A Visit To The Star Wars Launch Bay For Beginners

Star Wars Launch Bay Disney's Hollywood Studios

Visiting the newly opened Star Wars Launch Bay at Disney’s Hollywood Studios can seem intimidating if you aren’t familiar familiar with the Star Wars Saga, but fear not because it is actually a really great place to start your Star Wars Fandom if you keep a few things in mind!

The first thing to know is that there is no shame in admitting that you aren’t a huge Star Wars fan! After the initial gasp, you will find that the only thing that Star Wars fans are more passionate about than the movies is sharing their love of the movies!

Now that you’re ready for your visit to the Star Wars Launch Bay, here are a few things to do to make your visit awesome!

1. Bring a friend who is familiar with Star Wars with you.

While visiting the parks alone is always fun, having a friend visit with you who is familiar with Star Wars is a great resource for any questions you may have along the way.

Star Wars Launch Bay Disney's Hollywood Studios

2. Once you arrive at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, head directly to the ABC Soundstage to watch ‘Path of the Jedi’.

This dramatic 10 minute film compiles exhilarating Star Wars movie moments to tell the tale of the Jedi Order’s fall and return.

For over a thousand generations, the Jedi Order protected the galaxy and brought peace to the Galactic Republic—with the help of a mysterious power called the Force. A young Jedi named Anakin Skywalker—secretly influenced by the scheming Darth Sidious—turned to the Dark Side of the Force and brought ruin to the Jedi. Anakin became the dreaded Darth Vader and Darth Sidious became the evil Emperor Palpatine.

A generation passed and Anakin’s children, Luke and Leia, joined the Rebel Alliance to oppose the tyranny of the Galactic Empire. With the help of a charming rogue named Han Solo, Luke and Leia succeeded in defeating the Empire and turning Darth Vader away from the Dark Side.

Star Wars: Path of the Jedi retells this epic saga and hints at what’s next! The Star Wars story continues in the new movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens—Luke, Leia and Han return along with a new cast of brave heroes and dastardly villains.

3. Don’t skip the line to enter the Star Wars Launch Bay.

Star Wars Launch Bay Disney's Hollywood Studios

Why it may be extremely tempting, don’t skip the line to line to enter the Star Wars Launch Bay through the Launch Bay Theater. because the queue is FULL of great details and images!

4. Get Hyped by watching the ‘Behind-the-Scenes’ short film in the Launch Bay Theater!

Inside this stellar screening room, watch a stirring short film celebrating the Star Wars saga. Running continuously throughout the day, this 10-minute “behind-the-scenes” movie includes exclusive interviews with the directors, writers, producers and other key players responsible for bringing the Star Wars galaxy to life.

Now why will you get hyped? I’m glad you asked!

The short film’s interviews are a great glimpse into the passion that the creators have for Star Wars with peeks at the movies.

5. When you are waiting in line for the amazing Meet and Greets in the Star Wars Launch Bay, make sure you pay attention to the trivia that is playing on the screens.

While the Meet and Greet queue itself is full of great props and replicas from Star Wars, along the walls you will find screens playing Star Wars Trivia. This is a great opportunity to learn details from the movies and to find out even more by asking questions.

6. Learn to read Aurebesh…No really…do it!

Star Wars Launch Bay Disney's Hollywood Studios
Super huge thanks to Christie for letting me use her photo! You can find her on Instagram and Twitter!

Along the walls of the Star Wars Launch Bay you’ll see sayings from the movies in Aurebesh, and if you ask a Cast Member they may have the Aurebesh alphabet with our alphabet to help you ‘decode’ the messages.

7. Take your time!

The Launch Bay is full of great galleries chocked full of costumes, props, models, actual items from the movies, and more so make sure you take your time to read all the plaques and to ask the near-by Cast Members questions.

Star Wars Launch Bay Disney's Hollywood Studios

8. Bring something to trade with the Jawas.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but bringing something to trade with the Jawas is always a ton of fun!

