A Spoiler-Free Look At #Zootopia

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A Spoiler-Free Look At #Zootopia

Zootopia opens in movie theaters today, and while the story may seem ‘fluffy’ from the trailers the world of Zootopia is dealing with some heady issues.

Zootopia is an anthropomorphic metropolis where ‘Anyone can be Anything’, and different species of mammals can live and thrive as neighbors in well designed, connected ecosystems having evolved past the predator/prey relationship that had haunted their history for years.


The story of Zootopia follows Judy Hopps, voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin, as she fulfills her dream to become the first rabbit Police Officer in the history of Zootopia despite several obstacles.


However upon her arrival in Zootopia she quickly learns that her dreams have a harsh reality, and that in this new place she must now work even harder to overcome prejudices. It doesn’t matter if she is facing a bully boss named Chief Bogo, voiced by Idris Elba, stereotypes from co-workers, Clawhauser voiced by Nate Torrence is the first to learn you can’t call a bunny ‘cute’, or cons by the sly fox Nick Wilde, voiced by Jason Bateman, Judy never loses sight of who she is and what she wants to achieve.

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Now if the story stopped there you’d have a good film, but what really makes it great is that you are drawn into the world of Zootopia with the rich cultivation of the relationship between Judy and Nick, coupled with the moments of laugh out loud comedy that break the tension, and ‘Try Anything’ by Gazelle, voiced by Shakira, is an ear-worm of a song that will have you dancing in your seat.


The overall message of the movie comes across as positive and not preachy, because the story focuses on the changes you can make to the world around you to make it a better place rather than how to best cope in a world where you are always put down. And while you feel Judy’s lows you never feel ‘sorry’ for her, because she owns responsibility for her role in the scenarios she finds herself in and uses her determination and smarts to figure out how to make things better.

I’m really excited that Judy and Nick will be coming to the Magic Kingdom’s Move it! Shake it! Dance & Play it! Parade! The only thing better than a Meet & Greet, is the chance to shake a tailfeather with them!

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Zootopia is a wonderful movie for the whole family, and as soon as the credits started to scroll we all agreed that we wanted to see it again! While younger viewers will really enjoy the movie and its story, it can also serve as a conversation starter for introducing and addressing delicate issues in a relatable way.

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