Alice in Wonderland in the Disney Parks

Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland

As I am gearing up for my next Disneyland trip that will be in a couple months, I am looking forward to visiting and going on my favorite ride multiple times: Alice in Wonderland. While this ride is my favorite of all the Alice in Wonderland themed rides and attractions, it is by no means the only thing themed after the 1951 animated classic. The movie, based on the Lewis Carroll story, spawned several rides in Disney Parks and resorts around the world that I’d like to highlight today. Each Disney property around the world has at least some representation of Alice in Wonderland in their parks.



Alice in Wonderland is the classic dark ride which opened June 14, 1958, is found exclusively at Disneyland, and has been a favorite of mine since my first trip five years ago. While it isn’t the first Alice attraction in Disneyland, it is my favorite. I love the new graphics from the latest refurbishment. Going inside and out and on the second level to go over the Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride Attraction is a fantastic use of space in Fantasyland.

Three original opening day attractions are based on or feature Alice in Wonderland. The Mad Tea Party (tea cups) are a favorite of many to this day. I especially love this ride at night lit up with the colorful lanterns. Also connected to Alice are both the Casey Jr. Circus Train and Storybook Land Canal Boats, from which you can see the English Village from Alice in Wonderland. As of 2008, the characters of Alice and the White Rabbit were added to it’s a small world.

Tea Cups at night
Tea Cups at night


Aside from rides, the influence of Alice appears in two shops in Disneyland, both called The Mad Hatter, one in Fantasyland and one on Main Street USA. Just around the corner from the Alice in Wonderland ride, you can find my favorite bathrooms in any park, which are themed around the cards who serve the Queen of Hearts. There’s also a very cute White Rabbit statue here.

In Downtown Disney, an art gallery called WonderGround Gallery takes its name and inspiration from the Alice stories. For the next few weeks one can also experience some Alice themed rock in the Diamond Mad T Party in California Adventure. The Mad T Party was just announced to be closing on March 30th, 2016. This dance party and area of Hollywood Land hosted concerts with musicians dressed up like Alice, The Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, Caterpillar, March Hare, and Dormouse with hosts Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. The House of Cards and Drink Me Bar carried on the theme in the evenings for the Mad T Party.


Walt Disney World

In the Magic Kingdom the most visible representation of Alice in Wonderland is in the Mad Tea Party in Fantasyland. Alice and friends can be seen in the evening Main Street Electrical Parade. The Cheshire Cafe is a quick service location where guests can find snacks right near the Mad Tea Party Gardens. In the evening before Wishes, Alice is shown along with the Cheshire Cat in the Celebrate the Magic castle projection show.

OHIO with the Mad Hatter at 1900 Park Fare
OHIO with the Mad Hatter at 1900 Park Fare

Other locations across Disney World property where Alice can be found are at the Grand Floridian. She participates along with the Mad Hatter each morning in the Supercalifragilistic Breakfast at 1900 Park Fare. The Beach Pool Water Play area was created a couple of years ago and features an Alice in Wonderland theme. Over at the Polynesian at Lilo’s Playhouse, Club Disney features an Alice play area with video games for the kids. In addition to meeting guests in the Magic Kingdom, Alice is usually found doing a meet and greet near the tea gardens in the UK in Epcot.


Disneyland Paris

Like all of the other Disneyland style parks around the world, Paris continues the tradition of a tea cup ride with their Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups. There’s also an Alice in Wonderland themed maze called Alice’s Curious Labyrinth in Fantasyland. In the amazing nighttime castle projection/water screen/laser/fireworks presentation called Disney Dreams, you can see clips of Alice projected onto Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. There is an incredible Alice in Wonderland float in the daytime Disney Magic on Parade. At Walt’s – an American Restaurant, the Fantasyland area has artwork and theming from Alice as well as several other stories.

Alice's Curious Labyrinth
Alice’s Curious Labyrinth


Hong Kong Disneyland

Artwork from Alice in Wonderland and many other Disney animated films are on display at the Art of Animation attraction on Main Street USA. Of course you can also find the Mad Hatter Tea Cups in Fantasyland. The spectacular nighttime show called Disney in the Stars Fireworks is a sight to be seen and like some of the other projection shows, this one features animation from Alice.