Star Wars Launch Bay Disney's Hollywood Studios

The Jawas love shiny things, don’t we all really, however you can see in my video that I traded an On the Go in MCO button and things went swimmingly!

9. After you’ve had the full Star Wars Launch Bay experience, pick a character that you really liked to learn more about before Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens on December 18, 2015!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Poster

Find your favorite character, find out more about them, buy some fun merchandise, and have fun…just keep away from Bobba Fett…he’s all mine!!!

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Madame Tussauds Orlando Welcomes YouTube Stars SMOSH


madame tussauds logo

Madame Tussauds Orlando Welcomes YouTube Stars SMOSH

Madame Tussauds  adds the comedy duo and YouTube sensations are the first digital media stars to be honored by the celebrity wax attraction


Madame Tussauds Orlando has rolled out the red carpet for its newest wax figures of digital celebrities Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox, the duo behind powerhouse comedy brand SMOSH.

The figures will be featured inside the Orlando attraction’s film zone in a special set featuring a green screen, which encourages fans to select between numerous SMOSH-centric backdrops as well as graphic elements to enhance their photo experiences. Images and videos taken will be available to fans via email or text to share and preserve their experiences with SMOSH.

SMOSH Madame Tussauds Orlando

Madame Tussauds artists met with the duo to take hundreds of measurements so they could create the most accurate and lifelike representation of SMOSH. The SMOSH figures are dressed in clothing personally selected and donated by Padilla and Hecox. The figures were originally unveiled in California at the world premiere of SMOSH: The Movie this past summer.

“What an honor it is to be recognized and chosen for Madame Tussauds [as the] first YouTube wax figures in their 250 year history,” said Hecox and Padilla during the initial unveiling. “To have the big reveal take place on the red carpet at the premiere of our first movie just made this eventful day even more memorable.”

Named as one of the top-ranking celebrities by teens in a survey commissioned by Variety Magazine and supported by over 30 million subscribers across the brand’s multiple YouTube channels, SMOSH represents a new, community-driven sector of digital entertainment.

Smosh’s 3,000-plus videos have accrued 7.4 billion views. Their first video, released in November 2005, the Pokémon Theme Music Video catapulted them to success. It became the most-viewed video on YouTube at that time, and has since gained 24.7 million views. SMOSH has released four studio albums, Sexy Album (2010), If Music Were Real (2011), Smoshtastic (2012) and The Sweet Sound of Smosh (2013).

Wordless Wednesday Walt Disney Madame Tussauds Orlando iDrive360 Orlando

Madame Tussauds Orlando also has new Florida resident rates, offering attraction admission for $18 ($13 for children between the ages of 3-12). This special offer saves visitors more than 25 percent off regular admission. For a limited time, tickets may be purchased at MadameTussauds.com/Orlando or at the attraction’s admissions desk.

This offer is valid for Florida residents, with valid proof of residency, such as a state-issued ID, utilities or cable bill, bank statement, library card, or recent paystub. Restrictions may apply. Prices and hours subject to change without notice. Attraction admission is not guaranteed and subject to availability. The offer is not valid for premium products and cannot be combined with any other offers or packages.

Madame Tussauds is world-renowned for the creation of detailed and lifelike wax figures that pay homage to A-list celebrities from film and television, sports icons, musicians from all genres, and notable figures from history and pop culture. Each Madame Tussauds figure is truly a work of art, involving teams of professional artists and sculptors who spend months on extensive research and take more than 300 measurements to recreate world-famous icons, to achieve the kind of astonishing realism that has been at the heart of the 250-year Madame Tussauds legacy.

Guests at Madame Tussauds Orlando will experience the essence of America with this brand new, immersive and interactive wax experience, bursting with family fun and world-class entertainment, as they move through themed areas meeting all of their favorite stars from award-winning film actors, to historical and modern world leaders, sports stars, music legends as well as figures important to Florida. All visitors can shake hands with the president, get on stage with rock stars and pop princesses, or get up close and personal with a Hollywood heartthrob and take the ultimate selfie! For more information, visit www.madametussauds.com/orlando.

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