What Is That Disney Vacation Club Kiosk About?

Stopping at the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) kiosk, what happens next:

Disney Vacation Club
Disney Vacation Club Kiosk at Disney’s Polynesian Resort.

Disney Vacation Club

Most guests just walk by the kiosks, you’ve decided to stop and see so what is this all about. Disney’s Vacation Club program is a timeshare but not your typical timeshare.

Disney Vacation Club
Disney Vacation Club Kiosk in Magic Kingdom’s Frontierland is themed to match its surroundings.

Disney Vacation Club

Disney Vacation Club

The sales person at the kiosk will have photos of the current models.. They can answer some questions you may have. Next, you can decide to take a tour or walk away. If you decide to take a tour, the sales person will escort you to the front of the park and a van will be ready to take you to the preview center.

Disney Vacation Club
Disney Vacation Club Preview Center Desk.

At the preview center, there will be snacks and drinks. There is also a kids club available so your kids don’t need to take the tour with you. You’ll be introduced to another sales person. You’ll get name tags and a tour of the models of the current hotels they are selling.

After your tour, you will get a sales talk.

This includes pricing, along with the features of buying directly from Disney. Yes, there are other ways of buying DVC called resales, we plan to discuss this in a future blog post.

What else can you get by taking a tour?
Offers vary, in the past they have offered gift cards, fast passes or limited pins.
There also will likely be a buying incentive offered.

What is the price of DVC?
As an example 160 Vacation Points Per Year Costs are based on a cash purchase of a real estate interest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas:
One-Time Purchase Price: $24,000
Closing Costs: Approximately $424.50 2013
Annual Dues: (Dues for future years will vary.) $907.20 or $75.60 per month
Transaction Fee: (For vacations to destinations other than our Disney Vacation Club Resorts) $95 per transaction
You receive 160 Vacation Points each year of Membership. Disney Vacation Points are very flexible, you decide when you want to go , how long you want to stay and what type of room you want. Your vacation points will end in 2042 or 2057 depending on what location you buy.

Here is an easier way of explaining this:
When you buy you will need a downpayment.
After your down payment you will have 2 future payments.
Your first payment is your loan payment which will typically last 10 years.
Your next payment is your dues payment, you can pay this annually or monthly.

Do you have to have a loan?
No, if you’ve got the money you can pay it all upfront.

Do you have to pay dues?
Yes, dues are needed for upkeep, transportation and other needs.

What does DVC get me?
Basically I think of DVC as a forced savings plan. It gets you enough points to stay at Disney on property once a year or once every other year. You stay on site and get amenities better than most hotel rooms. (unless you are in a studio)

Can I use DVC in other states where there is no Disney?
Yes Disney has a partnership with RCI Timeshare system. Do your math, since your 160 points are basically worth $12 per point.

Can I rent out my points?
Yes, we plan on discussing this in a future article.

What is a home resort and why is it important?
Your home resort (in My case Boardwalk villas) gets you 11 month access to book before other resorts (example Aulani)

Lets use my upcoming trip to California as an example: I wasn’t able to get in for some of the days I needed because I had to wait until 7 months before. I am offsite for some of my trip because the Grand Californian was unavailable.
In some cases this may cause you to transfer resorts or choose another resort.

Wait: You live 15 minutes from Disney and still own DVC. Why??
I bought DVC back when I lived in Massachusetts in 1999. My first loan for 170 points is paid off. I pay my dues monthly and I feel its affordable. I enjoy not having to save up. In my case I save up to visit family and friends.

How do you use your DVC?
My husband has the running bug so we use it for races:
I am using 124 points to stay from Sept 2 – 6 in a 1 bedroom at Disney’s Grand Californian.
I am using 22 points from Sept 6 -7 in a studio at Disney’s Grand Californian.

What if I don’t use my points or need more points?
You can bank and borrow points.

How does banking work?
You must banks your point by a certain time. If you miss your banking deadline. You must use them (yes this includes renting them) or lose them.

How does borrowing work?
If you are short points you can borrow from the next year.
Borrowing is a final transaction and borrowed points can’t be banked if you cancel.
If you cancel using borrowed points the points must be used or they get lost.

What if I cancel?
I don’t suggest canceling but If you cancel before 30 days your points go back to their current use year. Depending on your use year you can bank your points and/or book another vacation.

If you cancel between 30 -1 days your points go into holding. I don’t recommend this.
Holding points have very restrictive rules.
Get travel insurance. DVC offers this, as do other services.

Use year? What is a use year?
When you buy, you can be assigned a certain month or request a certain month.
Your points will be deposited into your account each year on that month.
My use year is March: On March 1st 2013 I got 170 points to use and I must use them by Feb 28 2014.

Does DVC ever make exceptions to the rules?
I have heard of where DVC has extended things in special cases, I do not recommend relying on these stories.

Make sure you have your plans set and get travel insurance if you want to totally be covered.

I have more questions, who do I contact?
You can ask me and I will try to answer the best I can.

You can get the DVC dvd from DVC or stop at a kiosk and ask.
DVC has a website at http://disneyvacationclub.disney.go.com

What do you get if I buy?
Readers can use my name as a referral.
I will get a benefit from Disney if you buy.
You can also choose not to use me. The choice is there.

Disney Vacation Club
A sign from the Disney Vacation Club Kiosk in Frontierland sums it all up!


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