MagicBand Accessories Are At Walt Disney World!

MagicBand accessories have arrived just as Walt Disney World has started a largest test of the new MagicBands!

Available at Fantasia gifts at the Contemporary Resort and Zawadi Marketplace at Animal Kingdom Lodge, these accessories allow you to customize your MagicBand in an affordable way!

I was really excited to see that they had a good variety of characters and designs available!

The pricing is what really surprised me! With bands and MagicBandits are priced by item. The MagicBandits with three itema at $6.95 , four items at $8.95 , and three items+ at $12.95. CoverBands are $6.95 for one and $15.95 for 3. MagicSliders for the bands are available in Mickey $12.95 and Minnie $14.95.

I can’t wait to customize my own MagicBand! Look for pictures of mine coming soon!!!

UPDATE!!! Here is a video of the accessories and how they really work and feel!

Disney's Magic Band Accessories

For even better pictures of the accessories, swing by our Facebook Page to check out this album!

MagicBand Accessories:

7 Responses to “MagicBand Accessories Are At Walt Disney World!”

  1. Krista Joy

    SWEET!!! I just heard about this today!! I will be linking to your post. Thanks so much for the great photos!

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  4. Cynthia M

    Can you clarify the pricing? The way it’s written now isn’t at all clear. Specifically, this part: “With bands and MagicBandits are priced by item. The MagicBandits with three itema at $6.95 , four items at $8.95 , and three items+ at $12.95.”

    • Shelley

      The pricing for the MagicBandits goes by items in the packaging, so when there are three the price is $6.95, four the price is $8.95, or what the consider three with a Mickey the price is $12.95 .

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