We LOVE Drip!!!

A few weeks ago when a Co-Worker of mine was talking about a new show in Orlando that involved Paint and Water and Sand and Dance, and Music I KNEW I had to find out more about this new performance art venue called Drip!

I was still curious, so I went to their website for more information and this is how they describe themselves:

DRIP is an in-your-face explosion of color and movement backed by a live rock band, all in an industrial dive bar. You may get wet … you may get messy … you WILL have an awesome time. Grab a colored beer (orange, yellow, red or blue!) or glass of wine from our bar and let us assault your senses.


I had no idea how true any of that was until the show started.

When you walk into Drip, all you see is black walls, a few tables, and a long bar but at first it seemed like it was pretty sparse space. But as you start to explore you see there is also a paint bar for anyone who is into doing some body or face painting, where each color means something and you can go as heavy or as minimal as you want! At the bar you can get colored beer, wine, and soft drinks. There is also a DJ set up at a table towards the back of the bar area. As the show was getting close to starting, there are lots of people milling around in festive colors and knee socks and body paint!

Then all of a sudden the show starts, and you don’t even realize that it is until the first cup of blue beer goes flying! I don’t want to ruin the experience, so I will only say that if you like music, beer, dance, and art, Drip is TOTALLY the place for you!


Drip is probably one of the most unique things I have done in a while, and I loved every minute of it. I loved the heavy drum and bass music, I loved the paint. I LOVED the drama and I loved the action.

As with all DRIP events, people are strongly urged to dress down (jeans, t-shirts, sneakers) as colored sand, paint, and other media fly with abandon.

I LOVED our time at Drip and plan on going back very soon! I plan on planning my outfit a bit better so I have a show memento to take with me :P.


Thank You to Mariko, Jessica and Frank with Drip for making sure that Shelley, Shalon and I had an amazing time.

This is NOT a show you want to miss! Grab some friends, grab a white tshirt, grab a baggie for your phone (GREAT TIP SHALON), and head to Drip Orlando!

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