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Beautifully Disney

Beautifully Disney has arrived at Walt Disney World, and I couldn’t be more excited!

I got the unique opportunity to have a sneak peek and wear some of Disney’s newest collection of cosmetics and beauty products exclusive to Disney Parks, and I want to share some of my thoughts and give you the chance to win a lip gloss from the collection!

Beautifully Disney

Beautifully Disney defines timeless beauty through collections of fairytale nostalgia, unlocking harmonious colors. Through the collections of this new and enchanting line, it is the goal to keep guests romanced by the contrast of mysterious yet inviting colors and sparkle to experience modern recreations of our most beloved and treasured Disney characters. Beautifully Disney is sure to bring out the sheer brilliance of your inner most beauty. The character inspired collection is the first of its kind for Disney Parks and has been developed to evoke the spirit, beauty, and fantasy of all things Disney.

I am a huge fan of make up brands like Urban Decay, Stilla, and MAC, and I have to say that the Beautifully Disney Wickedly Beautiful Collection doesn’t disappoint!

Beautifully Disney
I love the smell of TrenD in the morning!

When we arrived at TrenD early Saturday morning, we had the opportunity to speak to two cosmetologists about working with and wearing the cosmetics line.

Beautifully Disney

Beautifully Disney
Who can resist the lovely Isabella?

We also heard from Erin Catalano, Merchandise Communication Specialist, Walt Disney World Resort, about the cosmetic line and it’s availability in the parks and online.

Beautifully Disney

When I sat down in the chair for my Beautifully Disney makeover, I was really excited! We used the ‘Midnight Hour’ villain’s eyeshadow collection to created a subtle eye and used Ariel’s lip gloss ‘Mysterious Mermaid’ in combination with Cinderella’s lip gloss ‘Stroke of Midnight’ for a shimmery pop. The product names are super cute, and the results were pretty awesome!

Beautifully Disney

The eyeshadow collections have a very smooth texture, even the shadows with a hint of glitter, a good level of saturation, and go on easily without leaving behind too much powder and glitter where you don’t want it to be! I usually have a hard time keeping eyeshadow on without a good base, but I definitely did not have that problem with the Beautifully Disney collection.

Beautifully Disney
The villain’s ‘Midnight Hour’ eyeshadow palatte. $27.95

Beautifully Disney is a very build-able and wearable collection! The light colors of eyeshadow are ideal for the day and more casual occasions, and to get more of a dramatic look it’s super easy to use what you already have in the eyeshadow palatte. I love that one palatte can create so many looks!

Beautifully Disney
The very regal ‘Enchanted Kiss’ eyeshadow palatte. $27.95

The Beautifully Disney lip glosses were super high quality and long lasting! I also love that the creators of Beautifully Disney created a line that was so flexible! The glosses have a good level of shine and shimmer, but you can also kick it up a notch with lip glosses that are all glitz and glam!

Beautifully Disney
Beautifully Disney lip glosses are $14.95 per tube.

Beautifully Disney

Beautifully Disney

It is easy to see that the nail polishes in the Beautifully Disney Wickedly Beautiful Collection were created with durability and beauty in mind. The colors go on easily and wear beautifully!

Beautifully Disney

The color palettes featured in Wickedly Beautiful play on the juxtaposition of good and evil, of Disney Princesses and Villains. With this new line, you can choose to emulate your favorite princess or villain, with the help of soft and deep lacquer crèmes shimmering with glitter, creating modern interpretations of Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, Aurora, Evil Queen, Lady Tremaine, Ursula, and Maleficent.

Beautifully Disney
You can purchase the nail polishes in mini sets ($19.95) or individual bottles ($8.95)

I love the pattern and colors of these bags!!! These bags are the only component of this collection that can be purchased online, and I have included a link to the Disney Store’s webiste for each bag directly under their picture.

Beautifully Disney
Barrel Cosmetic Case $24.95
Beautifully Disney
Nesting Cosmetic Case Set $39.95
Beautifully Disney
Cosmetics Train Case $34.95
Beautifully Disney
Cosmetic Case Set $39.95

Right now, there is a special offer going along with the launch of Beautifully Disney! If you spend $40 in products you can get the line’s compact (usually $16.95) for only $10.

Beautifully Disney


Beautifully Disney Wickedly Beautiful is a seasonal collection, and some of the components of this line will be retired to make way for new releases. So if you see a palatte or polish you can’t live without you may want to act quickly!!!

As I said earlier, this is a Disney Parks Exclusive collection available in TrenD and in World of Disney with just the cosmetic cases and compact available online. However, if you aren’t going to be visiting the park anytime soon, you always can call Walt Disney World Mail Order at 1-877-560-6477 to order these products.


You can enter to win this Ursula lip gloss now!

Beautifully Disney
Win this Beautifully Disney ‘Soul Survivor’ Lip Gloss!!!

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I hope that you enjoyed this look at the new Beautifully Disney Wickedly Beautiful Collection, and good luck entering our Giveaway!

Beautifully Disney

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2011 Holiday Merchandise Spotlight on Antenna Toppers and Pins

It’s that time again…Merchandise, Merchandise, Merchandise!!!

I thought that I would do things a little different for this holiday! Instead of clobbering you with a ton of photos in one post, I thought that I would break my posts up in hopes of not being overwhelming.

So let’s get this holiday shopping season started with Antenna Toppers and Pins!!!

First up, the Antenna Toppers!!!


The holiday antenna toppers!


I love the Angel Topper!!!


The back of the Angel Topper.


This guy is soooo cute!!!


So sparkly!!!!!


And now for the Holiday Pins and Lanyard!!!

This is so fancy!!!


Mickey Claus!


Minnie Claus!


Here comes Mickey!!!


Soooo cute!!!


It's a Mickey Snowman!!!


I am absolutely loving the pie-eyed Mickey & Minnie!!!


The whole gang is here!


You can never go wrong with Tink!


Wayne & Lanny! Love me some Prep & Landing!!!


The Hanukkah Pin! ** This is not the 2011 pin. That pin will be released 11/24/2011**


The lanyards seem to be a little longer this year, but the print on them is super cute!


A close up of the lanyard print.


A closer look at the bottom of the lanyard.


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