Mad Hatter Tea Cups
Mad Hatter Tea Cups


Tokyo Disneyland

Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall
Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall

There is probably the most variety in the Alice in Wonderland themed offerings in Tokyo. There is the traditional Alice’s Tea Party in Fantasyland. Then Alice can be seen in both parades in the park, during the day in the Happiness is Here Parade, and at night in the Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights riding on top of the Cheshire Cat. The coolest thing in the park (it appears to me who hasn’t been there, but has friends who have been) is the Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall. This entire restaurant is themed from top to bottom around Alice in Wonderland and it looks epic! In addition to the parks, the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel gets in on the fun with Alice in Wonderland themed rooms. Also, in April of 2015, Oriental Land Company announced an expansion of Fantasyland scheduled to start tentatively in 2017 which will include a new Alice in Wonderland section.

Alice in Wonderland themed room at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel
Alice in Wonderland themed room at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel


Shanghai Disney

I know this park isn’t opening until June of this year, but we already know they are going to have some influences from Alice in Wonderland when they do open. The most direct connection is the Alice in Wonderland Maze, but this will be more themed towards the 2010 Tim Burton movie than the 1951 animated classic. Shanghai is going to be the first of the Disneyland style parks around the world that does not have a tea cups ride. Instead, they will have a very similar, but Winnie the Pooh themed Hunny Pot Spin.


Outside of Shanghai, all of the Disneyland style theme parks (and Epcot) offer character meet and greets with at least Alice, and sometimes other characters like the Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, the Queen of Hearts, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. I could not find any evidence that there will be a meet and greet with Alice in Shanghai, but where the park hasn’t opened yet, this may change.

When I first started researching for this post, I thought I’d find one or two things outside the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland, but found myself almost overwhelmed at all of the incarnations in which you can find Alice in Wonderland all over the world. I hope to someday experience all of these, but in the meantime I will have to settle for looking forward to my Disneyland trip in May and hope that I get to go on my favorite ride multiple times.

Riding Alice In Wonderland
Riding Alice In Wonderland
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Fulton’s Crab House Hosts ‘The Best of Fulton’s’ Wine Dinner


 Disney Springs News: Fulton's Crab House Launches Brunch Menu

Fulton’s Crab House Hosts ‘The Best of Fulton’s’ Wine Dinner on March 4, 2016

Dinner to feature the most notable dishes from the last 20 years as a bon voyage as renovations begin in April


Fulton’s Crab House will celebrate favorite dishes from 20 years of service at the “Best of Fulton’s” wine dinner on March 4 from 6:30-9:30 p.m.Fulton’s will close for renovation on April 4, reopening in fall 2016.

Fulton's Crab House Disney Springs Walt Disney World

Guests will taste some of Fulton’s Crab House most memorable meals over a 5-course menu paired with wines from around the world. Chef Mark Boor will kick off the evening with a reception starring Garlic Crab Fingers, Oysters Rockefeller and Florida Stone Crab Claws paired with a vintage Le Mesnil Grand Cru champagne. Guests will savor surf-centric courses including Lobster Savannah, an oven roasted Maine lobster stuffed with shrimp, scallops, and béchamel as well as herb marinated and wood-grilled Ahi Tuna with jasmine rice, lemongrass sauce, and bok choy. The entire menu includes:


Oysters Rockefeller (1999)


Portobello Fries (1999)

Fulton’s mustard sauce

Florida Stone Crab Claws (2011)

Key lime cilantro sauce

Garlic Crab Fingers (2000)

Grilled semolina bread

Le Mesnil Grand Cru Champagne Brut 2007 Vintage


First Course

New Bedford Scallop (2007)

Wild mushrooms, spinach, red pepper coulis, balsamic glaze

Pazo Senorans Albarino Rias Baixas

Second Course

Lobster Savannah (2006)

Oven roasted Maine lobster stuffed with shrimp & scallops, béchamel

Verget Saint Veran Chataigniers 2007


Third Course

Cioppino (2005)

Fulton’s version of the San Francisco classic

King crab, shrimp, mussels, clams, white fish, tomato-herb broth, linguini

Muga ‘Prado’ Gran Reserva Rioja 2006


Fourth Course

Ahi Tuna (1999)

Herb marinated, wood grilled, jasmine rice, lemongrass sauce, bok choy

Chatueax Musar Red 1999

Fifth Course

Chocolate Crème Brulee (2001)

Classic milk chocolate custard, dusted with sugar and caramelized,

topped with seasonal berries

Ferreira Port Tawny 20 Year

As a nod to Fulton’s Crab House opening in 1996, tickets for the wine dinner are $96.00 per person, plus tax and gratuity. Reservations can be made by calling 407.828.8996.

For additional information, please visit or call 407.934.2628.

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