going to the parks, looking at the details that make me smile like a kid, and being in the moment.

Will I still go to events and do reviews? Sure, but it will be with a more discerning eye and lighter heart. Living in Celebration and having the opportunity to visit Walt Disney World so often is truly a blessing, and I don’t want to forget that for one moment.

Thank you so much for letting me share my feeling with you this morning. I hope that you will continue to join me on my adventures and continue to share yours with me!



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Author: Shelley

When she isn't chasing her chihuahuas, daughter, or cheering for her Hokies you can find Shelley On the Go in the Central Florida Area and on-air with WDBO News 96.5 on Friday evenings!

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