SeaWorld Orlando Mako Lead Car Unveiled #NothingFaster

SeaWorld Orlando Mako

SeaWorld Orlando Mako Lead Car Unveiled


This Summer SeaWorld Orlando Mako will take its first swim as the centerpiece of the Sharks Realm, but we got to see the lead car and it was everything I hoped it would be and more!

SeaWorld Orlando Mako

Mako is a hypercoaster who’s height will top 200 feet with speeds reaching 73 mph on a track that’s nearly a mile long that is filled with tight turns giving a weightless feeling to riders at the top of each hill.

SeaWorld Orlando Mako

What I was really excited to see at the unveiling of the Lead Car was that it was a beautiful blend of design, form, and function.

SeaWorld Orlando Mako

In a collaboration between SeaWorld’s animal experts and ride engineers, the car is inspired by the physiology of an actual Mako shark, including five gills on each side, eye placement, and a sleek hydro-dynamic look.

Also, the colors featured on the lead car also evoke a sense of the ocean where the Mako Shark lurks. I love it!

To reach speeds of 73 mph, Mako is going to have to have some fast wheels! The ride vehicle’s wheels are comprised of a special compound that reduces friction to create a smooth, consistent, and relentlessly fast ride from beginning to end.

SeaWorld Orlando Mako

What I am REALLY looking forward to during Mako is the ‘air time’, the feeling of weightlessness or negative gravity force experienced, and the ride vehicle’s design is super open for a heightened sense of freedom and increased mobility.

SeaWorld Orlando Mako

When you look at Mako’s seat, the first thing that you will notice is that the only restraint is a lap guard on their lower body, which allows for the riders’ upper bodies to be free.

SeaWorld Orlando Mako

I cannot wait to explore the Sharks Realm and take my first ride on SeaWorld Orlando Mako, and I look forward to bringing you even more news about its opening details soon!


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