Tips For Last Minute Disney Inspired Valentine’s Day Shopping

 Last Minute Disney Inspired Valentine's Day Shopping Header

Shopping for the perfect Disney Inspired Valentine’s Day gift far from Walt Disney World can be difficult and sometimes cause even the coolest cucumber to get a little antsy as the big day draws closer.

However, with so many big box retailers carrying more Disney Merchandise the daunting task of finding the perfect gift for your favorite Disney Fan has become easier.

So what I thought I would do is take you along to one of my go-to stores, Walgreens, to share some of my favorite last minute tips for putting together a great Valentine’s Day gift!

Before we go any further, this post is not sponsored by Walgreens or anything along those lines. I just genuinely like shopping there!

Tips For Last Minute Disney Inspired Valentine’s Day Shopping

1. While you want your Valentine’s Day gift to be super adorable for this holiday, make sure that it matches the style of the recipient.

I like to decorate a shelf in our den with holiday Disney items, and while I love a good romance I am not so big on ‘mushy’ gifts.

For someone who is like me, these fun Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse decorative items would be a great option! (I hope you heard that Dave!!!)

Last Minute Disney Inspired Valentine's Day Shopping Home Decor

2. We all have favorite characters, but when you are tight on time keep it to the classic characters!

If your significant other loves an obscure character, you may drive yourself bananas trying to find something specific for them if you’re like me and have waited to the last moment.

I especially love these mugs, water bottles, and cups that show Mickey and Minnie as a perfectly matched pair!

Last Minute Disney Inspired Valentine's Day Shopping Couples Gifts

3. Don’t be afraid of buying plush for Valentine’s Day!

You make think that plush is for the little ones, but it definitely is not.

Walgreens has a pretty sizable selection of plush for a broad spectrum of taste.

While you can never go wrong with a Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse plush, this heart shaped pillow with the both of them is absolutely adorable!

Last Minute Disney Inspired Valentine's Day Shopping Plush

4. Let them eat chocolate on Valentine’s Day!

While this is number four on my list, it is number one in my heart!

Last Minute Disney Inspired Valentine's Day Shopping Chocolate

5. Little ones need some Valentine’s Day love, too!

Zoe always comes home with a metric ton of candy from her school pals on Valentine’s Day, so I like to find fun small toys and activities for her goodies.

Last Minute Disney Inspired Valentine's Day Shopping Kids Ideas

What I also like to do is instead of buying one Valentine’s Day card, I like to get her Valentine’s Day cards like the ones she gets in school. She always gets a kick out of opening all the little cards!

Last Minute Disney Inspired Valentine's Day Shopping Kids Valentines

6. Don’t forget the card and wrapping!

Walgreens carries a variety of Hallmark cards and products, and this year the cards are even more adorable than ever.

Last Minute Disney Inspired Valentine's Day Shopping Hallmark Cards

This year, I found some great Valentine’s Day gift bags and matching tissue paper that will make you look like a Pro!

Last Minute Disney Inspired Valentine's Day Shopping Gift Wrapping

Don’t skimp on the wrapping!!! When the delivery method of the gift matches the spirit of what’s inside you have just taken yourself to the next level of gift giving!

I hope that these tips for last minute Disney inspired shopping were helpful, and if you happen to see this Walgreens…call me! 😉

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#DisneySide Party Wreath Giveaway

DisneySide Party Wreath

For quite some time now, I have had the #DisneySide Party Fever and as my party is this weekend I thought I would share (literally) my favorite thing that I have made!

I wanted a unique and festive wreath to greet our guests as they arrived, and I wasn’t having luck finding what I was looking for so I decided to try to make a balloon wreath myself!

Here is what you will need for the #DisneySide Party Wreath Project:

  • 14″ straw wreath wrapped in plastic (I chose this, because it is easy to work with and extremely inexpensive)
  • 2 Yards of Ribbon to hang your wreath (I used tulle, because it is what I had on hand)
  • Floral or Dressmaker Pins
  • Approximately 300 9″ latex party balloons (My Dollar Tree has 25 in a package for $!
  • Styrofoam balls in two sizes
  • toothpicks
  • Low temperature hot glue gun and glue
  • black paint
  • glitter

Now that you’ve got all your supplies together, lets get going on your #DisneySide Party Wreath!

I like to start by getting all the materials I needed organized. I opened all the balloon packages, and emptied them into a container that was easy to get into. I chose a large plasticware container, because I am clumsy and I was worried I would knock it over! 🙂

DisneySide Party Wreath

DisneySide Party Wreath

The next thing I did was to tie my ribbon around my wreath to make a hanger. I suggest this step even if you are going to be using a wreath hanger, because it makes placing the balloons on the wreath easier.

DisneySide Party Wreath

I like to wrap my edges of the tulle instead of cutting them off, because I have a tendency to cut too close to the knot which usually leads to it untying itself.

DisneySide Party Wreath

Now comes the fun part…placing the balloons!

I like to hang my wreath up to place the balloons to give a better idea of how the balloons will lay once it is hung on the door.

DisneySide Party Wreath

My goal was to create a really full balloon wreath, so before I put the pin into the balloon I folded it in half with a little twist.

DisneySide Party Wreath

Don’t worry if your wreath looks a little thin at first! You really won’t get a good idea of where you need to add balloons for fullness until your wreath is about halfway done.

DisneySide Party Wreath

DisneySide Party Wreath

DisneySide Party Wreath

To have a fully finished look, I also pinned balloons to the back of the wreath.

DisneySide Party Wreath

It took me about an hour of pinning (your fingers will not feel so hot) to fill my wreath out to my liking, but it was totally worth it!

While my fingers were recovering I turned my attention to the ‘Hidden Mickeys’ I wanted to place on the wreath!

I first organized the Styrofoam balls into my ‘Hidden Mickeys’ and glued them together.

DisneySide Party Wreath

DisneySide Party Wreath

MAKE SURE THAT YOU ONLY USE A LOW TEMPERATURE GLUE GUN ON STYROFOAM! It is really awful if you don’t, and can lead to burns so be super safe!

DisneySide Party Wreath

After the glue has dried I put toothpicks into them and using a 1″ sponge brush I painted them with black acrylic paint.

DisneySide Party Wreath

DisneySide Party Wreath

My glitter skills are not the best, so I use a little cheat…

When the glue is still tacky I use spray on glitter that you would normally use in your hair.

When you are spraying the glitter, make sure you are either outside or are in a very well ventilated room! Safety first!

DisneySide Party Wreath

After the ‘Hidden Mickeys’ is dry, I use the toothpicks from painting them to place them on the wreath.

DisneySide Party Wreath

I liked to make sure that I wasn’t trying to push the toothpick through a balloon on my wreath, so I moved them aside to pin them directly into the wreath.

DisneySide Party Wreath

And just like that you have your own #DisneySide Party wreath!

DisneySide Party Wreath

Don’t have time to make your own? You are in luck, because I made an extra wreath that you can win! Make sure you read the contest rules below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And if you are wondering what we might be doing at our #DisneySide Party, here is a peek!


Contest Rules:  Contest is open to Residents of the United States who are eighteen (18) years and older. Void where prohibited by law. We use rafflecopter to choose one lucky winner at random, and each & every contest entry will be verified. The winner of our contest will be contacted by email (so be sure to double check your entry) and will have 48 hours to respond to the email or a new winner will be chosen. Any questions? Contact

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