Theme Park Hack: No Plate? No Problem!

I am always on the look out for Theme Park Hacks that can help make our day in the Park more enjoyable!

You may ask what is a Theme Park Hack?



A Theme Park Hack is when you take ordinary thing and use it at it is not intended for an extraordinary outcome. This is not about breaking rules or cheating the system, just little quirky things that I like to do.

Theme Park Hack

Theme Park Hack: No Plate? No Problem!

Zoe is really particular about how she eats her food, and her main issue happens when we are grabbing a quick bite to eat in the parks.

Typically food is served in paper baskets, and since she is not the neatest of eaters she usually knocks over the basket a few times spilling stuff everywhere.

So instead of taking the food out and placing it on the tray or on napkins, here is how I like to make a plate out of a paper basket at Quick Service Restaurants!

If you look at the corners of the basket, you will notice that they’re just glued together.

Theme Park Hack

Gently (and carefully depending on how full of food your basket is), separate the corners.

Smooth them out, and BAM! you’ve got yourself a plate!

Theme Park Hack

Pretty simple, but it has been a great trick for our family that has made meals on the go easier!

Do you have any Theme Park Hack that you or your family uses? We would love to hear about them!!!

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