Taking it Easy at the Magic Kingdom!

It is sooo easy to get carried away in the Magic Kingdom, and before you know it you are roaming the parks with a glazed look in your eye and a fist full of fastpasses.

But on this beautiful day, John, Betsy, and I decided to take is slow and focus on enjoying ourselves and taking some photos of our favorite things.

So here is are some of the photos that I took from our day around the Magic Kingdom.

By law, you are required to take this picture every time you visit the Haunted Mansion! Look it up...Google it! 😀
And you HAVE to take this picture, too!
The twins are my favorite busts!
This makes me giggle every time!!!
It isn't a ride on Haunted Mansion without paying your respects to Master Gracey.
The Captain
I could stay here all day...even though I don't get the rhymes right all the time...
The back of the Poetess' crypt.
Campbell is my maiden name...
I love this shot of the head stones!!!
Madame Leota
The new chicken out sign at Haunted Mansion!
It's Country Bear Jamboree time!!!

How do you not love this little guy....errrr bear?
I love Country Bears and I don't care what you say!!!
This is Betsy's favorite part of the show.
Big Al
Country Bears Finale!!!
I love this little spot outside of Pirates of the Caribbean!!!
A larger picture of La Fuente Serena.
They have added some POTC 4 portraits to the Pirates gift shop.
Pirate Tutorial
I love how this sign just blends in with the theming.
That is quite an interesting mailing address...
You have to look closely for this guy...
Inspiration Falls
How can you tell we are in Africa?
Time to go to the watering hole.
1971 Impalas
FYI, you really can't out run a rhino!
Ginger and Smiley
Hungry, Hungry Hippos!
I love these guys!
The backside of water.
Good thing I caught this guy with his trunk on!
Any way you slice it or dice it...
One of my favorite plants here in the jungle...
Rum and Hennessy...what else do you REALLY need on a jungle trip?
I love this board as you exit the Jungle Cruise!
I can't leave without at least one castle picture!
Celebrate Today...Indeed!!!
And a Dole Whip at Captain Cooks is the perfect ending to a perfect day!

Thanks for joining us on our slow, but relaxing trip through the Magic Kingdom.

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