The Chick-Fil-A Christmas Spectacular at the Citrus Tower

The Citrus Tower in Clermont has brought back its light show for the first time since they stopped the show 2 years ago. The new light show this year features 50,000 lights on the 226-foot tower, synchronized to music and snowfall.

Owners Scott and Heather Homan reached out to the community for help and support in funding the return of the show. They were seeking people to purchase $100 annual memberships, and the proceeds from those sales would go toward the light show. Then, Chick-Fil-A of Clermont’s owner Rocky DeStafano contributed 20-free chicken sandwich vouchers per membership, and sales spiked. With the support of other local business groups and the Real Life Church, they were able to meet the funding needed to make the show happen.

This 360-degree light show truly is one of a kind, and something we felt is very safe to be able to go view during these times of Covid-19. As you can see, it is really easy to social distance from people here. At first, we stayed in our car, but then we got out to view it better since the parking lot gives you plenty of space to stay away from others safely. They do have an announcement asking that children are monitored since it is a working parking lot.

Back in March this year, they had some lights attached to communicate hope amid the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic. But bringing back this light show was so magical, they even have snow machines set up and have a little closed off area right up front for people to stand closer away from the parking lot.

The owners have recently transformed the inside of the building adding a coffee shop, arcade, and a board game store. They also added free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and a new seating area at the top of the tower to sit and enjoy the views, maybe with a coffee from downstairs.

The show will run until January 1st from 6-10 pm every night. Their Facebook page suggests you wear a mask at all times, social distance when possible, and to remain in your car to view the show if you are at risk for Covid. If you are comfortable heading inside (wear a mask please) the Citrus Coffee Company inside the lobby has a limited-time Christmas Drink: Ginger Snap S’More Latte available for purchase among other sweet treats.

The Florida Citrus Tower is located at 141 S Hwy 27, Clermont FL 34711.

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The Crooked Spoon Gastropub Review

This meal was paid for by me and my friends. No compensation. I wanted to share a place that we love with you.

A few years ago, The Crooked Spoon was a food truck. And while I had never tried anything from the food truck, I had heard wonderful things about it.

From there, Chef Saelg decided that he wanted an an actual location and I’m so happy that Clermont was decided upon. That means that I don’t have to drive to Orlando all the time for a super fantastic meal!

The food truck may not be around anymore (from what I know), but The Crooked Spoon is worth the drive from wherever you are when you’re in the Central Florida area!

The Crooked Spoon

We’ve gone twice now and the first time we went we were excited about our meals and loved every bite of them and this past time was no different.


The prices are good. They have a happy hour. And the food has been amazing so far!

Crab cake to start off with. I mean, just look at the presentation of this thing.


Their drinks look and taste amazing. And their beer and wine selection is quite impressive as well!

Here’s the rest of the food our table had (minus the pork belly BLT because I apparently ate it all before I remembered that I needed to take a picture. Oops!)

6 Cheese Mac and Cheese (the plate looks small here, but it is SO not!)


Cranberry Turkey Sandwich


Smoked Chicken Wings (this is actually an appetizer, but my friend really liked this last time so went with them as a meal)


The restaurant is set up really well with lots of space and a big outdoor area as well.


I HIGHLY recommend you going to try out The Crooked Spoon Gastropub because…well, just typing this up made me want to go back and we went there last night!

The Crooked Spoon is located right next to the Citrus Tower in Clermont – 200 Citrus Tower Blvd., Clermont, FL 34711

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